21 People Who’ve Seen Some Shit Share The Most Gruesome Thing They’ve Ever Encountered In Real Life

19. She Asked If She Was Okay…She Wasn’t

“Not me but my brother. Over 20 years ago he used to work as a pizza delivery guy in rural North Carolina. Someone in a Camaro blazed past him on a two-lane back woods road, way over the limit. Less than a minute later he pulls up behind the Camaro and a larger sedan that had just been in a head-on collision. Both cars were unrecognizable. He was second on the scene, the first guy was running to a nearby house to call 911.

The driver of the Camaro was dead – according to my brother they were ‘squished.’ The driver of the sedan was still alive, a lady, but she had the steering column punched through her chest. She looked at my brother, asked if she was okay, and after he told her ‘no,’ she closed her eyes and died in front of him.

He stuck around for the police report, went home (his boss got a message relayed from the police station), called me up at 3am and sobbed out the whole story to me. After about an hour he calmed down, and we’ve never spoken of it since.”


20. It Was Like A surgeon had made the perfect cut

“I am a State Trooper and a member of my agency’s Crash Investigation Team which basically means when someone dies in a car crash they call me. I’ve worked a lot of fatal crashes. One that sticks out is an SUV vs. A tractor/trailer where the vehicles were heading in opposite directions on a two-lane highway. The SUV drifted over the center line (don’t smoke meth and drive) and the metal fender over one of the rear tires on the semi’s tanker-trailer sliced through the ‘A Pillar’ on the SUV and hit the driver in the head.

It hit the guy in such a way that there was an extremely clean slice and it looked like a surgeon intentionally took out a quarter section of the guys head. From the bridge of his nose and left, and from the bottom of his eye socket and up was gone from front to back. The guys brain went flying and so I could see clear down into the inside of his head down to where his spine started. I could see the back of his right eye and what the mouth and nose look like from behind.

Half of his brain came to rest directly in front of his car and was steaming on the cold, snowy road when I got there. We didnt find the other half until I moved my car to let the tow truck through and when I stepped out of my car again I thought I stepped in a decent sized pile of cow shit.

Not the saddest or most bloody crash I’ve had but definitely one that made me say, ‘Holy shit, you have to see this’ to my partners.”


21. The Dead Cyclist On The Highway

“So I didn’t know what it was at the time but after the fact, realized the blood, chunks, and gore I’d driven through were from a man killed when a semi hit him as he rode a bike on the highway in the dark.

The accident is determined to have happened near 4 a.m. when a semi truck driver called in he thought he’d hit a deer. Police responded and the driver nor officer saw anything that appeared amiss. That section of highway is already frequently traveled but more so that day because there was a football game that folks from out of town often come to see. So cars were already coming in during the dark as well and running over the remains, further mashing them down.

So I drive through the area after it’s light out, see huge areas of blood and chunks on the road. So many chunks my car felt like it was driving over gravel for a few seconds till the ground went smooth again. I presumed, as had many others, that it was remains of a deer. When they get hit by a semi, they really get torn apart and scattered.

It wasn’t till later police realized what was going on and a medical examiner had to demand to close the area to collect what was left. There were only small pieces, some clothing fragments, and teeth left by then :(

Link to news story.”

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