21 People Who’ve Seen Some Shit Share The Most Gruesome Thing They’ve Ever Encountered In Real Life

13. It sounded like a plank of wood being snapped

“9th grade football game. One of my teammates broke his leg and ankle in the pile.

All we heard was what sounded like a 4×8 plank of wood being snapped. We heard him screaming at the bottom of the pile and we all scattered. He was reaching for his leg but then he passed out screaming.

We could see his tibia and fibula sticking out of his skin and his ankle was broken so badly that the skin ripped open and we could see all of his tarsal bones. Leg was bent to hell and his foot was turned 90 degrees laterally.

Took him 17 surgeries to be able to walk again. Never played a second of competitive sports ever again. He cried everyday at lunch until he moved his junior year of high school.

I can still hear him screaming sometimes when I think about it. It’s gut wrenching.”


14. Flesh eating disease with NSFL photos

“Ohh damn, I’ve got pictures of it because it happened to me!

NSFW Pictures

In September I had necrotizing fasciitis, also known as flesh eating disease, via a pilonidal cyst on my tailbone. It was cut out of my lower back, and I had a massive skin graft harvested from my leg and stapled to my back in October. I have photos of the whole progression and I find it fascinating.

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What it looks like now

Current 12/21

15. A Kangaroo Jumps Into An Electric Fence

“I was working on an uncle’s farm in the outback. He has miles of electric/barbed wire to keep his cattle fenced in. One day we went to check on the cattle and a big red kangaroo came flying down the hill away from us in fright. It ran straight into the wire. If you know how fast roos can go, you can imagine the shredded body we came back to. The worst part thought was that IT WAS STILL ALIVE, barely but faintly kicking. Because the fences all needed to be in top condition to stop big cattle from escaping we have to wait for the mangled kangaroo to be slowly electrocuted and cooked to death before prying it out with some sticks. We later repaired the fence. The smell sticks with me.

We were about an hours drive from the farmhouse and didn’t bring the gun, so we just let it die by itself.”



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