21 People Who’ve Seen Some Shit Share The Most Gruesome Thing They’ve Ever Encountered In Real Life

7. Wife Kills Herself Out Of Grief

“This happened when I was maybe 7 years old. I was hanging out in my friend’s apartment playing a new game on ps2, it was called Bouncer I think… anyway, so we are playing the game when all of a sudden his AC unit rips out of his window making this horrendous sound. We look outside and see a lady split in half on and iron fence. She had jumped off the roof of the building, about 25 stories high, hit his air conditioner on the way down and split on the fence. I heard through the grapevine that she killed herself because her husband was on death’s door with some kind of cancer but after her suicide he made a full recovery and lived for many more years.”


8. He Was Playing With His Own Tendons

“My girlfriends sister works as a police officer in Chorley in the UK, She came home one day and was shaking because she had been called out to a disturbance call. When she walked in there was a man sitting in the corner staring at the door she came through, practically looking through her.

The guy was destroyed on meth and had carved the skin off his wrists and was playing with the tendons in his arm to move his fingers.”


9. Cab Versus Rickshaw

“Going home back in company cab after night shift. It was 5am and dark. The cab is full (7 people+ driver). The driver is speeding on empty roads. Me and a female colleague are right in the back, talking

The radio is blaring music. The driver tries to overtake a car and at the same time looks down to change the radio channel. Hits an oncoming auto-rickshaw (a tuk-tuk) head on

We feel a mild jolt and the windows break a bit. The auto-rickshaw is flattened like a pan cake. We get out. There is a blood soaked body right behind us on the road. There is another under the rear wheel. The driver backs the vehicle from over the person and moves it to the side. There is another body inside the auto-rickshaw (probably the driver). All three dead on the spot. Not a scratch on the people in the cab

The employees are standing by the road side while a crowd gathers. Our driver calls up a friend who comes in 5 minutes in another cab, tells us ‘I am off’ and leaves us by the side of the road in the dark. A huge crowd of angry auto rickshaw drivers gather. I tell my colleague to remove her office ID and walk a bit ahead. The crowd is angry and soon pelting stones. We called a cab and left. I heard that they were stopping and burning vehicles which had our company logo on it for a few hours afterwards.”



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