21 People Who’ve Seen Some Shit Share The Most Gruesome Thing They’ve Ever Encountered In Real Life

4. Everyone Knew What Was About To Happen And Froze

“When I was a kid (11 years old if I’m not mistaken), I saw an old woman get ran over by a tram.

Where I live the tram follows the entire coastline next to the roads so there are tonnes of crossings. Now, everybody living here or having spent enough time here knows about the trams passing by frequently and knows to watch out for them since they’re surprisingly silent. One day I was following the same road the tram follows when I seen an elderly couple crossing the tracks, each with a bike in hand. They start walking across and you can see the tram coming from behind the corner, rather fast. His wife tries to cross as well but bike gets stuck in the track or something, she falls trying to free it and the tram has no time to stop.

There were at least a dozen bystanders but nobody close enough to help. Just about everyone realized what was about to happen at the same time everybody froze, some people screamed but absolutely nothing could be done for her.

The tram hit her as she was still down so she didn’t get hit/pushed away. She just disappeared under the wheels with the most sickening sound I’ve ever heard in my life. People ran to help but even I, as a small boy, could see there was no way that was possible. The tram was moved, ambulances called, a tent was placed.. I had nightmares about the whole event for at least a year but the only thing I really still remember is the look on that old man’s face once I could see him again. He was broken, in shock, on his knees on the road calling her name. I don’t thing I’ve ever seen so much pain in someone’s eyes ever again. Seeing this haunts me a whole lot more then the sight of the old woman’s remains and the accident itself.”


5. “She was very young and very beautiful”

“I saw a lady on a train station who had just choked to death. I walked into the scene after the paramedics had tried to save her. They’d cut open her throat and there was blood everywhere.

She was very young and very beautiful. It was a strange contrast.

I was shaking for hours afterwards and I’m still not over it. I don’t know how paramedics have the strength to do this every day. They are amazing.”


6. Two Planes Crash Over The Everglades

“Bodies from a plane crash+bodies in an autopsy lab.

Two small planes had crashed into each other over the everglades (maybe 2006 or 2007), and the 4 bodies were submerged under water before they were found. I was interning at a local police department at the time, and the crime scene examiner had some photos (of a separate incident) to drop off to the local medical examiner. I asked if I could go with him (hoping I’d get observe a real autopsy).

When we got there, he told me to wait in the office, which was all clear glass windows looking directly into the laboratory. The medical examiner and his assistants were inside, moving bodies from table to table, cutting organs out and throwing them on scales, weighing them, placing them aside, making notes, etc. It was almost more akin to working with dead animal carcasses than human bodies—no sadness, no emotion, just doing your job weighing human body parts.

The bodies were obviously not entirely intact—the one in front of me was basically a mangled, decapitated upper torso with limbs, still wearing his blue and white checkered t-shirt and gold watch. His skin was a mix of black, blue and charred, but you could still make out patches of hair on his arm. What was left of his body was also visibly swollen from being submerged for so long. They hadn’t started working on him yet, and his body was right in front of my window.

The other bodies from the crash looked just as gruesome and I was literally in a state of shock. I went in thinking I’d see neat, nude, cleaned bodies ready for examination. This, however, looked like something you’d see in a hollywood movie or a horror house. My first initial thought was ‘This can’t be real. Maybe these are just students, practicing.’

When the crime scene investigator came back in to get me so we could leave, I stupidly uttered ‘…Is…that…real?’ I guess it was more than my brain could process at the time, and I was honestly thinking ‘This is all just make believe.’

There were also a few bodies in the room that weren’t from the plane crash. Seeing the way our bodies are handled postmortem—so mechanically—really brings you to question your own mortality.”



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