21 People Who’ve Seen Some Shit Share The Most Gruesome Thing They’ve Ever Encountered In Real Life

via Flickr - S S.
via Flickr – S S.

1. Hit Crossing Four Lanes Of Traffic

“I was commuting home on the freeway one night when I came upon a fatal accident. A young woman’s car had broken down and she’d pulled off to the side of the freeway on the left shoulder. She then had attempted to dash across four lanes of traffic to call for help and wait for someone to show up. She got hit by a car about halfway across.

This must have happened just before I got there, because the police and ambulance hadn’t arrived. Someone was stopped right behind her to block oncoming traffic from running over her corpse.

I drove past, and was shocked by how she had just been alive but now looked like a mannequin. She was young and wore a skirt and her hair was all sprawled around her head. I couldn’t help wondering if there was someone expecting her at home. I felt a weird, sad sort of sorrow for whoever might be blithely unaware that the worst sort of news was coming their way. For some reason I imagined a dog waiting for a dinner that would likely be fed to him late and by a stranger, and how he’d be confused but eventually forget all about her. Somehow that made me saddest of all.

Weird stuff goes through your head when you see a thing like that.”


2. A Woman Tried To Grab her handbag off the train tracks

“When I was 16, in the second year of my apprenticeship as a painter, I saw a girl jump down on the train tracks to pick up a dropped handbag at the station I was working at. A guy bent down and grabbed her by the hand to pull her back up and next minute a high speed train flashed through and killed her in front of my eyes.

On the side of the track was her lower torso and the upper half of her was like a field of pink mushrooms up the track. There was very little blood.

As I was a railway worker, I got down on the track and covered the lower half of her body and with a painters drop sheet to hide it from all the gawkers trying to get a look.

I will never forget three other things.. the look on the poor drivers face as he was walking back the 1km+ it took the train to stop, the police officer carrying her skull and hair back and the birds eating the bits of her body as people were desperately trying to clean it up.

I was made to go back to work straight after, mum wanted me to quit the next day.”


3. Dozing On The Hwy And Went Through The Windshield Head First

“Around 10 years ago, I was driving south to visit my father. He lived in a small town in the state of Victoria, Australia. It was a 4.5 – 5 hour drive, most of it on highways. It can get a bit tedious driving for so long, and we often have ‘Black Spot’ areas, where accidents are more frequent. Sometimes it’s because people just zone out or literally fall asleep from the monotony. This was a trip that I made about 4 times a year, so I knew the drive pretty well.

This time, I was driving behind an older car, about 100m behind. Anyway, the guy at the wheel must have dozed off. He drifted into oncoming traffic. Fortunately, he woke up before he hit anyone. Unfortunately, he overcorrected… he slammed into a drainage ditch on our side of the road, and ended up launching his car into the air… and into a gum tree. He hit the tree about head height. He wasn’t wearing his seatbelt either. The only reason I know, is because I stopped to see if he was alright, and call the police.

He most definitely wasn’t alright. He had gone completely through the windscreen, and smashed into the tree headfirst. His skull was entirely smashed in… but he wasn’t dead. He was still… kind of talking, moving his arms and legs…

When the police and ambulance arrived, they were more concerned with whether I was alright. I honestly don’t remember much of the rest of that weekend.”


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