This Single Mom Bought An App That Analyzes Sleep But The Audio It Recorded Revealed Something Terrifying

Hunger by Fredrik Andreasson via Flickr
Hunger by Fredrik Andreasson via Flickr

Producer’s Note: This is a true story as best anyone can tell. It is reproduced below with only minimal edits and depicts a woman who used app to analyze her sleep patterns. One of the ways the app does this is by recording the sound in her room all night.

One night in 2014, the app recorded something she could not understand.

Original post:

I use an app called “Sleep As Android” to improve my sleep. One of the features is that it records your night time noises – snoring, sleep talk, cover ruffles, coughing etc. I’ve been using the app since October 1 of 2013. I’ve never caught anything other than sounds created by me changing positions or coughing or something like that (although I’ve been told several times I talk in my sleep by other people). On 12/30 at 2:04 am I caught something VERY weird. To set up: This night I was sleeping in my bed – my 3 year old was with me that night as he is scared of the dark. It was just the two of us in the whole house. The next night I decided to go through and delete my recordings and saw this particular record.

In it, you can here some clicks that start to get louder over the course of the recording. Eventually you can hear me say “What are you doing??” and immediately after there is a deep voice that says “Nothing”. The clicks become very loud at that point and at the very end of the recording you hear the same voice say “That’s them” (I think?). I am pretty creeped out by this. I don’t remember being awake that night. The only plausible explanation is that I answered my own sleeping talking but the voice doesn’t even sound like me or something I could emulate. It definitely doesn’t sound like a voice my preschooler could emulate, either. I have no idea what the clicks could be. I keep a fan going at night for white noise but the clicks sound like they’re coming from right near my phone (which is placed right by me on my bedside table). I want to say that I’ve picked up the clicks a few times on recordings before but deleted them thinking it was nothing – this is the first time I’ve ever heard anything, though.

Original audio.

I would LOVE some debunking here. I like creepy stuff but certainly NOT in my own home.

Edit #1:

Sleep graph showing the type of sleep I was in when the noise recorded.

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Screenshot showing the time and date of the recording.

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Edit #2:

Another user was kind enough to [Linked removed – see update #7). The part at the end is especially enhanced as well as the “clicking” sounds. After listening to it cleaned up, I’m pretty sure I hear my name at the end (Jenny). Others have said they hear “I’m Danny” or “I’m dead” or “That’s them”.

Edit #3:

Adding what a “normal” 6 second recording sounds like. This was taken last night (1/02/2014). You can hear the white noise in the background as well as me coughing for a second.

Edit #4:

This post was linked to /r/Creepy (thanks!) and just so there’s an update for people wondering how this turned out: I have caught no more voice recordings since then. Also, as suggested by several people, I’ve beefed up my home security, changed locks, that kind of thing. This happened 4 months ago. Since then, I have had no more weird voice recordings BUT there were one or 2 more instances of the clicking noise waking me up at night.

During one of the times that it woke me up, I sat up and tried to hear where the sound was coming from (even though I was pretty scared). The sound seemed to be coming from the area of my fan) about 12 feet away from my bed) but the closer I got, it started to fade away. When I got to my fan, it wasn’t coming from my fan at all that I could tell and it just stopped. Very weird. Also, I took someone else’s advice and walked through my house shortly after the final clicking and asked that whatever it was to please leave my house and that my son and I were scared. I felt like a complete ding dong doing that, though, but I was up for trying about anything. I’d say nothing weird has happened for about 3 months now. I am completely fine with that. This experience really messed with me for awhile.

Edit #5:

I’ve gotten a few requests from people to upload the voice recording again as it seems the original file expired. I just got around to doing that.

Edit #6:

This post was linked in another thread and is getting some attention. I have people messaging me for an update or wanting to know if me and my son are ok (thank you!). This event scared the bejesus out of me. I still use the app but only for sleep monitoring purposes – I never listen to the recordings and therefore there has been no updates I can offer. With the latest attention, I did have a person kind enough to offer his professionalism to state that they did not think the 2nd voice was me (and therefore, the theory of the 2nd voice being me sleep talking is less likely to be true). They PM’d me so I will not disclose their name unless I get permission. I am hoping to work with this person further to definitively rule out that the voice was not my own (I’m honestly sick of hearing it – because I know what I can’t and can do with my own voice and I know what my child sounds like). Any way, here is a clip of his/her message:

10/17/2014: “The other person in the recording definitely isn’t you talking to yourself, nor is it your son. Your voice’s pitch in the question “what are you doing?” is around 265Hz (C4 in musical notes) and the answerer’s voice seems to be around 95Hz (F#2). That is relatively low voice for even a man.

Unfortunately the recording seems to have clipped a lot of the lower frequencies, which makes it seem like the “man’s” voice is around 190Hz. But there’s a little hint of the 90Hz tone left, and judging by the upper frequencies and some test recordings of my own voice (I’m a man) it definitely seems and sounds like a man to me. If I had a recording of you talking normally and then trying to make a really low voice I could definitely tell if my theory is true”.

Since this thread has been archived, I may create a new one so that people can discuss (instead of sending messages), but I’m unsure of where to put it (I was unsure where it belonged 9 months ago but I did know I wanted to place it in a sub where it wouldn’t garner a ton of attention). If a new thread is created, I will link it or just end up updating this one, even though it’s been archived. This happened a long time ago. It was pretty traumatizing for me. I don’t think I will ever know what the hell happened that night but I am now 100% certain that the voice was not mine or my child’s. Thanks for your concern, everyone! Sorry this post has stayed with many of you in a negative way.

Edit #7

(10/18/2014): I’ve received several requests for the audio that was cleaned up. I did not foresee the interest this post would have or its long term effect on people and I do not have that recording. However, I looked through my old reddit messages to see if anything else was sent to me during the original posts time period and I did end up finding another cleaned up version that I didn’t post or link to in my original post. This was sent to me via PM from another user. He is the person who uploaded it to Sound Cloud so I do not have the cleaned up original file in my possession. Here is their cleaned up version.

Edit #8:

(10/19/2014) Another user was kind enough to offer his analysis on the two voices in the recording. This is specifically to address the redditors who think that both voices were mine. I sent him several recordings of my voice and my sons voice (in the same environment). If you’re interested in his well put together analysis, it can be found here.

The voice in the famous sleep-app recording is NOT the woman talking to herself (Proof) from mysteriesoftheworld

Thank you!

Edit #9:

(3/06/2015): This post was linked in another thread. To update, yes, I still use the android app, no, I haven’t caught anything else but then again, I haven’t exactly been reviewing/listening to my night recordings, either.

Edit #10:

(4/21/2015): No longer living at the house where this took place so no more updates from here on out! THANK GOD! Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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