30 Totally Innocent Things That Are Look Harmless During The Day But Become Horrifying At Night

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Tony Ciampa –

1. Holes

“Digging holes. Innocent enough during the day, probably planting a tree or something. Burying bodies at night.”

2. Playgrounds

“A kid playing on the swings at public parks.”

3. Windows

“At night I have a huge fear of looking out the window and seeing a face or someone out there staring back. I know chances are there’s no one there but I’m not risking it.”

4. Mirrors

“Looking at a mirror in the dark, being able to see your silhouette but not quite making out what your face looks like…”

5. Scurrying

“Anything that scurries.”

6. Children

“Over the holidays, my 6-year-old had a sleepover with her cousin. I stepped out of my room at 6:30AM to head to work and they were both standing in the hall, back-lit by a night light, in their nightgowns. My daughter was cradling a doll and her cousin was standing next to her with a toy pram. Still and silent. I nearly shit.”

7. Apartment Elevators

“The other night, I was waiting for the elevator in my building at like 3 in the morning.

Each floor has a door into the stairwell at either end, with glass windows that you can obviously see through.

I kept glancing at one door, thinking to myself, “Wouldn’t it be creepy if there was just a face staring at me through there?”

Look at the window, nothing. Look at the elevators. Look at the window, nothing. Look at the Elevators. look at the window, FACE IN THE WINDOW THE END IS NIGH. I am not ashamed to say I fell on my ass out of shock.

Was just a nice older gentleman. He thought it was hilarious.”


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