32 Ironic And Darkly Funny Family Deaths That You’ll Hate Yourself For Laughing About

These deaths will have you in stitches.

10. Dirty Granny

My grandma dropped dead at the dinner table one night and my mom faked CPR to the 911 operator. Grandma lived with my parents for 5 years before she died and they discovered that Grandma didn’t shower or brush her teeth or wash her hands after using the bathroom (she’d always get shit everywhere and it was always under her nails). Needless to say, when she died my parents called 911, the 911 operator instructed my mom to give Grandma mouth to mouth. My mom, the most honest person I know, couldn’t do it. Instead my mom faked it and lied to the operator, saying she did it….needless to say, Grandma didn’t wake up. Don’t freak out, grandma had congestive heart failure and she was a DNR but, in the moment, nobody thought of that. We still make jokes saying mom killed grandma. Yeah, my family is fucked up like that.

11. Her Favorite Show Was “Six Feet Under”

I had a coworker whose mother died in a freak accident. She’d been rushing to go to work, got in the car, started it and realized that she left her purse on the ground behind her car. She got out of the car, bent over to pick up her purse and her car suddenly rolled backwards and ran over her, killing her instantly.

A week later my coworker was trying to distract himself my watching TV and saw Six Feet Under was on. That was his mom’s favorite show so he stopped and decided to watch it. If you’ve seen that show you know there’s a death at the beginning of the episode. The death that episode? A guy getting run over by his own car.

He said it was so shocking and ironic that he couldn’t help but laugh about it.

12. Suicide Hotline

He took calls for a suicide hotline for 8 years, and then he killed himself. Left a note saying he couldn’t live with himself for talking people out of their desires.

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