32 Ironic And Darkly Funny Family Deaths

These deaths will have you in stitches.

1. Keep It Down

My great grandmother, who was very hard of hearing, was hospitalized at 104 years old. All the relatives piled into her room and sat around talking. Suddenly she sat up and said, “Will you people stop yelling. You’re interrupting my nap!”, then fell back on the pillow dead as a doornail.

2. A Prankster Til The End

My grandfather had lost his legs and used a scooter to get around. He was always a prankster and loved to have fun and joke around. His final act was trying to scare someone at a party. He was trying to sneak up on my uncle. he was going around a small hill and tipped his scooter. Broke multiple bones and died from complications. He thought it was hilarious.

3. Safety Inspection

Not a loved one but perhaps relevant – my uncle helped build large generators for remote villages around the world. He was sent to China where the power plant was in mid-construction. He was given a tour and came across a fairly dangerous hole in the floor that went down several stories, when his co-workers started laughing hysterically. When he asked what was so funny the translator told him that someone had fallen through the hole and died yesterday morning. When he responded why they thought that was so funny, they responded “It was the safety inspector”.

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