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42 Creepy AF Things Kids Said To Their Parents That Absolutely Chilled Them To The Bone

Did Not Expect That

He said that he had a dream about a school shooting the previous night. I asked him what happened in the dream and he responded with, “Hmm…Let me think. I forgot who I shot first.”

31. Now Scared Of The Dark

One time my husband and I went to his friends house for a bonfire. Anyway, his son Lane was sitting on my lap, I went to get up, and he screamed then told me to sit back down. I asked him what was wrong and he said that “it” was watching me from the dark corner of the house and if I got up “it” was going to hurt me. He pointed to it and even described what it looked like.He said it was a tall monster with more teeth than a shark, it had no eyes. Very large claws. Apparently it was as big as the house.

I stayed there for 2 hours until he fell asleep. Told his dad to take him, and ran to the house. Scared of the dark ever since.

32. Babysitting

Was babysitting my little cousin. We went to the park, and I had to stop at the Bed Bath and Beyond to pick up a cutting board for my mom.

I find the one she needs, and look up to see my cousin in the next aisle, absolutely stunned by the big wall of knives before her. She looks at me, and very cheerfully says, “Look at all those murder weapons!” She’s just a creepy child in general….

33. All The Girls Were Normal

I used to nanny for this family that had 3 kids. Two older girls and a boy about 3. The girls were normal. The boy would only ever talk about death. If we played with Legos he would kill all the Lego people and his voice would get this weird deep sound to it as he described their individual demises. Play with the dog and he’d eventually talk about breaking it’s neck. Coloring would just be him with a black or red crayon filling in a whole page. He would whisper threats to his sisters. If we read a book he would suggest murdering characters.

He was the most morbid child I’d ever met. And I don’t know where it came from since his parents were real hippy dippy. I mean all organic eating, no tv watching, in love with nature people.

He either had gone through some serious trauma or he was possessed by the devil. Either way I quit shortly after when they laughed off my concern over his mindset.

34. From One Imaginary Friend To The Other

My half brother used to have an imaginary friend named Jerry Brusher who was really friendly and did nice things all the time. Then he made a new imaginary friend named Terry, who was mean and got blamed for all the bad things my brother did. Eventually Terry murdered Jerry.



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