25 People Share The Most Horrific, ‘Scarred For Life’ Things They’ve Ever Seen

via Flickr - Dan Rademacher
via Flickr – Dan Rademacher

1. The Smell Is Something I’ll Never Forget

I used to work as an aide in a hospital in my early 20s. Patient was 21 years old had undiagnosed testicular cancer that was growing for 6 months prior to him coming to the hospital. The cancer metastasized into his gut and blood system. I performed care for him one morning with his entire family standing bedside, gut bloated from all the bile building up in his stomach. In the middle of adls he began to choke (common because of the bile build up) no big deal the nurse grabs the suction we had bedside and starts suction to clear out what we thought was a minor amount if bile.

As soon as she begins to suction the patient begins vomiting violently up more and more and more and starts to seize all while still choking. The bile in his stomach had gotten too full so the body attempted to remove the bile by pushing it back up the food tract. All the while the family is watching this event unfold.

We slam the code alarm and usher the family out of the room, no one needs to see their son choking like that. We tried everything we could to stop the bile from coming up as much. The amount of fluid and the smell is something I won’t ever forget. I watched a 21 year old patient go from cracking jokes to literally choking to death on his own vomit in a matter of minutes.

The worst part about it was about an hour or so later the mother of the patient came up to me, reeking of alcohol and hugged me and said she was sorry I had to witness that I was younger than him and it isn’t right. The mother of the dead patient apologized to me because her son died. I will never forget that day, those smells, the sounds, the picture is burned into my brain.

2. She’d Just Been Crossing The Street

I was walking down the street and I saw some people gathered in one spot. I went to see what the fuss was about, and there it was, on the street, the headless body of a woman. She had been crossing the street where she shouldn’t have been, was clipped by a car, lost her balance, fell and her head was run over by a truck that couldn’t avoid her. She was just lying there, bag still in hand, with her brains scattered all over.



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