31 True Stories Of Deeply Disturbing Camping And Hiking Trips Gone Terrifyingly Wrong

31 True Stories Of Deeply Disturbing Camping And Hiking Trips Gone Terrifyingly Wrong

25. A Very Disturbed Young Man

I have a bunch of woods behind my house, and when I was younger my friend and I would go camping in them. We were like 14 years old.

We went farther than we usually did one day and ended up coming out on a neighbor’s property, so we just went back a little ways and started getting our shit set up. Friend leaves to go use the bathroom, and I hear him screaming and running back toward me. He’s not making much sense, was just sort of blubbering about Barbie’s and cat heads so I sort of force him to show me.

We come out in a clearing next to the creek, and there’s hundreds of Barbie dolls strung up in the tree’s about eight feet off the ground, with dead fucking cat heads on them. As in, Barbie’s head had been yanked off and replaced with them. Not cat skulls either.

I want to say the dolls bodies were dipped in red paint (I know it wasn’t blood because blood doesn’t “stick” and stay that thick) but I don’t know for sure what it really was.

I started backing up toward our stuff, and my friend starts screaming again. He’s off to my side, and had just discovered the huge pile of cat remains, with a bunch of Barbie doll heads thrown in with them. We both threw up.
We packed our shit up and went back home.

But it doesn’t end there!

That neighbor who’s field we stumbled into? They were friends with my mom, and started telling her about a bunch of their barn cats going missing, but they hadn’t thought anything of it since we have a lot of coyotes. (Still at that point hadn’t told my mom about our discovery in the woods because I figured she’d never let me leave the yard.)

Then two of their goats went missing, and coyote’s wouldn’t have opened the gate and shut it back after slaughtering their goats, and there’d be some kind of leftovers. Neighbor’s husband heard someone fucking around in their yard one night, and saw some guy roaming around in their cow pasture. They sort of connected the pieces, realized someone was stealing their animals, so the husband went into 24/7 armed security mode.

Week or so later, he sees the same guy go into his barn. Calls the cops. Turns out it’s some 16 year old kid that lived on the other side of his property that had just moved in. Kid admits to stealing his cats, goats, and trying to take a cow, right? K, fair enough, return them, then.

Kid lives in a mobile home. No where to keep all these animals he’s been stealing. Kids dad ends up telling the cops that he knew his son was taking them and basically slaughtering them in the woods and doing weird shit with the bodies. The Barbie dolls? He stole them from his little sister.

It wasn’t until a year or so after that my mom actually told me what had happened, which is when I gave in and told her about my friend and I basically stumbling into his fucked up shit. AFAIK, they got the kid for animal cruelty and a whole bunch of other shit, and his family moved away not too long after it so I really don’t know what happened with him.

26. “I Made A Fire And Stayed Up All Night Smoking Cigarettes”

So we weren’t exactly in the middle of nowhere. My family and I were camping at a campground on a lake here in the Ozarks a couple years ago. My sister, her friend, my cousin, and I are all in a tent together. I’m trying to get some sleep but it’s very humid and difficult to get comfortable. Around 3AM, I am looking straight up and notice a long flash of light outside of the tent. I look, and it blinks again about 3 seconds later, but not in the same place. It’s very close to the tent, less than 3 feet away. I couldn’t see it perfectly, obviously, but I could just tell. It’s not like an on/off blink, it fades in and out. It’s dead quiet, and no animal/creature could make a light as white and as bright as this. I couldn’t hear anything walking around the tent. It blinks again. Eventually, this blinking light makes its way in a circle around the tent, near the entrance where I was. That’s when I promptly rolled the fuck over and closed my eyes because whatever it was, I didn’t want to see it.

About 30 minutes later I sit up to grab some water. I sit there for a minute wondering. There it is again, on the opposite side of the tent from me. Making it’s way around. I man the fuck up, grab a light and unzip the tent as it nears the entrance. It stops and goes dark. I go outside and nothing is there. I made a fire and stayed up all night smoking cigarettes.


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