31 True Stories Of Deeply Disturbing Camping And Hiking Trips Gone Terrifyingly Wrong
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31 True Stories Of Deeply Disturbing Camping And Hiking Trips Gone Terrifyingly Wrong

23. What The Park Rangers Are Left To Find

My son is in Cub Scouts and every year we take a trip to a cabin with the rest of his den. One kid’s uncle is a park ranger so last year we went to the park he worked at as it was near the cabin. He’d been a ranger for a good while and had some stories. The story of his first week on the job is the worst.

First week on the job, the new guy, in a fairly large park. Its colder out so not as busy as summer. The park is notified of a possibly missing camper. Family cant contact the guy and he would camp there often enough. Of course they send the new guy to find him. Car is located by the campgrounds but dude is still nowhere in sight. Ranger goes deeper in the forest and comes across a campsite. There’s a smell and the ranger knew what was up but had to check to make sure. Dude set up camp, got in his sleeping bag and blew his head off with a shotgun. Ranger said the worst part was after radioing it in, remember, just his first week on the job, he had to stay at the campsite until other rangers and law enforcement and local medical examiner made their way up there. He said its a very common occurrence. People often think they are sparing their loved ones the horror of discovering them so instead they go out to to be middle of nowhere and do it, never mind the poor park ranger thats gotta find you.

24. Campsite 37

My girlfriend and a friend of ours went camping once up in Golden Ears Park. Once we arrived we noticed along with one other camper we were the only campers there for the weekend. As we walked throughout the park to take in our surroundings we noticed a campsite fully stocked with tent, coolers, camping chairs…it was like a photo from a magazine.

We figured they left to grab supplies and thought nothing of it but after a couple of days and no activity of the campsite my girlfriend and her friend went to further investigate. What they came across next was something super strange. Coolers were full of rotten food and rusty knives…the tent looked pristine until you got close enough to smell it. The linger of urine, cat food and mold overtook all of your senses. They shook the tent to make sure no one was inside when no one answered they entered. Empty cat food tins scattered the moldy blankets, while large amounts of brand name clothing and shoes stuffed into several duffle bags lined the tent. Makeup…broken mirrors…wine bottles…batteries and cigarettes cascaded like water over the moldy blankets. A cellphone which with a closer look was all in Japanese along with several iPods.

But the strangest thing was a journal written by a girl who was from out of town talking about the guy she was with and how sex with him for the first time was amazing and how she wishes he never would leave even though she has so many men after her. She talked about them fighting and getting evicted and how they needed this trip to figure things out. The last page was of them having a fight and how he was done and she would get what she deserved followed by a page full of random guys names and numbers.

The date of the journal entry was 1 day before we arrived and their campers receipt hanging outside their camp spot was paid for in full for the next week. The campsite was strange and full of what looked like two people’s entire lives stuffed into an expensive tent littered with crack pipes and rusty tools. I will say though, their thermal blanket, axes and lanterns came in handy for those last couple of rainy night’s. Still not sure what went down in campsite 37 but even when we left 6 days later the campsite still remained..untouched.



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