28 Of The Creepiest, Most Messed Up Graveyard Shift Stories You’ll Ever Read

via Flcikr - Chris B
via Flcikr – Chris B

1.Β Midnight At A Swanky Hotel

I worked night audit at this semi swanky hotel next to the airport. One night I get a call from a lady in 204. She says there was arguing, loud banging and crying coming out of 206, check the computer, no one is checked into that room due to maintenance issues. Wtf?! Called my supervisor to see what to do she tells me to call on site security and follow them up with a key.

But I decide to be the bigger man and go up anyways. As we get off the elevator we can hear the crying, it’s loud. My heart starts racing as we near the door, so I hand the key to the security guard. The next 5 minutes seemed to happen in slow motion, he opens the door and immediately flicks on the light. (Keep in mind 206, we’re on the second floor, only door in was by me, and this at like 3 am and there was no one around.) As we enter the room the shower is on, steam is coming from under the door. There is only one lamp on in the room, it’s super cold, and there is a lady in a red lacy bra black panties, with super red hair curled up crying in the bed.

She was facing away from us, as Frank approached her he asked if everything was okay, she sort of stopped crying and rolled over. When she did a wave of horror came over me, she was super pale, covered in blood and was just staring behind us. That’s when we realized the shower had stopped and the door was open. There was a man about 6 ft 5 in standing in the door way, as we turned around, cops tased him, and arrested him. Turns out he was a rapist who hides in hotel rooms, kidnaps women who stay there, and cuts them open. To this day I will never go to a hotel again.

2.Β A Banging From The Closet

I’m currently a janitor at a gym. We have a stairwell that leads down some stairs to a door that doesn’t open because we lost the keys years ago. One night, there was a loud banging sound coming from the door. Sounded like someone was banging it every second for a couple minutes. I stood at the top of the stairs and listened and watched and it stopped. It started up again a few minutes later. I went back up there to see and it stopped again as soon as I got there. Told my manager the next day and had a lock smith come in. He got the door open and it’s just an old supply closet that’s empty. Every so often someone hears a banging sound coming from the door at bottom of the stairs.


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