Check Please! 25 Waiters And Customers Share Their Most Cringeworthy Public Breakup Stories

21. She Said No

I used to work at the Melting Pot – usually a place for romantic dinners. I have two awkward stories.

One guy called us a few days ahead of time to arrange a special romantic dinner so he can propose to his gf. Special private table with roses and petals, champaign, and a special chocolate fondue dessert with the ring arranged on the dipper plate. I was even filming it per his request. She said no, the look on his face was heartbreaking. The worst part was presenting the bill at the end, which the gf insisted on splitting.

The other story was a couple who asked for a private table. I asked “oh, celebrating an anniversary?” They said “not quite”. Turns out they were going over the terms of their divorce.

22. A Crushing Rejection

Guy and girlfriend come into our restaurant for dinner. Guy then secretly tells me he has a ring and wants to propose to her and wants it to be all special. I was to wait until a specific time and come and ask if the table “needed anything else” and them he would say “I do. I need her.” And then get down on his knee, etc, etc.

I thought it was cheesy, but hey I wanted to help the guy out and be a part of something like that, so I said I’d do it.

I get to the table and ask the question, he then pops THE question and she burst into tears. But not good happy tears. She then blurts out that she wants to break up and that she was in love another guy, apparently a friend of his.

I just slowly backed away from the table as his entire world came crashing down on him.


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