Check Please! 25 Waiters And Customers Share Their Most Cringeworthy Public Breakup Stories

15. Some Were Shocked, Others Applauded

So I’ve seen one that was really bad. I was with my SO in a small restaurant in Brooklyn and there was a couple sitting in a booth near us. The girl was pissed since the guy was on his phone so much, so she goes and snatches his phone from his hands. She then yells “LAQUISHA? WHO THE FUCK IS LAQUISHA?” He tried his best to stammer out some sort of response, but then she started reading out the messages that this guy had written to Laquisha. She then dramatically threw the phone on the ground, screamed about how it was over, and stormed out of the restaurant. Some people were shocked and others applauded.

16. “I’m Not Even Sorry”

Was walking through a restaurant to meet some friends at their table, and I passed this couple sat an out of the way table. I only noticed them when the girl spluttered through tears ‘I just want to know if you ever really cared about me?’

I head to my friends’ table and pretty much forget about what I heard for a few minutes. Then the shit hits the fan.

The sound of their table tipping over sends everybody glancing in their direction. The girl storms towards the door, calls him a c*nt, he turns around and just says ‘I’m not even sorry.’

I couldn’t stop laughing.

17. “It Was Brutal”

I saw a couple break up outside of a sub shop. The girl was clearly upset and was crying. I heard her say “I can change” a few times. The guy just sat there and continued eating his sandwich, completely unfazed. It was brutal.


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