Check Please! 25 Waiters And Customers Share Their Most Cringeworthy Public Breakup Stories

10. Valentine’s Day

Not a server but a hostess– in the 8 months I’ve been there I’ve seen one divorce and one breakup.

I highly suggest you don’t tell your kids that you’re getting divorced in a crowded restaurant. It does not end well.

The break up happened on Valentine’s Day. The boyfriend didn’t have a reservation and we were on an hour wait. The girlfriend got fed up, started crying and stormed out. I could see them visibly arguing and then the guy storming off and the girl just awkwardly stood in the middle of the sidewalk crying.

11. Totally Heartbreaking

Once at my Italian restaurant, a man and woman came in and sat, looking pretty pissed at each other. Very nice looking, business attire, mid forties. They had menus and their waitress asked them a few times but all they got was one glass of merlot, and they sat and talked for hours- I was the closing waitress, so I was there for the whole ordeal. I got a bit busy, and when I looked back over, the woman was gone, and the man was sitting there alone, and just looked so freaking empty it was incredible. I went by to check on him since I sent the other girl home, and he just looks up and asks if he can borrow a phone. Twenty minutes later a car pulls up and he leaves and I never saw either of them again. But it was hands down a totally heartbreaking end for the man.

12. The Blind Man

I don’t know that it was an official public breakup but I saw a rather humorous spat, that in the moment appeared to be a breakup, between a blind man and his not blind girlfriend in a Chinese restaurant.

The blind man had his hand on the woman’s shoulder and as they were walking toward the buffet apparently said something to piss her off. I just heard “You know what? Fuck you Alan!” and she shook his hand off her shoulder as she stormed out of the building. Ole Alan started walking in circles with his arms outstretched saying “Goddamnit, Jess get back here.”


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