Check Please! 25 Waiters And Customers Share Their Most Cringeworthy Public Breakup Stories

8. A Fight In The Kiddie Ride Line

I was at the amusement park with some friends. They have a little girl, so we were in line for a kiddie ride. There was a couple right behind us, and you could hear the mom arguing with the dad about never including her in anything and how she wasn’t wanted in his life, she wasn’t important to him, etc. He was trying to hush her which only pissed her off more. They weren’t loud or anything and I doubt anyone outside of the people right in front of them (me) and behind them could overhear.

Anyway, she ends up saying, “Don’t tell me to shut up. Don’t tell me anything. Don’t ever talk to me again. I’m leaving.”

And she left.

I didn’t ride with my friends and their kid, but I stayed behind to take photos/video of them. Looking at the pics/video is pretty heartbreaking. You see all these happy people and then there’s the dad and his son. The son is plenty happy because he was too young to realize the significance of the fight, but the dad is sitting there holding back tears, flashing a sad smile to his son whenever he turned to look at him and going right back to depressed when his son turned away.

9. What A Douche

Not a waitress, but me and a bunch of friends were at Subway, where there was a guy and his girlfriend. The boy was in tee and shorts, and the girl was dressed to the tee in a pretty dress and make-up and all. I dunno if it was a date, or a random snack break- but halfway through the footlong, the guy was drinking water from his bottle and kind of sprayed it on her (poured it in his hand and swooshed) The girl was already in a bad a bad mood, and kinda… snapped. “Talk to me when your dick pops out”, she said in a really low voice, and just left.


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