Check Please! 25 Waiters And Customers Share Their Most Cringeworthy Public Breakup Stories

23. Who’s Ready For Breadsticks?!

I set down a plate of garlic bread as a girl was turning down a marriage proposal.

“I… I… I’m sorry. I just can’t marry you. Its-”
“Alright! Who’s ready for some breadsticks!?”

24. The Hijack

Had a table came in for this guy’s birthday. It was a surprise birthday dinner hosted by his girlfriend, although she didn’t realize that two of his female ‘friends’ she had invited were also sleeping with him.

I came over to the table just as one girl stood up and yelled “you bitch” to another and stormed out. The second one threw a drink on the guy and walked out. The girlfriend with tears running down of her face asked of the bill and then exits. I come back to the table with the bill with the guy drenched in wine and five of his remaining friends still there in hysterics.

25. Thunder From Down Under

Outback Steakhouse. Walked up to great the table “Hi folks, how are you?” Guy asks wife for divorce right there. My jaw drops, I walk away from the table. She is sobbing, loud. I go back eventually and they order a full meal. Bloomin’ Onion included. The have a full meal, she sobs then entire time. She has difficulty eating. I shit you not, he says its her birthday and wants a dessert for her with a candle. So I had to bring out a Thunder from Down Under with a candle while she’s crying uncontrollably. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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