49 Real Nurses Share The Terrifying Hospital Ghost Stories That Scared Them To Death

49 Real Nurses Share The Terrifying Hospital Ghost Stories That Scared Them To Death

48. It Just Kept Knocking

Hospital I used to work at had a geriatric unit. One night I floated to help out, and was told that all patients placed in a certain room at the end of the hall would have the same “hallucinations” of a tall man in a suit, and another of a baby in a baby carriage sitting outside the room.

On my unit, a general med/surg unit, a patient had passed in a room the previous evening and was now empty. The call light for that room kept going off ALL NIGHT, even after unplugging it from the wall until finally we went in the room and said “Can I help you?”

My unit was shaped like a plus sign (+), with the nurse station at the center. One of the wings was blocked off by double doors because it had been redone as a GI clinic where you would go to get a colonoscopy done and such. On that same med/surg unit on night shift, we heard a loud knocking coming from those double doors as if someone were locked out and trying to get to the nurse’s station. One of my coworkers walked over and saw nobody on the other side of that door, all the lights were turned off. It kept happening, BANG BANG BANG. We even called the security guard up to investigate because we were so spooked, but there was nobody there.

Sometimes I’d have to go through the empty GI clinic as a quick way to get to another elevator or area of the hospital, and occasionally I would walk into strong “clouds” of perfume in the empty vacant hallway, which nobody would have walked through for some time. Spooked me every time it happened.

That hospital has been around since the 30s, and after working there I am a firm believer in ghosts/the supernatural.

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