49 Real Nurses Share The Terrifying Hospital Ghost Stories That Scared Them To Death

49 Real Nurses Share The Terrifying Hospital Ghost Stories That Scared Them To Death

40. The Lady In Pink

When I worked in a nursing home there was an elevator between the levels as well as stairs at the far end. It was shaped like a u with the nurses station on one tip of the u and the residents spread out around the unit so hypothetically you could see all the exits and stop any confused residents. I was studying to be an RN at the time so I always did night shift. Here’s the thing though. The elevator would randomly one a night go from the top floor to the bottom, and then about an hour later come back up to the floor you were on.

I didn’t think anything of it thinking it was a quirk of the system or something. That was until the night I saw her, the “lady in pink”.

I was in the nurse’s station studying and looked up to see what looked like a resident who had sundowners in pink walking without her walker to the elevator from her room on the other end of the unit. So me being a good nurse I ran to stop her falling or falling down the stairs. But here’s the thing. I get there and she’s not there. So I check her room and the sides of her bed are up and she is unconscious.

Then as I’m walking back I notice the call button is lit up. The elevator opens, the door closes and the elevator moves with no one in it.

I tell my coworkers the next morning (just me on nightshift) and they tell me it’s the lady in pink. Tell me they had this huge Samoan guy who worked there 2 weeks doing nights until he saw the lady in pink then he quit. So me being the big, strong, masculine figure I was, I did the only logical thing. I quit and got a job as security in a high security psych facility. I prefer my danger visible thank you very much.

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