49 Real Nurses Share The Terrifying Hospital Ghost Stories That Scared Them To Death

49 Real Nurses Share The Terrifying Hospital Ghost Stories That Scared Them To Death

38. A Skinwalker?

I have a couple stories, one from my mother and one from me. My mother’s is probably the most creepiest and has always stuck with me. Especially with all the paranormal stuff she has seen.

My mom worked night shift at the hospital in Arizona, in a town by the border, and go figure. Old mining town. Well anyways, she’s working her night shift going room to room when an old lady who walked the halls due to insomnia told her some weird goatman kept trying to get in through the doors. My mom didn’t think anything of it, but she is Catholic and had those moments of silently praying to herself.

After a few moments, there was a shriek, she couldn’t explain it, but that it was a horrible shriek that made your blood turn to ice. She than went to the nurses station to ask if anyone else heard that, in which they did. Come to realize that shriek was heard all around the hospital. Freaking everyone out, especially paranormal religious ladies and men. A few of them go to look out the Windows and see hoof marks by the doors and windows, and the marks had no trail towards or away from the building.

My story was pretty creepy. I too became a cna, and worked a locked down dementia and Alzheimer unit at night. I’ve had creepy moments. But this one will always stick with me.

I was finishing up my binders when a light goes off out of the hall, so I took it, punched my code in and went out since the other cna was busy with someone else. I go in, ask if everything is ok. Sleepily my little lady tells me there’s a darn women who keeps knocking on her window wanting to come in, and that she really wants to go back to sleep. She insists I go and let her in, and I’m thinking to myself, Ohhh No, this sounds all too familiar… I reassure her, peek out the window, nothing. Maybe she was dreaming, and really tired and mistook it as her room mate.

After that incident I head back into my unit. Sit, eat a snack, chat with my head nurse, talk with my usual insomniacs, mind you it’s around 3ish am now. Light goes off, and in my unit. Also, this unit has no outbound lines at all. I head down to her hall, and ask if all is ok. My lady says she can’t sleep, someone keeps banging on her window and she is scared. I pretty much about crapped myself at this point. I again reassure my lady thinking, what just happened. I tell my nurse and she laughs and said, this has been happening for years. Great.

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