48 Waiters Share The Most Cringeworthy Dates They’ve Ever Witnessed

20. “I Don’t Like To Share”

I was a waitress at a Japanese restaurant and this young high school couple comes in. The boy had been there many times before he and his family were fairly regular at the place. It was pretty obvious that it was her first time to our establishment/sushi Japanese cuisine restaurant. He I think was trying to be smooth and said he would handle the ordering. He gets a tempura appetizer and he has her try the first bite and we were in the Southwest area of the country and I overheard the girl say something about the wasabi looking like guacamole. He told her to have some of that to cleanse the pallet. Didn’t tell her that only a very small amount was necessary and she got a tempura sweet potato slice and dipped it like you would a tortilla chip into guacamole. I’m kind of waiting for him to say something that she doesn’t want/need that much. He doesn’t.

She bites into it and nearly turns fire truck red in the face from the burn. She drains her water trying to cool down her mouth, and runs out of that and reaches for his glass and he says he doesn’t like sharing things and that he will try and get my attention for more water. I bring her a small glass of milk and water. All the while he is checking his facebook/texts while his date is feeling like someone just lit a match in her throat.

21. “Never Ever Get Married”

When I was in college I waited tables in at restaurant that mainly serves chicken wings. A family of four walks in and the husband looks like a beaten man. Eyes down and slumped shoulders. The wife and kids order. When it’s his turn he asks his wife’s permission before ordering everything. “Can I have a Coke? Can I have 15 wings?” I kinda laugh thinking they are joking. Finally after ordering he finally looks up and asks me if I was married. I replied that I wasn’t and kinda laugh again thinking the he’s going to make a joke. The man looked at me with his dead eyes and monotone vice and said, “Never ever get married.”

I looked at him for a second expecting some sort of laugh or reaction from him out his family, but didn’t get a reaction from the wife. I got up and out their order in and watched the sad man eat his meal with no any interaction with his family.

22. The Cheapest Couple To Ever Live

An Indian couple, not sure what date it was, but the man brought two twenty dollar off vouchers that were one per table, to get around this the two sat at separate tables.

They also kept their bill under twenty dollars and he was on his phone the entire time even though that were sat next to each other at separate but close tables.

23. This Is So Sad

Sad date.

Couple’s anniversary and the guy wouldn’t keep up any conversation with his girlfriend. He was glued onto his phone the entire time.

I watched her mood go from excited (I guess she thought he had a gift for her, since she had for him), to this sad girl picking at her food with her fork for the rest of the “date.”

24. The Magician

Not sure you can count this as a date but here it goes.

It was a woman in her upper 20s and an older guy in his 50s. I never really saw the two talk and all the conversation was revolving around myself although I never started a conversation with them.

Each time I came to the table the woman asked me what the most alcoholic drink was (cocktail the first time, martini the second, and beer the third) and subsequently ordered what I told her. She was obviously using this dude for a good meal and needed to get VERY liquored up.

Meanwhile the man was just awkwardly sitting there, sipping on his one whiskey drink the whole time either oblivious to what the woman was doing or just welcoming the idea so he could get lucky?

Here’s the kicker – he started performing magic tricks at the table sometime towards the end of the meal and when the woman went to go to the bathroom he gave me a playing card and told me to say that I found it in the book somehow.

I obliged because he said it would merit me a solid tip, but when I acted out my part she didn’t believe me and called him a liar.

Yeah that was awkward.


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