49 Deeply Creepy Tales Of The Paranormal To Read If You Don’t Want To Sleep Tonight

So I told him to go ahead and he looked at me and said:

“There is an older gentleman behind you, tall and thin. White button down shirt, khaki slacks, glasses. A little bit of stubble, very strong jaw. He’s been with you since you came in here, and he wants me to tell you “its ok.” He is very insistent and really wanted me to tell you. He wanted you to know it was ok.”

I pulled a photo of him and my grandmother (at a younger age, but still very much themselves) out of my wallet and asked him if thats who he saw. He went white, looked over my shoulder and back to the photo, and said “…yes.”

Holy. Fucking. Shit. Onions, onions everywhere. He told me that my grandfather was around me often and protected me.

30. Fulfilling Your Own Dream

When I was young, I’d have a reoccurring dream. The dream had no real story behind it, it was just odd little clips of my life so far. The dream always ended the same way. It would just kinda fade to black and I’d hear voices. One saying “I just had the weirdest dream”. And a female voice would reply “what about?” The first voice would then go on talking and at that point I’d wake up.

So about 8 months ago, at least 30 years later I had the dream again. It was the weirdest thing. I could remember all those little clips, most of which I had long since forgot about. I felt this overwhelming joy to be recalling all those lost childhood memories. The feeling was so intense, it was like being so happy I could cry (never felt that before). But the end of the dream was different this time. And this is the gods honest truth… Instead of fading to black and hearing the voices, I just woke up…I was laying there feeling confused about the dream. Was this the same dream I’d had when I was little? I rustled my wife from her sleep and said “I just had the weirdest dream.” She replied “What about?”

I was wide awake, playing out the ending of the childhood dream. No shit, everything I said to her over the next minute or two to describe the dream was actually as I had heard it when having the dream back when I was 8 or 10. It was like this hardcore case of déjà vu. I have déjà vu from time to time and I think it’s cool, but this blew my mind.

The next morning after the dream and I was already starting to question myself about whether I actually had those dreams when I was young, or was it something my dream invented. But if I did have them, was I somehow peering into the future??

I’m all about logic and science. I don’t believe in ghosts, the supernatural or even god for that matter (sorry mom) . I believe there’s an answer for everything, but I’ll be damned I have an inkling to what this is was about.

31. Walking Home From School

It was in my first year at University, completely new to the city and its surroundings. One evening, my friend and I decided to take a trip to the mall. It was 8 pm and we got on a bus that my friend claimed would take us to the mall.

We ended up at an empty bus terminal and it was around 10 at that time. We waited and waited for another bus back and there was no one there but us. Awhile later, an old man walked by and told us that since its so late, another bus won’t be coming for an hour or so. He told us to turn and walk down the road and we’ll find a bus stop in the middle where a bus will soon come.

We followed his instructions and entered this single lane road with tall trees on each side. There were only a few street lamps working so the area was dimly lit. The road was sort of built on a slant – our bus stop was in middle, so we could see all the way up the road and down the road, and it was a single lane road. All we could see was the road and trees on either side for at least half a km on each side.

Anyways, so we’re waiting and waiting. My phone battery died and my friend had forgotten hers in her dorm room. We were starting to think there won’t be any bus coming and started to panic.

Then, as we were waiting, I turned around to see two kids with backpacks walking down the road. I was relieved to see them and so was my friend. When they were close by, I asked them if they knew about any buses coming. There were two kids, maybe around 12-13, one was a boy and other was a girl, both had backpacks. Here is our conversation (not exact, but close):

Me: Hey! Do you know if there are any buses coming?
Boy: Let me check takes phone out, walks towards the bus stop sign, ( but its empty and doesn’t say the timing nor the stop number, just a picture of a bus – I knew this from before)
Me: The timings aren’t there and there’s no number to text either, I’ve looked at it before.
Boy: still looking at phone Oh its okay, your bus will be here in 10 minutes I think.

Meanwhile, during this conversation, my friend started talking to the girl:

Girl: Where are you guys from?
Friend: We just started University here, what about you?
Girl: Oh, we’re in school and we’re just going back home from school.
Friend: Oh okay.

After the boy told me that the bus would be here in 10 minutes, I turned my head to tell my friend this, turned my head back to thank the boy and he was gone. Gone. The girl and the boy were nowhere to be seen. I literally probably looked away for a second MAX.


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