36 Married Women Share The Exact Moment They Knew Their Man Was ‘The One’

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via twenty20/evawaltz

1. When Being Driven Up The Wall No Longer Mattered

I asked my wife. This is her response. “When you drove me up the wall everyday and I still couldn’t get you out of my head. I don’t know it just felt right. What are other people saying? Oo he was so romantic. What are you doing? Are you just typing everything I’m saying? Omg thats weird stop”. She has now walked away and started doing the dishes.

2. He Always Tried To Figure Out What I Really Wanted

There were no head games. He always called when he said he would, and said what he meant. Everything was so easy and comfortable. That might sound boring, but having been in relationships where I was always trying to figure out what the other person really wanted, this was so refreshing. He always made me feel sure of us, and that was huge.

3. Knew It Was Forever At Age 16

People think I’m stupid but 3 months in. I was 16, he was 17. He told me he loved me and I knew I was going to be with him forever. My mom told me it was puppy love. He went to college the next year 200 miles away and everyone taunted me saying he was going to be cheating on me with college girls. I knew he wasn’t out cheating on me because we were playing World of Warcraft together every night. We stayed long distance for a year until I graduated high school. I packed up everything I had and $2000 cash I’d saved and moved 200 miles away from home to be with him. My parents still said “You’ll be back in a month.” I worked as a fast food shift manager and he went to school and we lived together for three years. We got married when he graduated. I was 21, he was 22. Everyone who ever told me “it will never last” got a wedding invitation. Haha. We just celebrated our third wedding anniversary and eight years of companionship.

4. He Was The Only One Who Could Keep My Interest

I was a notorious serial dater before I met my husband (we’ll call him Orange) no one could keep my interest for more than a few months. So one day, he comes into the store I work at, asks me to help him pick out a lizard, and the rest is history as they say.

Well, we went on a first date that was very low key and sweet, then went on an equally sweet second date. The night before our third date, I ended up extremely sick- like, hospital for 3 weeks, 4 different surgeries kinda sick. (I had an infection in my neck from strep throat that they had to drain by cutting open my neck, sticking needles in there, and then putting some kind of drain tube.) I let Orange know what was up, thinking he’d end things, but instead he came to see me every single day after work. Sweet talked the nurses into letting him stay late, met my entire family and cleaned up the leaking nastiness from my neck.

After I’d been there about a week, Orange comes in to find me crying. I was all embarrassed and self conscious of the giant scar on the side of my neck. Orange took my hand, lovingly looked into my eyes, and said “I can’t wait to tell all my friends that my girlfriend got stabbed in the neck in a bar fight.” And that’s how I fell in love with my husband and knew he was the one.

5. I Knew When My Kids Knew

About a year into the relationship, we agreed to have a five year long engagement due to the fact that I had 4 teens and he had no kids.

I just couldn’t imagine a 2nd marriage being much fun for him to change his entire lifestyle like that. I didn’t want my kids to share my home with someone they hadn’t known very long as they were having issues with their new step mom.

Then, last year, all my kids started talking with my fiance about when we were getting married. It started with jokes and light hearted discussion. Then all of them looked at me and said that I was the only one who was holding it all up.

I said, “You guys are all on the same page with this? You’re all ready to move in together?” They said, “We’re begging you, mom.”

My fiance’ looked at me and smiled. He said, “How about this October?”

I knew. It was right. I had to be hit with a brick to believe it, but it was really nice to have no doubt.

6. Three Months In

I also knew after 3 months which is when he proposed. We were sophomores in college at the time. We were married 2 weeks after graduation. At which point we moved to Virginia and my husband started grad school and worked at the local animal shelter (great use of the BA in Russian). We will have been married 23 years this May.

We met in a Calculus class that I wasn’t required to take. I was just proving to myself that my high school trig teacher was an idiot.

7. When He Rubbed My Tummy

About a year into dating, I had food poisoning on his birthday. We were staying at a bed and breakfast and I spent the whole night running to the toilet every five minutes. He finally fell asleep around 2am, but would rub my tummy while he slept, subconsciously trying to make me feel better.

8. I Knew Within Two Weeks

It’s going to sound daft but I knew within 2 weeks of us getting together, I’d very recently come out of an abusive relationship and he was so loving, kind, gentle and protective of me (but not in the psycho way my ex had been) he stuck it out with me through the panic attacks, the threats from my ex, the way that I flinched if he moved too fast, my general anxiety and nervousness. He gave me the courage to speak for myself, and now I can honestly say that I am well :)

9. When I Got Terribly Sick He Insisted On Being There

Three months into dating this really great guy, I had to leave the city to see my family in a different part of the country for celebrating the Indian Christmas that is Diwali.

I had already been feeling somewhat sick since a few weeks but when I landed in my hometown, I could barely stand up. I was taken to the doctor, tests were done and bam! I had kidney failure. In my mind I had already imagined that this new great guy was now out of my life. I mean who’d want to deal with the shit of a chronic illness.

Before I closed my eyes because of my blood pressure being 220/120, I sent him a text. I had no balance to call him, shit. He called me back and I told him that I had no idea I had kidney failure.

His reaction? He immediately wanted to fly to my hometown and see me. Did I tell you he was a white guy in India? And that my whole life I had never had a boy in my house. Well, because it’s normal in India and dating is not a decent concept. Of course I tell him, no. No, you great white guy, you can’t visit my orthodox family’s house and family.

I closed my eyes. After a deep sleep when I opened them, there he is. He has managed to sneak into my parents’ house with the help of my elder sister. My mom is told he is her colleague (somewhat believable as my sister worked in Europe and US before). But my mom is not stupid. I am taken to the ICU, my white guy and my brown family all join me. I pass out. But before passing out, I knew this was the man I would marry.

10. Whenever I Pictured The Future He Was Always There

My husband and I started dating in high school. Neither of us really had a desire to get married (both of us are the stereotypical ‘children of divorce’). I was trying to decide what I was going to do with my life, and I noticed whatever scenario I pictured, he was a part of it.

We’ll have been married for 22 years this summer.

11. I Knew The Week I Met Him That He Was The One

I knew I wanted to be with him the week I met him (circa 2003). I didn’t believe we’d actually get married until it was happening (2015).

But we were dating for about 3 years and then he moved in with me in 2010. At that point we were definitely together for the long haul even though we hadn’t made it legal. I became absolutely sure of that after we got engaged (2013) and then discovered that I need a transplant. He’s been with me no matter what and got mad when I offered him the ring back.

It wasn’t a big realization of oh my god, he’s THE ONE but more of a gradual accumulation of little reasons that developed into one huge mountain of ‘if I let this one get away I’ll never forgive myself because he’s amazing’.

12. I Had A Feeling Before We Even Met

I called a mutual friend on my way to meet him for our first date (we met online, but had talked on the phone and seems pics of each other) and I told my friend… “I have this very strange feeling right now. I’m going to marry this guy.” We’ve been together now over over 11.5 years and married for 7.5. That was a really really weird, scary feeling. My intuition was right.

13. I Can’t Explain It But It Just Felt Right

Before I had met my husband I had been in another relationship, my first love (at 17) and he would always say to me we are going to get married, kid’s the whole lot, but I knew that I wouldn’t. Even though I was in love with him, it just didn’t feel it would go the distance at that stage in my life. But when I met my husband I knew within the first weekend of us meeting.

The night we met it was just meant to be a one night stand, I was instantly attracted to him and wanted to jump him the moment I saw him. So we went back to mine and just ended up talking for around 12 hrs I kid you not. I felt like I had know him my whole life, he just got me and me him.

When we did kiss it was the most turned on and beautiful feeling like I had found my true match (honestly I am not a soppy kind of girl). I felt so at ease with him and comfortable in my own skin around him, and the sex was just unbelievable. I can’t explain it, it just made sense.

14. When We Made Homemade Ice Cream Together

It was Columbus Day 2013. We had only been dating for about two months but has known each other for three years. I had held a torch for him that whole time. He finally asked me out my senior year while he was off at college. Because it was Columbus Day and neither of us had classes, I made an impromptu trip to visit him. It was the first time since starting to date that we got to spend the entire day together. After a few hours of driving around town aimlessly and not finding anything to do while out and about, I suggested we try to do something neither of us had done before. We brainstormed for a while and ended up deciding to make homemade ice cream. We went to Target and picked up all of the necessary ingredients and headed back to his dorm.

When we got there, we loaded up a bucket with ice and went about preparing the ice cream with no measuring utensils aside from a plastic spoon because we didn’t think ahead. Together we tried to eyeball the correct measurements. We were so bad at it that it was silly and ridiculous and so much fun. Eventually we got everything together in our individual bags and so we sealed them up and placed them in a gallon bag with ice and salt to begin the mixing.

We were sitting on the floor across from each other and everything was going smoothly until the freezing cold of the bags finally caught up with us so we decided to wrap them towels to make them easier to handle. We thought this was a brilliant solution and right as we were complimenting ourselves, I squeezed a little too hard in the wrong place and my bag full of ice, salt, and water gushed all over the floor. We both immediately started laughing until we realized the water was headed towards his roommate’s most prized possession-his electric guitar.

Suddenly we both started panicking and trying to stop the flow before it caused any damage. We barely got there in time and decided it might be time to just let the ice cream mixture finish setting in the freezer. He eventually ended up accidentally dropping both towels in the toilet which was just another hilarious thing that happened that day. After we cleaned everything up, we sat down to try our ice cream. It turned out really great and we were both pleasantly surprised.

As we sat there eating, I looked over at him and thought about how I didn’t want this day to end. It was one of the happiest and best days of my life and we didn’t really do anything aside from spending time with each other. That was the day I realized I truly loved this man and wanted to spend the rest of my life just being with him. We got married this last September and I couldn’t be happier.

15. When We Went On Vacation Together

We started dating when we were 16, and stayed together even though we went to colleges which were 3 hours apart.

For me the moment I knew he was absolutely the one for me came a year into college, when we went on vacation go another city by ourselves for the first time. There is something awesome about exploring a new place and just being with one another.

Now we’ve been married for a year and are moving into our first house tomorrow!

16. Because He Put Me To Sleep In A Good Way

Well since I was little it was nearly impossible for me to fall asleep unless I was exhausted. And it just got worse through the years. I’d sleep maybe four hours a night and sometimes just skip nights all together. My husband wasn’t even my boyfriend at the time,he’d just been my friend for years but we never hung out. But anyways id go over to his house and we’d sit on his couch watching a movie and I’d fall asleep. He’d just let me sleep and continue watching the movie. I was very confused because I never fell asleep that easily, but I was just so relaxed with him and I’ve always felt safe. I still fall asleep when we watch movies or shows even if it’s one I really love. If my head goes on his shoulder I’m out. It’s awesome. Though now that we’ve been together so long I don’t have trouble falling asleep.
He’s my best friend, and understands me better than anyone.

17. She Was The First To Know Every Layer Of Me

I’m a married woman, but I’ve never been with a guy. My wife and I had been together about 8 months when I knew I wanted to marry her. I had never with anyone else had the kind of connection I have with her. When I explain to what degree I let people into my life I use the layers of the Earth, and she’s the only person ever to make it to the inner core,and I’m the same for her. We don’t have some romantic proposal story or anything, but we both knew we wanted to marry about the same time and actually ended up proposing to each other in the car as we were discussing marriage equality (which was still a few years away from being recognized nationally). So the point we both knew we were going to get married was when a state close enough to us legalized it, but the point we knew we wanted to marry was when we both realized we were connected to our inner cores, the deepest possible connection imaginable.

18. He Didn’t Care That I Felt Broken

Not married yet, but for us it was the plan from before even the first date.

I had some many issues with men/people in general at that time in my life, so when he made his interest in me more obvious I dumped on him one night. I told him every horrible thing about me that I thought would scare him away in a Steam chat. Every negative quality I have; Trust issues, depression, high strung, etc. etc. etc.. I asked him if he would still even want someone as broken as me. He said yes. Then I told him that, if we were going to do this, that I want to get married and have kids. I said I had zero interest in a fling or anything that wouldn’t be for the absolute long term. He said he was fine with that, and echoed my desire to have kids. Well then.

Five years later we’re no longer messaging each other sweet nothings over Steam, but instead own a house together and have two furbabies with a plan for human ones starting this year. There’s no wedding date yet, we’re going to have kids first and then play it by ear, but he proposed last year and I have a ring on my left hand proudly displaying his name (He has one with my name too).

19. I Knew When Our First Date Lasted 40 Hours

I’d like to tell you that it was about 6 months in when we exchanged ILYs for the first time, but in reality I knew when our first date lasted 40 hours.

20. Three Or Four Months In, I Knew

About three-four months in. Pretty soon I know, but we’d been through a lot together in that short time, and the way he helped me through pretty much solidified it, for both of us. We were engaged after 5 months, and moved in together at 7 1/2 months. We had a four year engagement though, so our families didn’t think we were rushing into anything, and finally got married last June. We couldn’t be happier.

21. The Day After I Met Him

I knew I wanted to the day after I met him, I knew I was going to two weeks later. Twenty six years later we are still glad we did.

22. We Were Best Friends 

Initially? Six months or so into the relationship. We were best friends and so happy together. We had faced a few bumps, but got through them together and I just knew I wanted to be with him forever.

For sure? A month or two before I proposed. That was when it became “real.” I knew it was going to happen though because I could never answer “Am I really sure about this?” with anything other than yes.

23. When We Went To Prom Together

I actually had a hunch before we started dating that we would end up married.

It all started when I went into work and my boss asked if I had anyone to go to prom with. I replied no, and then all of the sudden she’s introducing me to this lady who is asking me to go to prom with her son. Weird.

The next day I figured out that I actually had a lot of classes with him and chatted with him on a few occasions. I ended up making him a chocolate (worked at a chocolate shop) asking him to prom. I kind of thought that the way this started was really strange, but funny, and it’s the type of the thing that there has to be a good ending if it started this way.

So anyways, we go to prom had a great night. We started dating a week after that, and ended up hanging out every day of the summer. In August I knew that we were going to end up married and I knew he was thinking the same because he said something along the lines of “if we got married and you took my last name your name would sound like a marvel character’s name.”

Engaged in April, married the year after that in July, and now we’ve been married a year and a half.

24. On Our Third Date

On our third date my now husband said to me, “I’m gonna marry you some day.” That would have really freaked me out if it had been anyone I dated in the past, but it made me really happy.

25. We Played In The Same Rec League

The second time I met him – he was a friend of a friend and on the same Rec League team. We ended up sitting across from one another at the after game bar and talking all night – and we were on the same page with EVERYTHING – kids (no), finances, what we wanted out of life.

We were both in bad relationships at the time, but ended up living together 3 months later. Sounds fast, right? This year we’ll celebrate 15 years of marriage and 20 years together. He’s the smartest, funniest, kindest man I’ve ever met and I’m lucky to have him!

26. Seventh Grade, Literally

My husband and I are 25. We’ve been married for three years, but dated for 10 year before that. We were 7th grade sweethearts. I knew sometime in high school we’d get married. We experienced just about everything, aside from childhood together. We both grew up in a very conservative town with ultra conservative families. We both went to college and transitioned into starkly different, progressive people. Yet, we both evolved together. There are few other things in life I’d refer to as “meant to be,” but I think me and my hubby definitely fall into that category.

27. It Just Sort Of Happened

I never dated my husband. We were good friends in college, hooked up once or twice, and worked on a few projects together, but were never a couple. After college I broke up with a guy I had been dating so took a trip to visit my friend. Before I left he said “we should get married” and I was like “yeah, that isn’t a bad idea.”

12 years later, and no regrets.

28. When Him Getting Under My Skin Became Cute

When he could get under my skin so easily but I found it weirdly cute I knew he would be the one I would marry…that and I could fart freely in front of him (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

29. We Just Talked It Out

Before I agreed to date my now husband, I told him I was looking for a real commitment because I had a baby and I wasn’t going to waste time on flings anymore. So we talked about our life goals and everything matched up. Within 5 months he moved in, and 2 years later we married. So I guess the first day?

30. When He Didn’t Care That I’d Destroyed A Piece Of His Childhood

It was very early on that I knew he was it for me. The confirmation came during our first holiday season together. I was a single mom to 2 and 5 year old kids, having survived a bad marriage with a narcissistic guy who left me for another woman when the youngest was an infant.

He was a 32-year-old bachelor, no kids, living the geek life.

He brought his childhood ornaments to my house to put on our tree, we all decorated it together. The next day, I heard a crash and find the 2 year old next to the toppled tree, decorations littering the floor. After we righted the tree I felt a knot in my stomach as I surveyed the damage.

I called him and started to explain, sure he would be pissed. He interrupted me, and his voice was shaking. He asked if my kid was ok, he wasn’t worried about the ornaments, just about us.

We’ve been married 15 years now, and every Christmas we hang a few broken decorations on our tree. He still puts the well being of our family above everything else.

31. I Didn’t Even Remember The Drive Home After Our First Date

We quoted Blade Runner lines to each other through email after our second date, the one about something burning twice as bright lasting half as long, as we were very passionate and that was a very real possibility. I wasn’t worried, though. The day I met him I felt a calm sort of warmth that was nothing like I had ever felt for anyone before him. It felt like fate and I don’t remember the drive home. I walked around in a daze after that.

32. Something In Me Recognized Something In Him

I talked to my husband online for several months before we went on an actual date. I worked with his cousin and we had both gone to the movies with a big group of people and that’s how I met him originally in 2007.

We finally had our date in July of 2008 (ice cream and a movie) and I just knew. Something in me recognized something in him and said, “Oh. There you are.” It wasn’t love at first, just recognition that he was it. My favorite thing to do is laugh and he made me smile.

We’ve been married for over 6 years now and he still makes me laugh every day.

33. When He Borrowed My Chapstick

I knew before we started dating, which is, I guess, kind of weird. We became good friends a few months after we met. We joked around a lot, did silly things, and looking back, it was definitely flirting. One day, he was asking everyone if they had any chapstick. I let him know I did, and he said, “I would marry you if you let me borrow that.” In my head, I thought, I’d be ok with that. And at that moment I had to reassess everything. And I knew that I really was ok with that, and that I could spend the rest of my life with him. All from a very silly comment. 5 years later we were married. I had dated other people, but never felt sure. My aunt told me, “Oh, you’ll meet someone one day, and you’ll just know.” I never believed her until I met my husband.

34. High School Sweethearts Reunited

Pretty soon after we began talking again after reconnecting as adults. We went to high school together. He was in the grade after me. We dated, briefly, in high school and he was a complete pain in the ass the entire time. I couldn’t stand him then and yet I couldn’t stop from wanting to be around him. I always looked for his bright yellow jeep in the school parking lot every morning. Looked for him in the band hall when that class started. I probably should have guessed then that we weren’t done.

Roughly 10 years after I graduated we reconnected and discovered that we had MUCH more in common as adults than as young adults. I knew pretty quickly that there must have been some reason we had zero contact for a decade and yet came back together at just that point in time with so much in common… Call me silly, but I think some things happen for a reason. I had just left a very long relationship with someone I thought I’d be with forever (we’d been together 6 years). It happened relatively quickly that I was fallen out of love with by my ex. But I think he did because my true mate was finally ready to start the journey with me.

35. He Helped Little Old Ladies

A few months into dating my husband we were shopping at a local grocery store. An older lady was trying to reach an item on the top shelf and my guy helped her out (he isn’t very tall either, but he also wasn’t as old and frail).

I told him jokingly at the time that if the store had a Vegas style quick chapel I would marry him on the spot!

36. When I Had Kidney Failure

When I was 19, I got horribly ill and was rushed to the ER. My now-husband and I had been together for about a year at that point. Anyway, the hospital I was at was notorious for being god-awful, and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong with me. Finally, after a week of passing out, throwing up if I tried to sit up, and literally nearly dying a couple of times, they determined I had a nasty kidney infection that had spread to my gallbladder.

The whole time I was in the hospital, my then-boyfriend drove an hour to see me after his shift and spent as much time with me as he could every day. He helped clean up my vomit because the nurses were too busy. He carried me to the car after I was released because the hospital couldn’t be bothered to get me a wheelchair. He stayed with me when I went to a (much better) hospital to have my gallbladder removed a week later, and cared for me after my surgery. I very quickly realized that I didn’t want to let this one go, even though we were both just kids.

We got married at 24 and are both now 27. I have a tendency to get deathly ill when I do get sick, and every time he shows the same kindness and care that he did when that hospital nearly killed me. Couldn’t ask for anyone better. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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