It’s Not Just The Wind: 12 Times A Pet Sensed A Paranormal Presence Before Its Owner Did


1. Dogs Sensing An Unnatural Presence

Haywood was lying at my feet and began to growl. Tuscon went and hid behind the stereo in the corner. As Haywood stood up, I felt a gust of cold air brush past me, and he continued to growl. He moved to the top of the stairs that led into the family room, and the hair on the back of his neck stood up as he growled and snarled into the dark basement.

I feared that someone had broken into the house. I turned on the downstairs light as I stood directly behind Haywood, ready to let him run and attack whoever it was in the basement. I saw nothing, yet he continued to growl. I stayed on the phone and went across the room and pulled into the corner, scared to death. My boyfriend at the time was consoling me, telling me there was nothing there. At that moment, a little girl’s voice came from the vent in the floor next to me. Haywood came and sat beside me as though he was protecting me, growling across the room the whole time. By the time my parents returned home, I was very upset and very scared as the voice continued.

2. I Could Hear It But Only They Could See It

I, with my cat and dog curled up for warmth, sat on a heater vent wrapped in a blanket. I was in the living room with a perfect view of the entryway. From here I heard some footsteps upstairs. The cat’s and dog’s ears both perked up at the sound of the footsteps as they seemed to go down the hall toward the top of the spiraling staircase in the entryway. Both animals watched some invisible presence slowly walk down the stairs and through the living room then into the dining room. I, quite apprehensively, looked between both my cat’s and my dog’s ears as their heads and eyes seemed to follow someone walking though my house. Both animals’ heads moved in tandem and the acted very much aware of the presence. Yet I could sense nothing aside from the sound of steps and the reaction of the animals. I was somewhat disappointed.

3. The Closet

I grew up in a haunted house, where we had 4 cats and 2 dogs. One of the first things we noticed was that all 4 cats would wind and rub on the closet in the living room, like a cat will rub on their owner when they are feeding them. Our dogs would also sit at attention outside the closet, but not as often as the cats would.

When we finally spoke to the previous home owner regarding the other odd things that were happening (perfume, seeing figures, etc) she mentioned that her dog and birds had all acted weird around that closet to the point where she was creeped out to even use it. We never found out why that area was so attractive to our pets, but when we remodeled we found some old coins and a pendant in the wall (that portion of the home was built in 1900 and was insulated with old Scandinavian newspapers. We actually found quite a few cool things in the walls). Shortly after that the animals lost interest in the closet and much of the other haunting activity also calmed down so I assume it had something to do with those objects.

4. She Wasn’t There But We Both Heard Her

I was visiting my cousin’s once and was home alone. Her husband drives an ambulance so he was gone and she was at work as a teacher’s assistant. Her husky was outside in the yard so it was just me and the beagle(dog) in the house. I was watching TV in a chair about five-six feet in front of the tv. To my right is a couch against the wall where the dog was sitting. It’s a little bit in front of the chair I was sitting in so I can see the dog next to me. The TV was turned down low because I couldn’t find the clicker to turn it up. All of the sudden, I hear my cousin call my name from the kitchen (behind me.) It was a very loud and very distinct ‘Becky!’ It was also her voice. The dog jumped up and looked over toward the sound with her tail wagging. I guess because she thought her ‘mama’ was home. I was so convinced it was my cousin that I got up and went looking for her to see why she was home from work so early. She wasn’t. The only thing that keeps me from thinking it was my imagination was that the dog heard it too.

5. The Orb

A couple of nights ago my one year old schnauzer awoke at about 2am, hopped out of bed, gazed up at an empty space on my bedroom wall.  This is a wall with no windows.  There are decor objects on the wall.  However, Oz was staring at a large empty spot.  He then began to growl, bark, and back up.  He never took his eyes of this spot.  I got out of bed, sat on the floor and comforted him.  It was difficult to get his attention.  When I stopped petting him he went right back to looking at the spot about midway up the wall, and barking and growling.  My 10 year old schnauzer didn’t lift his head.  Neither of my dogs have ever done this before.

I wondered at the time if he saw a ghost.

Then tonight (two days later) about 8pm I was working on my laptop.  I noticed all evening my young dog, Oz, seemed restless.  He normally rests comfortably in his soft basket at my side.  But he would not stay there.  Instead, he went in the hallway where the stairs and other rooms meet, and just looked down the hall, and was very watchful to the stairs and other rooms.  He lay down for a little while, but then got up and looked uneasy.  It finally really got my attention from the computer and I started to watch him to see what was bothering him.  He then jumped up from the floor and backed up a little, and I SAW, on the wood floor in front of him, a bright white light or glow appear. It was diffused looking or muted at the edges, and was the size of a small tea saucer, with another smaller roundish light with it, overlapping.  It was brighter than the light that would come from my flashlights, and intense, but not as intense as a laser style light.  He was there for a moment, then moved around just a little in the same space, kinda of wiggling, then was gone.  I said to my dog, “I saw it too, Oz.”, and my dog seemed to calm down.

I did not, however, calm down.  So I grabbed Oz, and my resting older dog who again didn’t seem to be alarmed, and left the house.  Before I left, I tried to consider how a light could shine on my hall floor from outside.  Couldn’t think of a way.

After I gathered a friend, we came back to investigate.  We tried to make a light shine on the spot from every possible angle from outside.  We could not get a light to shine there.

6. A Dog Seemingly Scared Of Nothing

Last night my dog really gave me the creeps. Normally, he barks at ANYTHING, I’m pretty sure even the wind (so if he was barking, it wouldn’t have bothered me). But last night as I was about to go to bed (he sleeps at the end), he suddenly jumped up and bolted for the  bedroom door and whined to get out. So I’m thinking maybe he has to go outside, but no, he doesn’t. So I brought him back into my room and he started shaking. I was holding him trying to calm him down and he just stared up towards the ceiling, never looking back at me no matter how many times I would talk to him. Then his head would suddenly jerk around like he was following something around the room (but it would be in random spots, first right in front of us, then all the way to the right, in front again, suddenly behind us, etc..the creepiest part!!).

Finally he was getting too fidgety for me to hold and bolted for the door again. I went out to the living room with him and he was fine, even falling asleep…but a couple minutes later he was back to doing the same thing and bolted out to go to my brother’s room. So we stayed in there for a little while, and he was back to being okay but then went under the bed and wouldn’t come out.

It was just really weird.. he’s bolted out of rooms like that before, but I’ve just chalked it up to him being hyper or something. I’ve never actually sat with him in a room he’s bolted out of before now

And he doesn’t bother with noises very often because we have a bunch of cats who make noise (soft and loud) throughout the night and he normally doesn’t give noises a second thought…if anything at all, he’ll bark or growl at where it’s coming from ..not run away, which makes me think it was more like sight.  He’s never been scared of a noise before so I don’t think its mice in the walls or ceiling.

He never gets scared.. the only time I’ve ever seen him scared is when he realizes he’s at the vet.

7. Cats Interacting With An Invisible Hand

I think animals do see some things that we can’t, for whatever reason. . .I’ve seen my one cat go on as if he were being petted (doing the head butt and rubbing against something I didn’t see).  While, my other one, who is not as outgoing as the first one and hates any type of attention, tends to turn and hiss at something unseen, as well as lay out a few well aimed (I guess) swats.

We can’t explain why some people see ghosts and others don’t. . .apparently it doesn’t have much to do with the way our eyes work. . .so it must be something else. . . And, maybe its the same with animals. . .maybe some dogs and cats can see things that other dogs and cats can’t. My mom rescues cats, and she’s got a few in her house (which has been determined to be haunted after quite a number of strange occurrences. . .although my mom is skeptical about that type of thing) and only a couple of her cats seem to acknowledge anything being around. . .or maybe its because the other ones just don’t care. It seems to be the more “outgoing” cats that display the odd behaviour. Hers does the same thing that mine does, acts as if its being petted and/or played with by something we can’t see.

8. “She Was Looking At Something She Feared”

My dog, now deceased, was very intelligent. We used to walk her in a huge park across from our subdivision. She loved the park, but there was one area, about an acre large, that she absolutely would not enter. She stopped like she had hit a brick wall and acted as if she was looking at something or things invisible to us. This went on for as long as we went there, no matter which direction I would try to enter that area from. She acted scared to death and never once entered there. She did not act as if she was hearing or smelling something bad, it really seemed that she was looking at something she feared.

Last week, I as almost asleep. I was dimly aware of 2 male voices discussing something in the corner of the room on the ceiling. I don’t play radios or tv’s and live in a part of the subdivision that is distant from the other homes, so rule those sources out. I suddenly realized that I was not dreaming them and snapped awake, hitting the light immediately, a touch lamp that comes on in a second. The voices immediately stopped. Now the scary part. My cat was looking at the same exact spot that I heard the voices emanating from. He was scared stiff and continued to stare at the spot for several minutes.

9. She Let Out A Low Growl

I was a very small child living in what was then the country. I was most likely about 3-4 years old. My parents and older siblings came home at night from the store. I ran out into the front yard to greet them, along with our hound dog and the sister that was babysitting me. Everyone was getting groceries out of the car and talking and laughing. I was about 10 feet away with our dog.

Suddenly the dog, Sandy, let out a low growl and looked at the sky. I saw a greenish blue orb, about the size of a basketball and floating towards us about 12-15 feet off of the ground. I yelled at the others to look at the blue light. The older kids and adults could not see it, only I and the dog could. The others just laughed at me. The globe did not stop, it glided on by and we went in the house. I practically forgot about the incident until about 30 some years later, I was watching a TV show about the supernatural and they said that spirits often take the form of blue or greenish blue orbs.

10. Something Ran Through The Wall

Once I spent a night with some buddy’s at this fishing camp in Texas and we took my big old pit bull with us,He was a friendly dog and loved everyone,and never showed any kind of aggression to any one or any thing the big old guy loved to play with our two cats and would let them sleep with him in his own bed and eat out the same bowl.

Well, anyway, we were out at the cabin and he was laying across my feet and was hogging the blanket when all of the sudden he jumped up and started to stare at the wall in the hallway as if he was looking at something turning his head as if he was following something with his eyes and head, he jumped at what ever it was slamming himself into the wall and followed it all the way to the door.

Then he came back, grabbed my arm with his mouth, and pulled me towards the hall. Being freaked out as I was with the hair on my neck standing straight up I let him lead me to where he wanted me to go and for a brief moment I swear I saw something go through the wall and disappear I ran back to where I was resting and threw the blanket over me and before the blanket covered my head he was under there with me with his tail tucked between his legs. Mind you this dog chased a bear one day and was quite brave and whatever we saw scared the both of us.

Yes, I do think that animals such as cats and dogs can see spirits and that they will warn or alert you to such presents.

11. The Death Of Friend

In 1976, a friend of mine stopped by to tell me he was off to Bandera Mountain for the day, just wanted some time to himself.  I thought he was acting a little strangely and asked him what he was going to do there, and he said, just hang out, do some shooting.  He seemed really nervous and awkward but I didn’t question what he said.  We’d go out there to target shoot now and then and I didn’t think anything of it.

A few hours later I was sitting at the kitchen table when my dog got restless and we both heard noises come through the house, creaks and pops in a trail from the front room through the kitchen past us at the table and out through the wall.  I didn’t see anything, but the dog seemed to be watching something go through that route.  Made me and the dog feel very strange.  The sounds were the sounds the house would make if someone walked through, but there weren’t any footsteps associated with it, just the creaking and popping of the floorboards and the sound the kitchen counter would make if someone leaned on it for a minute.  We both watched the progress of whatever it was, and when it had gone my dog looked at me and I looked at my dog and we both shuddered and went back to what we’d been doing, but feeling very strange about what had happened.  Made both of us jumpy.

The next day I got a call that my friend had disappeared and I told his family what I knew, the police went up to search for him and found his van at the bottom of a ravine.  He was sitting in the front seat–had rolled the van off the cliff, climbed down, got back into it and blown off his head with his shotgun.  That happened right about the time my dog and I heard an invisible person walk through the house.

12. Every Dog I’ve Had Has Seen It

I remember our old dogs and cats used to look at something that wasn’t there. They turned their heads as if they looked at something that was moving. Our dogs used to growl for no apparent reason as well. Once one of our dogs went beserk, and when I looked I saw this pale figure standing next to our dog. Our dog was furious and got really confused when this figure disappeared.

Our new dogs barked and snarled at something not there as well right after we got them. This has happened with every dog my parents’ have had. The new dogs gets scared of something while the older dogs seems not to care at all, as if they have gotten used to it. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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