Basically A Stranger: 16 Men And Women From Arranged Marriages Share The Truth About Sex On Their Wedding Night


“Warning – this reads like an erotic story written by a 9th grader.

Indian-American (born and raised in New York) here… I had an arranged marriage to a girl in India at 29. I was getting fed up with the dating scene and told my dad that maybe getting married from India wouldn’t be such a bad idea. He signed me up for a matrimonial site for Indians. I met my wife by chance on this thing while she was working in Dubai. I have dated a few people in my 20’s and two of them got serious enough that marriage was being discussed when we split. I’ve dated girls casually as well as a FWB. Going in I thought I was well beyond puppy love and was convinced that arranged marriages were for convenience, security, and all the boring but comfortable things things that my Indian parents gave as arguments for arranged marriage. She was extremely shy and spoke in a low tone for our first conversation. Her English isn’t as good as mine but I speak our language fluently so we mainly communicated that way. Eventually this turned into Skyping for hours every day for 4 months. The topics we discussed were absolutely the most innocent things you could imagine. I mean absolutely nothing near sexual was discussed but I felt like I was really connecting with someone like I hadn’t before. I also found myself really excited at the prospect of meeting her. One of my previous relationships was three years and I felt more honest and safe with this stranger in Dubai over the internet.

I had a little anxiety attack the week before I flew out to India to meet her but I convinced myself that I had no less than a 50/50 shot that this would turn out great for me and carried on. We met and I was floored with how pretty she was. I was used to seeing her sans makeup after her shift (nurse) over webcam. I was really happy with how pretty she is that way so I was smiling ear to ear when I saw how absolutely stunning she looked in person, dressed up in a sari. We talked, I confirmed that I still felt the same way in person as over the internet and I officially proposed that afternoon after a walk (followed by her older brother and wife at about 100 paces). We got married that Sunday. It was awesome… so much more awesome than I expected my wedding to be. We partied until 1am before winding it up and going back to our room. I knew we were both thinking about it but no one said anything. She sat on one side of the bed nervously looking through her bag. I sat on the other side kind of wondering if I should just go over and put my hand on her boob or something. So I got up and did what I thought would be pretty clear sign… I took of my shoes and socks, took off my shirt and went into the bathroom and ran the water. I stood there for about 5 minutes silently as I waited for her to follow…she didn’t. I took a shower with the door slightly ajar, waiting for her to come in… she didn’t. I stood behind that door ass naked and tried to get her to come in by asking for a towel… she stuck her arm through the door, gave me the towel and sat back down. My proud erection was a little confused… She was extremely innocent but I don’t think I could have been clearer without saying ‘come in here, I’d like you to see my penis.’ So I got dressed and sat on the bed next to her. She got up and went into the bathroom with a pile of clothes. I heard the latch slide over and a door chain being used. I sat through a long shower and watched her come out wearing cotton PJ’s with some stupid floral print on them. Not sexy sleepwear like I would’ve expected.

She turned the lights off and sat next to me in silence under the covers. Five minutes of silence before I decided to try tickling her side. She grabbed my hand and I felt her hold it…so I rolled over and planted one on her mouth. She kissed back like the first girl I ever kissed; awkward but excitedly. We made out like I haven’t made out since probably high school. Extremely fumbly heavy petting from both sides eventually ended up in shirts and pants being taken off. We were both naked but not “doing anything” yet. I eventually just took her hand as we were making out and put it on my dick. She held it like she was holding a flashlight while kissing me so I was forced to reassess the situation and come up with an alternative plan. I took both of her hands and held them while I worked my way into position to go down on her. She had reacted when I started kissing her stomach and this turned into “what the hell are you doing?!?!?” once I started what I was down there to do. She was surprised but didn’t stop me. She held onto my hands and repeated asking what I was doing several more times before putting her head back and really getting into it.

She then had her first orgasm (apparently they don’t teach you that girls can do that in Indian nursing schools) and we lay there while I explained what just happened to her. After talking and her regaining composure I rolled over and did my best to get it in. That didn’t work and I was too stupid to bring any lube with me from the US. Spit didn’t work to well either and she was in pain so I stopped. She asked if I could have orgasms too so I was obliged to show her that I was indeed able. She used her hands (with some step by step coaching from me) and was kind of dumbstruck by what happened. We cleaned up, kissed and laughed some more and fell asleep. After a few more painful attempts, we got that sucker in and have been banging like rabbits since.”


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