Basically A Stranger: 16 Men And Women From Arranged Marriages Share The Truth About Sex On Their Wedding Night

via twenty20/santiago__cervantes
via twenty20/santiago__cervantes


“I think a lot of people are misled by what an arranged marriage actually is. You aren’t arranged to marry someone and then you meet them on your wedding day, I mean I suppose that could happen, but it would be extremely rare. The point of an arranged marriage is to create a relationship that benefits both families. It’s in everyone’s interest that the two being wed have time to get to know each growing up so they can become comfortable with each other. When I hear people talk about arranged marriages I sometimes think they believe the bride is kidnapped and has a gun to her head until she’s married where she becomes a slave to the husband. Which is (most of the time) ridiculous.

I met my husband three months before my wedding. We went on a few dates before the wedding. How was the wedding night? Pretty nice.

Since we’d both come directly from the wedding, we needed to shower. He took a shower first, then I did. It was about 2 am before we finally got started.

It wasn’t awkward at all. A bit painful, but not really awkward. First orgasm came a few days later on a train in France for our honeymoon.

20 years later, we’ve got a house full of children to prove that the sex has been both enjoyable and plentiful.”


“My wife was picked by my father’s family in a move of desperation. We had little money to work with during Jordan’s economic down. And we needed the marriage to get government money. The girl my dad chose was very quite and awkward. She had already found other men in her life and had made a point to tell my I could never satisfy. I tried to at least get along with her but she never decided to like me. Our marriage eventually failed and it cost my family a great deal of money.”

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