Basically A Stranger: 16 Men And Women From Arranged Marriages Share The Truth About Sex On Their Wedding Night

via twenty20/santiago__cervantes
via twenty20/santiago__cervantes


“I think a lot of people are misled by what an arranged marriage actually is. You aren’t arranged to marry someone and then you meet them on your wedding day, I mean I suppose that could happen, but it would be extremely rare. The point of an arranged marriage is to create a relationship that benefits both families. It’s in everyone’s interest that the two being wed have time to get to know each growing up so they can become comfortable with each other. When I hear people talk about arranged marriages I sometimes think they believe the bride is kidnapped and has a gun to her head until she’s married where she becomes a slave to the husband. Which is (most of the time) ridiculous.

I met my husband three months before my wedding. We went on a few dates before the wedding. How was the wedding night? Pretty nice.

Since we’d both come directly from the wedding, we needed to shower. He took a shower first, then I did. It was about 2 am before we finally got started.

It wasn’t awkward at all. A bit painful, but not really awkward. First orgasm came a few days later on a train in France for our honeymoon.

20 years later, we’ve got a house full of children to prove that the sex has been both enjoyable and plentiful.”


“My wife was picked by my father’s family in a move of desperation. We had little money to work with during Jordan’s economic down. And we needed the marriage to get government money. The girl my dad chose was very quite and awkward. She had already found other men in her life and had made a point to tell my I could never satisfy. I tried to at least get along with her but she never decided to like me. Our marriage eventually failed and it cost my family a great deal of money.”


“Arranged marriage literally a few months ago. From UK and wife from Pakistan. I live in the city centre, shes a villager. I grew up having dated a few girls but largely stopped doing that around 4 years ago, my wifes barely ever looked at a guy. I have two degrees under my belt and my wife who is 7 yrs younger than me (she’s legal) is at college. We are first cousins. Before I proposed i did not know her well at all. I could only tell from her character and what other people said about her. Apart from the fact that she was beautiful and has the best smile ever, shes mature, trustworthy and patient. According to everyone shes also a bundle of laughs. So thats pretty much all i had to work with. Thought why not and dropped a bombshell on my parents (they never thought i would want to get married from pak since i have always flatly refused the idea) when i got back to UK. Turns out she wanted to marry me too (surprise! She wasnt forced).

Anyway, we get married. First night was super awkward. She barely spoke a word then went to sleep. I just lay there eyes wide open thinking what the hell is going on. She woke up eventually and we spoke a little…started kissing…so far so good. I had all sorts of lube with me so whipped that out. When we began foreplay it was really just me doing everything. When we got to the penetration it was way too painful for her so I stopped, lay next to her and said we could take as long as she needed. Ended up not having sex for two weeks. Just a lot of foreplay…..but once she got comfortable…oh my days!…it was rough, hot, sweaty sex for the rest of the time. She loves it when I go down on her, as I did. The best thing though was after the sex, the way she would just stare at me for eternity. That would totally crush me. I miss that the most. And I totally love her. We have the greatest chats, same sense of humour and totally know how to piss each other off.

I haven’t seen my wife for a few months now I’m back in the UK. Probably wont see her at least til next June. Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Can’t wait to see her again.”


“My parents and aunt arranged a marriage for me and I traveled back to my country, met her once before the marriage. First night she was really shy and kept hiding under the blanket and pulling it away from me while giggling, nothing happened that night, then she got a call the next day from her mother and they kept talking for half an hour.

It happened then later that night when we were in bed innocently watching TV, then she looked at me and said maybe the first complete sentence: “I don’t know what I’m supposed to do” in a nervous voice. So I laughed and played it funny, then started gently kissing, hugging, and joked a bit then two hours later we are doing it and now I’ve two kids from her and she turned 26 last month.

Arranged isn’t as bad as it sounds, but back in my place it’s normal to have arranged marriages and even marriages without seeing the bride.


“From a muslim standpoint, I had an ‘arranged’ marriage, but it really wasn’t all that arranged. I met my wife through a family friend. We were introduced, our families were introduced, and we spent about a year getting to know each other. Both of us, at either point, could have decided we were not interested, but we fell very much in love and got married.

We discussed sex, contraception, etc. prior to getting married so it wasn’t a foreign topic.

When we finally ended up having sex (day after our wedding night, we were way too exhausted that night), we took our time and went slow. It was very much enjoyable for both of us and we have sex nearly daily now (a year in). We were both virgins and had zero experience doing anything sexual with the opposite sex. Looking back now, I am really glad I got to experience all of that with her and only her. It makes it that much more special to me.”


“This all happened April last year, and it is 100% true. My wife is from a muslim country originally but her family is from the capital and quite modern. She has relatives however from a smaller village who are not quite as modern. So one of her second cousins (son of dad’s cousin) wants to get married because it is time already and he wants children. His mom interviews a few girls but it took a while. Some of the girls she didn’t like because they weren’t ‘traditional enough,’ and some of the girl’s families didn’t want because the guy’s family was too strict, even for a small village (things like the girl having to be muslim, must wear hijab, pray 5 times a day, the whole ordeal).

Finally they find a girl who suits him, his mom approves and girl’s parents approve, so they organize the wedding for like 2 weeks after (sadly because of that I couldn’t go, we live in Western Europe and I need to tell my vacation days in advance, at least more than 2 weeks, but she could arrange it with her work to go for the wedding).

My wife told me about the wedding, it was super traditional muslim wedding, which I would have loved to see because I have never been to one, although it was hard for me to understand a wedding without any alcohol. So the wedding happens and it ends early and everyone goes home to rest and sleep. My wife and his family (parents and sister) go to the hotel which is an hour away.

Then my wife’s dad gets a call. I should say before that my wife’s dad is very well considered in his extended family because he has a very good job in the center and works with high profile people, basically a very ‘respectable’ man. It was maybe 1am and he gets a call from his older sister saying that he needs to go back to the village immediately, there is an emergency. Him expecting it to be about money (he gets asked for money quite often) demands to know what is going on. So here is fun part.

The groom was a very traditional muslim man. He had never had a date, never gone out with a girl, and followed his religion in a very strict way. He had barely talked to women in the past. The bride has followed a similar path. So they finish the ceremony, they go to the room, and they realize they have absolutely no idea how to proceed. Like these people did not know how to have sex. They had never watched a porn film, they never had sex education, no one thought to tell them what they would have to do in bed. They are there wondering what to do now, so they call this aunt who is the eldest of the family to tell them what to do. But the aunt feels that a woman cannot possibly describe to a man how to have sex, that is so inappropriate, so instead she calls her younger brother (my father-in-law). My FIL doesn’t want to hear about that crap, he is one hour away and it is really barely any of his business, it is late and he works the next day. Also there must be many others more suitable for that kind of thing. At this point my wife and her mom and sister are cracking up because they cannot believe this is happening on 2013, and the thing is no one expected this otherwise they would have taken precautions.

So my FIL tells them to try to find someone else and if not he will go, but thankfully they contact on of the guests who is a “mullah” (not sure I spelled that right), like a religious figure, who agrees to go and explain to the guy what to do with his wife so they can consummate the marriage. But it doesn’t end there.

Like a week later my wife comes and tells me that apparently something happened, because the next days the bride was seen walking funny, and apparently they had to contact a gynecologist because something had happened during the wedding night that actually hurt the poor girl. We never got to know what was it that he did (or they tried) that went wrong, or the outcome after. Keep in mind this is really embarrassing for them so they tried to keep it as low as possible, we only found out because they called my FIL first to try to go talk to the guy.

So obviously this was in a very rural area in a small village of a muslim country, very hard to understand for many of us but it is one of my favourite stories that I heard. I doubt this happens in many arranged marriages, but hey, it happened in at least once. And last year, too!”


“Warning – this reads like an erotic story written by a 9th grader.

Indian-American (born and raised in New York) here… I had an arranged marriage to a girl in India at 29. I was getting fed up with the dating scene and told my dad that maybe getting married from India wouldn’t be such a bad idea. He signed me up for a matrimonial site for Indians. I met my wife by chance on this thing while she was working in Dubai. I have dated a few people in my 20’s and two of them got serious enough that marriage was being discussed when we split. I’ve dated girls casually as well as a FWB. Going in I thought I was well beyond puppy love and was convinced that arranged marriages were for convenience, security, and all the boring but comfortable things things that my Indian parents gave as arguments for arranged marriage. She was extremely shy and spoke in a low tone for our first conversation. Her English isn’t as good as mine but I speak our language fluently so we mainly communicated that way. Eventually this turned into Skyping for hours every day for 4 months. The topics we discussed were absolutely the most innocent things you could imagine. I mean absolutely nothing near sexual was discussed but I felt like I was really connecting with someone like I hadn’t before. I also found myself really excited at the prospect of meeting her. One of my previous relationships was three years and I felt more honest and safe with this stranger in Dubai over the internet.

I had a little anxiety attack the week before I flew out to India to meet her but I convinced myself that I had no less than a 50/50 shot that this would turn out great for me and carried on. We met and I was floored with how pretty she was. I was used to seeing her sans makeup after her shift (nurse) over webcam. I was really happy with how pretty she is that way so I was smiling ear to ear when I saw how absolutely stunning she looked in person, dressed up in a sari. We talked, I confirmed that I still felt the same way in person as over the internet and I officially proposed that afternoon after a walk (followed by her older brother and wife at about 100 paces). We got married that Sunday. It was awesome… so much more awesome than I expected my wedding to be. We partied until 1am before winding it up and going back to our room. I knew we were both thinking about it but no one said anything. She sat on one side of the bed nervously looking through her bag. I sat on the other side kind of wondering if I should just go over and put my hand on her boob or something. So I got up and did what I thought would be pretty clear sign… I took of my shoes and socks, took off my shirt and went into the bathroom and ran the water. I stood there for about 5 minutes silently as I waited for her to follow…she didn’t. I took a shower with the door slightly ajar, waiting for her to come in… she didn’t. I stood behind that door ass naked and tried to get her to come in by asking for a towel… she stuck her arm through the door, gave me the towel and sat back down. My proud erection was a little confused… She was extremely innocent but I don’t think I could have been clearer without saying ‘come in here, I’d like you to see my penis.’ So I got dressed and sat on the bed next to her. She got up and went into the bathroom with a pile of clothes. I heard the latch slide over and a door chain being used. I sat through a long shower and watched her come out wearing cotton PJ’s with some stupid floral print on them. Not sexy sleepwear like I would’ve expected.

She turned the lights off and sat next to me in silence under the covers. Five minutes of silence before I decided to try tickling her side. She grabbed my hand and I felt her hold it…so I rolled over and planted one on her mouth. She kissed back like the first girl I ever kissed; awkward but excitedly. We made out like I haven’t made out since probably high school. Extremely fumbly heavy petting from both sides eventually ended up in shirts and pants being taken off. We were both naked but not “doing anything” yet. I eventually just took her hand as we were making out and put it on my dick. She held it like she was holding a flashlight while kissing me so I was forced to reassess the situation and come up with an alternative plan. I took both of her hands and held them while I worked my way into position to go down on her. She had reacted when I started kissing her stomach and this turned into “what the hell are you doing?!?!?” once I started what I was down there to do. She was surprised but didn’t stop me. She held onto my hands and repeated asking what I was doing several more times before putting her head back and really getting into it.

She then had her first orgasm (apparently they don’t teach you that girls can do that in Indian nursing schools) and we lay there while I explained what just happened to her. After talking and her regaining composure I rolled over and did my best to get it in. That didn’t work and I was too stupid to bring any lube with me from the US. Spit didn’t work to well either and she was in pain so I stopped. She asked if I could have orgasms too so I was obliged to show her that I was indeed able. She used her hands (with some step by step coaching from me) and was kind of dumbstruck by what happened. We cleaned up, kissed and laughed some more and fell asleep. After a few more painful attempts, we got that sucker in and have been banging like rabbits since.”


“I’m from California and had an ‘arranged’ marriage to a German guy, when I was 18. I grew up in the Family Federation for World Peace aka the Unification Church aka the ‘Moonies’. Our parents set us up and we emailed for 4 months before we attended the Blessing Marriage Ceremony.

We met in person only a few weeks before we were married, and we both liked each other a lot! Definitely one of those cheesy love-at-first-sight kind of experiences! We had sex for the first time only a week or so after getting married. We had a mini honeymoon in Vienna, and were pretty much in bed the whole time. Overall, the entire experience was fantastic and amazing and magical.

Its been more than 5 years and I’m still head-over-heels in love with this guy!”


“I had arranged marriage this past June. We talked over the phone 3 months beforehand as we were both in a different countries. I had read lot about sex for the first time which helped me prep up for the first night. This made it not awkward cause I knew how to make it comfortable for her. There was lot of foreplay so that made it less awkward. And she says that first night was the best sex she had of all times we had since then.”


“Hi my first marriage was arrangedish my husband family made an arrangement with my father when I was 12 that I would marry their middle son who was two years older then me when I was 18 and had finished school. I knew him already his sister was my best friend and he was friends with my brothers. We never talked much till we made our engagment official and he had paid me my Mahr and in the about six months between our engagement and our wedding we hung out and went on “dates” talked on the phone got to know each other personally. I grew to like him a lot I wouldn’t go so far as to say that I loved him. I grew to love him eventually and he was a very nice caring sweet guy and treated me well. He supported me going to university. We had a good life together we loved traveling together we both loved photography. We had been talking about having kids when I was finished with university.We weren’t married very long only two years before he died in a car accident. I think we could hav made things work with more time.

As far as your question sex was fine we were both virgins when got married I tried doing what I saw in porn but it didn’t work out to well but like all things we got better with practice.

I am from Jordan (grew up mostly in South Korea and the US) Sunni Muslim at the time of this atheist now. I currently live in Korea with my new husband (not arranged I met him at a party) our two year old son and our dog.”


“I had an arranged marriage. Just a lot of guys would send proposals via their relatives who also knew our relatives, etc, and my family would basically ask around, see how that guy was from people he wasn’t related to ( to get the whole picture) and it was UP TO ME to say yes or no. (side note: this is how it is supposed to be in Islam. It is a huge sin to marry your sister/daughter off without her uncoerced, willing consent. I wish people would follow the rules instead of the forcing and daughter- selling that basically happens. It is monstrous.)

Well I married him…and turns out, he was and is my dream guy. I am very attracted to tall, soft-spoken, dark guys WEARING GLASSES (mmmm) and he was all of that. He made me laugh, hugged me and kissed my forehead before anything else. We were both virgins, but sex wasn’t a problem. It is, after all, human instinct, and we communicate very well. Went slow at first, asking each other permission before touching anything. We experimented a lot the first few months, since we hadn’t tried anything to know what we wanted. Our sex life is great now.

In many ways, he is my soulmate. When I am hyper, he is my oasis of calm. When I am upset, he knows exactly how to cheer me up. Where I am lacking, he is proficient, and vice versa. I love him and the way he looks at me still makes me tear up with excessive mushiness. I am happy that we were each other’s firsts, because sex feels like our OWN special little thing, rather than a special little thing to share with someone you love. It’s silly, but it makes me happy.”


“Like a fool I opted for an arranged marriage on the rebound. The girl I was originally seeing was batshit crazy. But something strange happens when you get rejected, more so than the hurt…You become incapable of making good decisions.

Anyhow, was introduced to a girl. She had different interests, a different outlook on life and didn’t take to kindly to my casual humor. So like an idiot I got engaged to her. Over the course of the engagement I was really busy with work so didn’t see her at all. Then came the marriage. It was surreal. There I was sitting on stage with a girl I hardly knew getting married! Most of the fuckers at the wedding were my parents friends etc, I hardly knew anyone there!

Fast forward to the honeymoon. We were like awkward strangers. We actually never had sex on our honeymoon. Was the sex awkward? Your damn right it was.

Fast forward 6 years later and we have a child. Did I make the right decision? If I wasn’t a father I’d leave tomorrow. I wouldn’t let my parents choose my socks, but I let them choose my ‘life partner’ (the loser that I am). So why am I sticking around? To cut a long story short, I want my child to do well in life, so am living an act.

Do I have regrets? Don’t we all?

Am I a good husband? I never argue, never complain and put on a smiling face.

Have I fucked my life up? Not totally, I earn quite a lot. And unlike the bullshit you hear in the movies, money gives you great options in life, and I try to enjoy as much of it as possible.”


“I’ll give a little background to how the whole thing came about to put having sex with my first-cousin into context (SPOILER alert!)

My marriage was arranged-ish, in that it was not ‘love-based’ (initially).

So, I’m of Pakistani descent. I was born in the UK as was my Mum but my Dad is from Pakistan. He moved here when he married my Mum at 22 years old so generally speaking we – as a family – as quite British.

Recently I finished my degree and I had been working for a couple of years at which point my Mum and Dad asked me if I wanted to get married. In Pakistani culture it is not expect that your children go out and date or whatever, standard practice is usually for parents of the children to discuss marriage plans on behalf of the children and the level of involvement varies between cultures, ethnicity, religion etc.

Anyway, my Mum said she had thought about the possibility of me marrying my cousin (I’m the dude in this scenario btw) and asked me what I thought. I was initially pretty grossed out by it but she asked me to mull over the decision for a while. A couple of months later my Mum said that her my (my aunt) said that my cousin (now wife) is willing to chat to me about it if I am. Turns out she was actually playing me at this point because my wife hadn’t been told about this at all but my aunt was potentially onboard with the possibility so she did this to get me to make up my mind quickly.

Which I did and I agreed to meet at some point – after all she was hot yeah, I know that sounds gross to you! We met up and had the most awkward first date ever conceived in the history of mankind where basically we discussed virtually every aspect of normal dating into one 3 hour dinner where we basically discussed our likes.dislikes what we find attractive in the other person, personality traits etc. Like I said super awkward, at the end of the dinner we had literally agreed to marry each other which was the surrealist experience of my life. Afterwards I talked about it with my brother and sister (who had apparently known about this plan for me and her to marry before I did) and they been poking fun of me ever since!

One of the really weird things I found out about that dinner is that she is apparently super horny – which something pretty strange to find out about your cousin – and about 2 weeks after our ‘engagement’ we had been talking a bit and I sent her some semi-lewd innuendo texts which eventually blew into full blown sexting. Yes, 2 weeks after I agreed to marry my cousin we were sexting on a regular basis. Also about this point I found out that she knows nothing about sex, now we were both virgins but the fact that she had never had an orgasm and wanted to give BJ’s with condoms on sounds weird to me but hey!

A couple of weeks later I send her some none-explicit nude shots and we trade back and forth, a couple of weeks after that we make she comes over to my house and we make out under the guise of ‘going to the supermarket to get onions’. At this point I would like to state how surprisingly cool my parents were with all of this, going into this all I assumed (since we are all pretty religious) that we would be banned from seeing each other until the wedding or something but we were allowed to act pretty freely and it was implied that we knew we couldn’t have sex.

A little while later making out turns to groping/rubbing (over other/underwear) and a little while later we were sending each other full blown nude pics/videos. This would have been about 6 months after we were ‘engaged’. This continued on for another 6 months until we got married.

The actual wedding night the sex wasn’t awkward per se, the actual act was. Like physically doing it after talking about it for almost a year but in terms of breaking the ice or anything we didn’t have that problem because we were super horny for each other at this point.”


“I am a victim of arrange marriage. I used to live in US and my parents are in India. My parents arranged the marriage, they saw the girl, liked her and family so fixed the marriage. They told me after they did everything. She was beautiful and educated so I didn’t mind. I did talked to her on the phone multiple times before we got married but it wasn’t the same.

Fast forward first night after we got married, every time I wanted to touch her she moved away. I thought she is just scared. She was 4 years younger then me. So I didn’t try much. Next day she said she is virgin and scared. So I thought to wait it out. I waited for whole month as she said she will get intimate once she came to US to live with me.

She did come here after few days but left without even meeting me. Apparently she has premarital affair. That was the reason she didn’t let me touch her that way. After she went back she went MIA for three months. After that she emailed me to get divorced and asked lot of money from me.

So to answer your question I don’t know if actual sex was awkward but my whole arranged marriage was.”


“I’m of Punjabi and Indian origin and have recently got into an introduced marriage (we “dated” for a few months before giving a decision). We’re currently at the engaged phase. I agreed to have one purely out of respect for my parents, who have given everything for me and have never restricted me in the way I have seen other families do.

The missus in question is the daughter of a friend of a brother-in-law of an aunt. We come from the same community with respect that our great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandfathers shared a similar career.

So far it has been awkward. While we were born and raised in Canada, I would consider myself quite Westernized when it comes to dating and relationships with the opposite sex while she isn’t. Pretty sure she’s a virgin while I’m most certainly not (I was a bit of a man-slut back in the day). The problem is I can’t approach the topic with her because she seems very immature to these sorts of things. Every time bring up kissing (which we have done) she goes into a fit of giggles, so there’s no chance of a frank discussion about sex.

She’s a lovely person. We don’t share the same interests or hobbies or even the sense of humour but I do believe that it’s good to have some sort of variety in a relationship.

I do consider myself very lucky to have met my other half, so if I had the chance to go back to my previous promiscuous existence or choose her, I would choose her every time. In fact, part of the reason I said yes was to ‘lock that down,’ so to speak.

So, given that the wedding is not till April 2016 and I’ve broken it off with the fuck-buddy I had in the interest of being faithful, I’m resigned to 2 years of being intimate with my right hand. I’ve had to come to the conclusion that, although it’s a huge part of an adult relationship, sex isn’t everything.”


“Male Muslim here. Sorry for wall of text, married less than a week ago and want to share.

I guess it was technically “arranged” but not really. It was a rainy day when my family and I went to go meet my now waifu and family-in-law. It wasn’t the bad kind of rainy though, the drizzle was light, the air was crisp and even though there were clouds everywhere it felt kind of bright. When we were welcomed in and settled there were a few silly little things I noticed that actually perked me up a little. A Nintendo DS on their TV stand, books like Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Redwall in the shelves, a DuckTales dvd sitting on top of the player, the smell of fresh baked chocolate chip cookies wafting from the kitchen. Of course this didn’t necessarily mean anything as the items could have belonged to anyone else in the home but they were all things that spoke to me and unfortunately they are things that many Muslims I met never seem to be into. If they weren’t things that the girl I was about to meet was into then at least there was someone in this place that I had a connection with.

We were seated for what couldn’t have been more than a minute or two before her mother got up to get some refreshments and I guess check on her. My mom got up to help but I’m pretty sure it was because there was a chance she could scope out my wife. In the middle of our idle chit-chat with her brother and father I overheard her being introduced to my mother in the kitchen, my heart rate immediately went up because I knew she was going to be out soon and then all eyes would be on us. My mom was the first one to appear with a tray of South Asian sweets, then her mom with some appetizers (Samosa’s and spring rolls if you’re wondering), and finally her with a plate of cookies. She was beautiful. I was surprised my jaw didn’t hit the floor when she walked through the door, I had to practically peel my eyes away from her.

Obviously I wanted to show that I am a good Muslim and tried not to look at her for longer than would be appropriate but I found myself looking at her every chance I could because she’s so beautiful. After being grilled a bit the conversation switches to her and I’m ecstatic because I get a break and I can stare at her. Then we start getting into hobbies, likes, dislikes, and personality traits. They ask what I like to do in my free time, my response is a little vague because “Lots of video games” isn’t something they likely wanted to hear but I do mention vidya games. Her mom groans that we would be a good match since she always has her face buried in her DS these days.

We dive more into our personal hobbies and I bet I’m growing a dumb smile on my face because it’s crazy how much we have in common. Her mom says something along the lines of how she still spends most of her time watching Disney and Nickelodeon, she gets a little annoyed and says that she doesn’t spend all her time watching those channels when I pipe in and mention that that’s all I ever really watch as well aside from something like The Walking Dead. She smiles and turns towards me with a cute little half-sheepish smile on her face and we make real eye contact for the first time…it felt like an eternity and a millisecond all it once. We break it off and I can feel the heat emanating from my face.

I’ll fast forward since this is getting a little long. We get married. Our first moment of intimacy was probably after the wedding festivities had died down and we didn’t have to meet and greet a billion people. During our honeymoon we went to an outdoor ice skating rink, she had never been before but I had so I thought it might be fun for her to learn and me to teach. It’s not very hard and she got the hang of it pretty quickly and we had a good time just skating with her holding onto my arm and chatting away.

After a little bit we decide to sit on the benches at the side of the rink, I step away to get hot-chocolates for us to sip while we relax. One of her friends had tipped me off before-hand that she really likes Christmas-y peppermint drinks so I made sure to get that and asked the guy to add extra whipped cream for her. I watched intently as she took her first sip and a smile drew across her face, I told her that I had heard that she really likes peppermint. She said that she did, I laughed and asked her if she also really likes whipped cream because it was all over her lips and nose. She giggled and rubbed her nose, I laughed and went back to people watching when she leaned over and kissed me on my cheek. I know a kiss on a cheek isn’t much but I absolutely melted and was a little speechless while she just giggled at the whipped cream on my cheek and said that it should be gone now. Not one to miss a cliche opportunity, I let her know that she missed a spot and leaned in for our first kiss. It wasn’t awkward, it wasn’t strange, it was just an amazing moment. We might have had an arranged marriage but we also had the time to develop into a relationship.”Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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