Hundreds Report UFO Sightings Across The Country On New Years

Okay, the facts that are knowable. The UFO reporting service received over 200 calls on New Years Eve and New Years Day all reporting the same thing, slowing moving reddish objects hovering in the sky both alone and in tandem with another reddish object. The videos show that they’re neither meteors nor fireworks or flares. Hundreds of witnesses from Oregon and California to Florida all reported having seen the same thing. Don’t mind the similar footage across vids. Local news is sharing footage and reporting on the nationwide story from their own viewpoint. Raw footage from Cali at the bottom. So…




Cali Raw Footage

I don’t know what it is but I sure don’t think dozens of people are lying about it being like something they’d never seen before and describing it in exactly the same way. Very difficult to explain what it is all these people witnessed. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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