The 25 Absolute Best And Worst Gifts You Could Ever Give A Man

20. Hunting Gear And Lots Of It

cut the crap: Low end $5-$10: a roll of duct tape or a spool of 550 paracord, you can NEVER have enough.

Mid range $50-$100: Knives or flashlights. Get a tactical light from Streamlight or Surefire (yes, they are worth the price) Get any folding knife designed by Ken Onion, it will last a lifetime and he can carry it every day.

High end $300-$1500 Buy him a fire arm. From a Ruger 10-22 to a Custom AR-15 he will have this for a lifetime and never forget who gave it to him.

SUPER HIGH END $25,000-$250,000 Take him on an African Safari.

21. Seventeen Magazine Is Authored By Idiots

My coworker was reading “seventeen magazine” and I saw that they had a section on guys’ Christmas gift ideas. It was, like, 4 testimonials on gifts guys said they wanted.

Here’s what they were:

1) A snapback (Okay… that sorta makes sense. I mean, I wouldn’t want one, but I can imagine a world where someone might.)

2) An iTunes giftcard (I think the saying “Nothing says I don’t know enough about you to pick out something you’ll like like a gift card” works really well here.)

3) Some sixty dollar bracelet (Dude in the picture likes kinda like a chick… I’m sure he’d like it but no other guy would.)

4) A super-soaker (Seriously. They actually suggested buying a guy a super soaker… in winter.)

22. T-Shirts From Crushes

I once got a shirt from a girlfriends homely sister that said “I’m not a model, I just look like one”. Pretty sure she had a crush on me.


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