The 25 Absolute Best And Worst Gifts You Could Ever Give A Man

17. “Love My Parents”

My parents know how to buy “Man” gifts. The past several have been – 60 dvd collection of classic horror and scifi movies, three box sets of books from Russian writers, a sword-cane, night vision goggles, and four gift certificates to newegg.

Love my parents.

18. Practical Safety Devices

Technology. As someone who is in technology, you will never figure out what I want, and theres a good chance I already bought what I want.

*Edit: One of the best gifts I ever got was a car safety flashlight. It has a wind up crank so you don’t have to deal with batteries. It also has a blinking red light and magnets so you can stick it to your car in the fog (if your electrics go out). But the best part of it is that it has a window smasher and seatbelt cutter on it. Almost nobody has one of these in their car, but I always keep mine in short reach.

19. A Signed Book, Put Your Back Into It

How about getting me something meaningful that shows you actually thought about me, as opposed to a generic template of Everyman superimposed on someone who clearly fucking isnt? Get me a signed copy of the new book my favourite author just published, take me somewhere I haven’t been but always wanted to, push me a step closer to the man I want to be. I don’t need any more shaving sets, cologne, gloves, belts, or other shit that I will forget you gave me in a month or two. I will reciprocate by not getting you lame bath sets..

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