The 25 Absolute Best And Worst Gifts You Could Ever Give A Man

15. A Boy Becomes A Man

Gotta be honest here, as a 22 year old I’ve only been getting “man” gifts for a few years now (as opposed to “boy” gifts) and I’ve always been pleased with what I’ve gotten. We may be defining this differently, or it may be age-related… but when I think of man gifts I think of things like socks & ties, cologne, car stuff (say a box of Armorall products), tools (the Leatherman I got last year is fucking tight), clocks/watches, “bathroom reading” type books, cuff links…

And I love getting all of that stuff.

EDIT Especially cologne, that shit’s expensive. Give me a bigass bottle of Acqua Di Gio for Christmas and I’m happy as a pig in shit

16. Blowjobs From The Family…?

Things I like to receive as gifts:

* Blowjob
* Beer
* Whiskey
* Socks
* Underwear
* Lego Robotics/Technic
* Ammunition
* Blowjob

Things I don’t like to receive as gifts:

* Everything else

It’s pretty fucking simple.

EDIT: Fuck. I definitely didn’t think the blowjob idea through well enough. Well, here’s to hoping my family doesn’t get me any blowjobs this holiday season!


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