The 25 Absolute Best And Worst Gifts You Could Ever Give A Man

13. A Bundt Pan, Alternatively Socks

Things to buy:

Circular baking form thingy with a hole in the middle, I just find Torus-shaped cakes are easier to cut into even pieces. Apperently a bundt pan.

A lot of candy

A mini helicopter I can fly around the room and attempt to land on increasingly more precarious flat surfaces until I finally knock something over and take the secret with me to the grave

Socks, preferably fancy ones for sports

Things you made yourself (knitting, woodcraft, papercraft, painting you name it)

Lego and mechanical lego

Just about any form of motor

14.Lady Jealousy Is Right

They’re still a fuckton better than women’s gift ideas. Men get electronics and interesting books and fancy liquor. Women get stinky fucking candles and perfume, over and over and over. God forbid a woman want an iPod.


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