The 25 Absolute Best And Worst Gifts You Could Ever Give A Man

9. Homemade Board Games

Gift #1. Amazon gift cards. Seriously. If you’re ever even remotely unsure what to get me, this solves your problem 100%. I get to pick the gift, so you know I’ll like it, it’s a “store” that carries virtually everything, so regardless of what I need, I can buy it. If I get multiples, I can stack them easily on my account instead of keeping track of a million cards in my wallet.

Gift #2. If you are close to me- anything you made yourself that carries emotional meaning or relates to a hobby of mine.

The number of times my brothers and I have simply made each other board game stuff for Christmas… And those are always the coolest gifts.

10. Forced Charity

My family is upper middle class, and this makes buying gifts fucking imposible. They can all buy their own stuff, and so they do. I’ve gotten into the habit of going to the mall and pulling one of those christmas angle tags for each ‘family’ in my family. (one for cousin, wife, kid. one for grandma and grandpa. ect.) I buy all the stuff the starving kid person wants and take a picture. Print the picture, and stick it in their cards with the sentiment, “Look what you did for some sad little shit!” It’s the one time of year my family is charitable… you know, because I don’t give them a choice.

Edit: Christmas angel*


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