The 25 Absolute Best And Worst Gifts You Could Ever Give A Man

5. Tools. no, seriously

My wife absolutely cannot believe that I want tools as gifts. I guess to her, it would be like me buying her a vacuum cleaner or washing machine. To me, though, getting a chainsaw is like a chance to do something awesome.

Alan Levine –

6. Hate Filled Mother Gives Bagels

My mom, for some mystifying reason, used to buy me stuff for bagels. Over the years I got:

• a plexi bagel storage thingy
• a plexi bagel-cutting rack
• cream cheese seasoning packets
• assorted spreaders and knives

I had no idea there were so many things available. I eventually told her I never wanted anything that had to do with the storage or preparation of a bagel.

7. Dark Christmas Is Dark

All I want for Christmas is the will to live and maybe a new hat.

8. An Eternal Truth

“I’m tired of receiving good whiskey.” – said no man ever.


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