The 25 Absolute Best And Worst Gifts You Could Ever Give A Man

As seen on AskReddit.

1. Tires Rock

I once bought my Dad a complete set of tires for his pickup truck. The best on the market. They lasted 5 years, over all kinds of terrain, hunting, fishing, picking up loads, general driving. He constantly told his friends, “My son bought me these incredible tires.”

Regina Davan –

2. A Bandoleer of Flasks

I own four flasks. I consider myself a moderate-to-heavy drinker, but this is overkill. Am I supposed to strap them onto some kind of bandoleer and keep it under my poncho when I go to a sporting event? (Actually, as I’m typing this, I realize this is not the worst idea ever.)

3. Loveless Gift Cards

In my family, we just get each other gift cards for Christmas. $50 each. We’ve also stopped loving each other.

4. End Of The World Stuff

Judging by the things that get my husband’s attention in a shop, good gifts are:

Light bulbs
Bungie cord
Wire cutters

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