The Most Important (And The Hardest) Part Of Healing Is Being Patient

kosal ley

I honestly think anybody understands how hard it is to get yourself together and at the same time fall apart once in a while simply because we go through that all the time. The problem is, we live in a world where people destroys us (be it intentional or not) and then they want us to be healed immediately. There is a great need to stop the bullshit and admit that it doesn’t work that way. You cant be fixed immediately after being crashed and buried deep 50ft below the ground. Its like trying to make the seed bloom a flower right after planting it in the soil.

We need to stop thinking that way. We need to create proactive solutions to problems that we are facing right now. There is a great need for us to understand that it is important that we, as individuals need a
long term healing. We cannot rely on “band aid solutions” just so we could live with the expectations of people that we are fine immediately after being beaten down. Healing takes time. Healing is a process. You cannot force yourself to heal just so you could live with someone else’s expectation of being healed.

Healing requires a deeper understanding about the things that happened and are currently happening. It requires a deeper desire to get to know yourself; what makes you extremely sad, what makes you extremely happy, what makes you extremely angry. Healing is also self discovery. It is understanding every inch of your skin and getting to know every part of your soul.

Healing is being able to acknowledge that you’re a hot mess and that you make mistakes by loving too much, trusting too much, giving too much and forgetting about yourself. It is about being able to acknowledge that you’e not perfect and thats okay because no body is. We all have to fall down sometimes to learn. We all get beaten up sometimes so that we’ll appreciate how important it is to rise.

To be able to move forward, it is important that we try to focus on our desire to be healed. It is important to not only rely our healing on time alone but to as well have the firing desire to achieve your goal-healing. Do not try to make people understand whats wrong with you when you’re having a bad day, do not force people to understand your thoughts. They don’t need to understand that. But it is important that they understand that just like them, you’re also a human being and you have your own way of healing yourself and if you’re having a bad day, its all part of the process of long term healing.

The main reason why get stuck in the process of healing is because we force things to happen. We cannot move to the next process if we keep on trying to move past the next step. Be patient. You’ll get there. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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