A Reminder That Life Is Never Going To Go According To Plan

Aral Tasher

A lesson you never learned at school.

Shock. Horror. Life is not going to go according to plan. Do not be surprised or shocked, when at some point in your 20’s you find yourself saying ‘This is not how I imagined my life to be’.

You will find yourself engaged in many pursuits of happiness. You will have big plans for yourself: get an education, travel the world, get married, have babies, retire at 65 and die peacefully in your sleep when your 88.

No. This is not how life works. This is a perception, an idea created my culture and society that will end up making you suffer unnecessarily if you buy into it.

Real life is unpredictable. Anything can happen, and you should be prepared for every eventuality.

You’ll be offended, betrayed and deceived. You will love and you will lose. Some days you will win and some days you will learn. People will come and people will go.

You’ve probably heard throughout your life ‘that’s how life is’ ‘life is like this, and life is like that’.

You ended up accepting this philosophy and the grand idea of how you should live, you wear all sorts of t-shirts to prove it.

But what happens, when one morning, you wake up, and suddenly, life didn’t go the way it should have. You have inner conflict and suffer, you have no clue what to do and you feel lost, because of an idea that life should have went according to plan.

You suffer unnecessarily not because of the scenario but because of the preconceived idea of how life should be.

At this point, you need to let it all go. Life does not experience us. We experience life. So we must accept all that is presented before us.

Let go of the expectations of your perfect job, body, forever-person and career. These perceptions and desires of a certain type of life that you think you deserve will eat you up when you don’t get them.

Start to see life as it is. BEAUTIFUL. A beautiful experience. There are no need for big, fancy plans and dreams to enjoy life. It’s already more than beautiful, all you have to do is open your heart, say goodbye to your ego and live right here, right now.

Remember the miracle you are, the blessing you have received to be here, surrounded by nature, flowers, trees, animals and people. Stop listening to the media, stop listening to the voices of others who encourage fear and judgment. Egotistical people have turned their back on love, and live in suffering. The ego is a form of protection for their insecurities. You will see a complete absence of anything miraculous, loving and abundant in their life. Don’t be shocked. Send them love and healing.

Everyone has the same desire to live happily and free from sorrow. Everyone has a vision of their true destiny, but many face a multitude of problems everyday that are all rooted in the mind. So many people inflict pain upon themselves with their own self righteous theories and philosophies. Don’t be like them. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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