5 Bad (And 5 Good) Things About Sharing Your Life With Cats

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I share my life and my apartment with two wonderful cats. As we cat owners know, there are numerous good and bad things about owning cats. There are certain struggles and benefits I face every day as a cat owner…


1. They need to eat ALL THE TIME.

Cats are hungry little beings. They seem to eat about ten times a day, and they act the hungriest while you’re trying to sleep. Coincidence? Every time you walk toward the food cabinet, they are right behind you. Some even jump on top of you while you’re sleeping—I have one of these—he will claw and swipe at my hair until I get up and fill the food dish.

2. They need to eat YOUR FOOD all the time.

No matter what you are eating, they have to have it. They will not leave you alone until they get a taste of the goods. Even then, good luck shooing them away.

3. They like you one day and hate you the next.

Cats are moody! It’s even worse with two, because one hates you one day and one loves you. It’s frustrating when one cat will snuggle with your BF but not you—EVER! Cats are known to only like one person in the household. I guess that’s just their nature, but it’s completely frustrating. While one hates me, the other one seems to like me but is still iffy some days.

4. You cannot wear ANYTHING black.

Hair hair EVERYWHERE! You better not wear black and plan on sitting on the couch or floor. You will be going to class looking like a cat yourself. And good luck getting the hair off—it’s close to impossible. I would suggest investing in a lint roller or three.

5. They are addictive.

One cat leads to two then three, eventually. Kittens are addicting. You have to get another when one grows up, because the kitten stage is the best. The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, and I definitely have a problem. I always catch myself wandering through PetSmart looking at all the kittens.


1. When they want to cuddle, it’s awesome!

Cuddling with cats makes you feel good. They only cuddle on their terms, though, which is to be expected. I love it when I am sitting there and my girl jumps up on my lap. There’s no better feeling.

2. They are just so darn cute.

When they are wrestling with each other, cleaning each other, or just relaxing, nothing can be any cuter. It’s so cute that they love each other and play like toddlers. Kittens are especially cute the way they stumble when they run. Kitten cuteness holds a special place in my heart.

3. They are WAY easier than dogs.

Cats require some attention, but they are not as needy as dogs. Don’t get me wrong; I love dogs also. However, for college students, cats are perfect. You can leave them for a couple days, and they will be just fine. (I would miss mine too much, though.)

4. They can become your best friends.

Cats will not stab you in the back, lie, or cheat. They are always loyal to you as long as you are loyal to them. They can be great company when you are feeling alone. Simply put, they are great beings to be around. My cats are certainly my best friends—no, I’m not ashamed. You shouldn’t be, either!

5. Cats can bring people closer.

Having a cat in the house can bring the family closer. I know that’s a stretch, but it’s true. My boyfriend and I have these little beings to take care of together. NOT kids…just cats. We cuddle and play with them together. We are raising them together, and that makes us closer. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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