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20 Questions I Never Got To Ask You

1. Do you still think about me when the streetlights come on?

2. Do you remember what I was wearing when we met? (I don’t, but I can picture your sweater right down to the frayed cuffs.)

3. Do you ever miss me?

4. What did you ever see in me? (I always thought that you were way cooler than I ever could be.)

5. Did you really think I was funny? (Nobody laughs at my jokes quite like you did.)

6. Do you remember that day when we were laughing so hard it felt like the whole library stared at us? (The librarian actually shushed us – I used to be so much quieter before I met you.)

7. Do you know that you made me braver?

8. Were you mad that I kept your sweater for so long? (I know that it was your favorite.)

9. How did you know what my favorite song was? (I don’t remember telling you, but somehow you knew.)

10. Are you proud of me? (I’m proud of you.)

11. What did she have that I didn’t?

12. Was that why you chose her instead?

13. Do you ever regret it?

14. Were you mad when I disappeared? (I’m sorry.)

15. Do you think that you could ever forgive me for that?

16. Do you still listen to that band you showed me? (I still do, every single day.)

17. Did you ever think about calling me when I moved back? (I promise that I would have answered.)

18. Do you think that things would have been different if we’d met each other when we were older? (I do.)

19. Do you think that we could ever start over? (I’m honestly not sure.)

20. Were you ever in love with me too?

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