Don’t Be Afraid To Tell Someone Your Feelings

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Everyone seems to be so scared to tell their feelings towards someone they like or love. I understand that it’s scary to tell someone your feelings because you might not have an idea of how they feel for you and how they would react. But what if that person is thinking the same thing as you are? Well, you’ll never know until you tell that person your feelings. It might not be easy because we are all afraid of rejections and heartbreaks, but it’s sadder not to tell your feelings to see what happens.

Showing your feelings to someone does not mean your weak or vulnerable, it means that you’re human.

You might get hurt because the feelings were not mutual. In that case, let yourself feel the pain and give yourself some credit for being brave enough for telling someone your genuine feelings. Don’t regret it. It’s worth telling someone how you feel for them because real feelings don’t come so easily, and it’s a precious thing that happens.

So don’t let your fears stop you from telling someone your feelings because you might be losing your time and that person.

This is same for the loves that are lost. You might have been in a relationship with someone you truly loved, but it ended by breaking up. I’m not talking about the relationships that were toxic in any kind of way. I’m talking about a love that might have been possible to fix but wasn’t fixable at that time due to various circumstances and other reasons. There are many reasons why people break-up, but I believe that everyone deserves a second chance. Nobody is perfect and sometimes you need time to realize how important someone is for you. If you truly want someone back, then you should let that person know. Because you are the one who knows best that you will never find someone like her/him.

So don’t give up, and tell your true feelings to that person.

You never know how things will turn out if you don’t fight for it. If the feelings turn out to be mutual then you’re a lucky one, but if it didn’t work out than it wasn’t meant to be.

It might hurt like hell if it doesn’t work out, but it’s better than not telling your feeling and thinking what could have been for the rest of your life.

You only got one life, so have the courage to follow your heart. Feeling afraid and overcoming your fears will make your life so much more meaningful.

Just go for it. TC mark

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