I’m A ‘Ride Or Die’ Kind Of Girl—So Modern Dating Won’t Do It For Me

ride or die kind of gir
Sawyer Bengtson

Modern dating seems like it’s becoming a game nowadays.

It’s easy to find someone just to hook-up with, and if that’s just what you’re looking for congratulations. You’re qualified for modern dating. But for the ones that are looking for more than a hook-up, I believe that it’s pretty hard to get what you want.

First of all, I’m just going to say women and men are very different and most of the time women are the ones that get disappointed more often. No offense to men out there, but that’s just how it is.

In this generation with social media it has become so easy to reach out to people indirectly. You can also search people online and get so much information about them, that you will feel like you know them even before going on a date. We all want to know about the person we are romantically interested in, and you also feel more secure to see their social media so you know they’re not a psychopath.

For example, when you start talking to someone you met at the bar, online or however, usually it starts from texting or social media direct messages. It changes depending on how interested you are in that person. The thing is now everyone seems to be so afraid to be rejected (ghosted, bread crumbed), so they start to think if they should reply right away, or if it’s better to reply after a couple of hours.

But isn’t it so exhausting to have to think about that all the time?

I mean if you really like that person, don’t you want to reply as soon as you get a text from them? I understand that it’s hard to open up from the beginning and be hesitant towards a person you just met, but then what’s the point on dating? The other thing is that it seems to be a miracle to get a phone call from someone you just met. Rather than that, everything starts from a text.

There’s nothing wrong with texting, but it’s nice to get a phone call once in awhile.

I think that hooking up has become so easy that people got lazy to be in a relationship. For guys it will be like, “Why do I have to be in a relationship if I can get laid whenever I want to.” 

Relationships are hard and you have to put in effort in it, and guys are not willing to do that. It’s easier with no strings attached. I’m not saying all guys are like this, but from my dating experience and hearing all my girlfriend’s stories, a lot of guys are not looking for something serious nowadays. If you’re not looking for anything serious from the beginning, then make it clear from the beginning.

Sometimes I get tired of dating, because I’m not sure what guys are looking for, and I’m not looking for a hookup or a temporary thing.

I’m a ride or die type kind of chick so modern dating doesn’t work for me.

I don’t play games, I just like to keep it real. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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