9 True Stories About Encounters With Witchcraft, Voodoo And The Occult

I was the victim of a Bear Walker

“In First Nations culture, a bear walker is someone who uses our sacred medicines for bad and not good. They can make someone very sick. Only a medicine man may reverse it and it often comes as a gamble for the Bear Walker. Once reversed, they will suffer more than the one they made sick.

I was 20 years old and very healthy. One night, I had a dream I was in a field and was picking wild flowers. From each direction, a tornado was coming at me. I woke up in a fevered sweat. That began 2 months of sheer misery. My doctor kept saying that I had a UTI. She would give me antibiotics and it would subside for a while. I lost 40 pounds in the span of 2 months. By the end of it, I couldn’t walk. Barely ate. Finally, my Mom got tired of it. My sister bundled me up and we went to the hospital. Though an earlier ultrasound showed nothing, there was a huge growth on my ovary.

A few days later I had surgery and when the doctor came to visit me. He said he never seen anything like it. It was a yellow almost concrete like substance around my ovary. I got better, but my Mother remained unconvinced and scheduled an appointment with a medicine man. We gave him tobacco and he smoked a pipe and sang a song.

He said something along the lines of a woman seeing me at a pow wow. She became interested in who I was because of my Mother. She threw a piece of medicine in my path. I stepped on it and it went up the right leg. He asked me if I still felt it. I said yes. He took a bone, what kind I am not sure. Placed it in the area and began to suck (weird I know.) He started vomiting YELLOW. VOMITING YELLOW! Like the doctor said. He gave me medicines and rituals for my Mom to do. I went home that night and slept for 13 hours. My sickness never returned.” — Wackydetective

Dating app witch

“This happened a few years ago. I was on a dating site and matched with an attractive person. So, I started chatting. We made it to the “plans tonight?” part of the conversation and she told me she was going to play hide and seek with ‘Fluffy”. Pointing out the item in their second profile picture, a bloody rabbit mask. Eh, ok let’s be weird. So ,I played along until she mentioned that they would be playing in my basement. I thought “How in the hell? Eh, wild guess probably.” I lied and told her I didn’t have a basement. Immediately, she texted “Oh Yeah?” and I heard “Snnnniiiiicccckkkllllleeeffffrrriiiittttzzzzz” booming from the basement. I won’t lie to you Reddit, I about shit myself. Obviously, I blocked her and froze for an hour before I gathered the courage to check my completely enclosed from the outside basement. I didn’t find anything, thankfully. I didn’t have a smart device at all and I didn’t have any speakers that could have been hacked. I didn’t even have wireless internet at the time. The basement was completely empty. I can’t explain it in the slightest.” — Snicklefritz646

“No pictures”

“I went to a voodoo shop in New Orleans that had a lot of signs up that said No Pictures. My boyfriend’s mom wanted some voodoo dolls and wanted to see pictures of them before he bought it. I told him not to because I had a bad feeling about it.

Immediately after taking the picture his cellphone lost signal, mine was totally fine. He couldn’t send the picture so we walked outside and a car drove by and splashed him with water but I was dry.

Freaked us out, I told him to delete the pictures and we had to buy the two dolls he took pictures of.” — imwriting

Angry ghost

“A ghost pulled my father from the ankles out of his bed when he was sleeping because he didn’t want to go to his aunt’s funeral that same week.

My mom was with him of course and woke up to see how he was just in the middle of the bed with his legs dangling outside and he was scared, pale from fear.

We have had so many paranormal stuff happen to us. Maybe it’s because if where we live.” — gemitarius

I could feel “the power”

“When I was a teen a bunch of my friends went through a Wiccan phase. I honestly thought it was a bunch of hooey, but played along for the most part, because hey they could’ve got into drugs or horses instead right?

But despite thinking it bullshit there was one moment that made me question things.

Us girls had met up to hang out, and one was brandishing a wooden walking stick. “I have poured my energy into this totem,” she declared, then started passing it around the room. The others cooed about how they could “feel the power within” as they held it. Course someone handed me the stick eventually. I could barely contain my eye roll as I took it.

As I held the walking stick it sent a tingling sensation up my arms.

I passed it on quickly.

Not as dramatic as some of the stories here, but gosh that was weird.” — Reasonable-Hornet

The silver pendant

“When I was in high school I had this sudden bout of nightmares and sleep paralysis. I wasn’t going through a stressful time or anything and I don’t freak out easily. I grew up watching 80’s and 90’s horror films and I normally sleep with total darkness and doors closed. These nightmares were super sudden and happened almost every night. It was constant sleep paralysis where my room was on fire, or there were bats thrashing around above me, or there was a figure hovering over my body and I couldn’t breathe (the classic). Sometimes my speakers let out strange frequency type sounds even when it was switched off. Things would fall off my shelves etc. My mom would always find me sleeping on the couch the next morning with the tv on because it was so crazy.

Suddenly it all stopped, and when I told my mom She admitted that she had sought advice from a priestess who engraved a blessing for me on a silver pendant and instructed my mom to place it in my room. She didn’t want to tell me to see if it would work. I’ve never had such episodes since.” — Pecuche

My grandma made me pay

“I was about 13 and my grandma was a believer in spirits, witches, etc. Well I had just pissed her off and she told me I was going to pay. That night I woke up at about 3 in the morning and I saw a little kid with a green shirt on in my room, he stared at me for about a minute and I couldnt look away. He then ran out of my room straight through the door laughing. About 30 minutes later another figure appeared in my room who looked about 15. He just stared at me and mumbled something and no matter how hard I tried I couldnt talk, scream, or move, I could only look. He then vanished into seemingly thin air. The next night I woke up at about the same time and it sounded as if there were 50 people in my room screaming at me to kill myself, kill my family, and just a lot of negative thoughts in general. The next day I got annointed and it stopped. Later that day I had to see my grandma and I instantly started to get sick after I hugged her and she just sat the there with a smirk on her face. I then got annointed again and it stopped. I still can’t explain how she did it but I still to this day am afraid to make my grandma mad.” — poopoopeepee153

I used to work in an occult book store

“I used to work in an occult bookstore. We sold mostly psychic nonsense and spiritualist new agey stuff. But there was a book case in the back with the real expensive stuff. And the owner was this real old, real wise man.

This woman used to come in when I was working and she’d just talk. For ages and ages. It was a non-stop stream of bullshit. She knew this, she did that, did you know about this, on and on. She’d suck up a ton of time. If you’ve ever heard the term energy vampire it would apply here. When she left you’d just feel drained.

One day she comes in while the owner is there. She walks up to the counter and starts her shtick and he’s very polite, and listening, but she just sort of runs out of steam. Like, within 60 seconds. She hums and haws a bit and then walks out of the store. It would usually take me an hour to get rid of her and he shut her down in a minute flat, with a smile on his face.

I mention it to him and he says, “There’s a circle of protection painted under the floor for a reason.”” — shaidyn


“Kid I was friends with in HS was jumped on two separate occasions: first, a mutual friend lured him outside his house, where a large group of dudes waited. One of them jumped him and beat him fairly badly. Second was a very HS “meet me after school” type fight, which my friend won, and was subsequently jumped by the fight loser’s boxer friend – that one he got severely fucked up.

So FF a year or so, he and I have kinda grown apart. He tells me he’s getting into Satanism and made a pact to sell his soul. He asked for three (the one that lured him, the loser of the second fight, and the boxer) to all be killed.

Luring guy died in a freak car accident two-ish years later (thrown from the back of a topless Jeep).

Loser of the second fight died four-ish years later (heroin OD)

Boxer died four-ish years later (don’t know)

We’re in our mid-forties now, he’s married with a kid. All probably total coincidences but at the time it was like…wtf did you do?” — Muggi

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