23 True Scary Stories That Could Convince You Of The Supernatural

Ghost car

“January 1 2003 – a stretch of road between 2 coastal towns in Australia

It was a dark and stormy night…..no, really…it was

Driving along with my partner, I noticed a car coming up behind us, travelling fast. It was a single lane road so we couldn’t move over

I said to my partner “This guy is in a hurry, let him overtake you” My partner agreed and he moved left as soon as there was an overtaking lane

The car pulled up beside us and then disappeared. There was nowhere it could have gone

We sat in silence for a few minutes and I said “Did you see that?” He said “Yep.'” — VerityPushpram

“Wake up”

“When I was around 17, I got out of bed to go get my dog out of his kennel and feed him. As I passed one of the cabinets, a voice whispered in my ear “wake up.” I could feel the breath and everything and literally just froze for a few seconds, and ran upstairs telling myself “what the fuck” repeatedly. It has messed with me to this day. I’d rather have heard absolutely ANYTHING else because “wake up” just messes with you.” — Swagmeister420_69

Eerie remote

“My remote once jumped off the TV by itself (the oldschool box type of television) when I was watching with my girlfriend. Didn’t fall or slide off; we actually saw it take a leap as if somebody threw it. We both just sat there being really confused before even questioning it out loud.” — Vindepin


“I had a dream my dog had gone to a distant corner of our heavily wooded back yard and dug a hole to get out, which was odd because he wasn’t a digger. He was stuck on the other side of the chain link fence because the hole was at a steep angle and he couldn’t squeeze back through. I lifted the fence up enough for him to get back through.

The next day I got home and the yard was eerily quiet. He’d usually run up to greet me. I thought of the dream and walked straight to the corner where I found him waiting on the other side of the fence and let him in.” — ThatPancreatitisGuy

Little blonde boy

“When I was between the ages of 4-6, I used to see a little blond boy through this mirrored armoire in my parents bedroom.

The armoire was big and wooden, but had mirrored accents and mirrors running all the way around the base. If I laid on the carpet in front of it and looked into the mirrors on the bottom, sometimes I’d see a little blond boy in a red sweater in the corner of the room, far away and a little distorted but still very clear. He would sit with his back to me, looking out the windows to the backyard. I don’t remember ever seeing his face.

I don’t think I saw him many times but I do remember his image very clearly. In my little kid mind I thought I invented this super neat mirror trick by myself, so I tried to get my parents to see it too. They always refused and my mom especially would get super mad at me for asking.

I stopped seeing the boy when I stopped playing in their bedroom as much and knew mirrors shouldn’t work like that. When I got older I chalked it up to my overactive kid brain. Didn’t think much of it tbh.

Years and YEARS later, when I was an adult and long after my parents had sold that house, my mom asked me about the armoire out of the blue then told me that she used to see the little boy too. Not in the mirrors but sometimes just out the corners of her eyes (like she’d be cooking and catch a glimpse of blond hair pass by her hips, at a kid’s height) and occasionally in dreams. It didn’t happen too often but just enough to deeply freak them out. So when I mentioned seeing the same little boy, my mom was just terrified herself.

There were other strange stuff in that house but this was 100% the most vivid I remember.” — 10487518386


“One night, I must have been about 5 or 6, I woke up in the middle of the night and felt uneasy. I was never a good sleeper and would call for my mom if I felt sick, so that’s what I did.

I called for her and then noticed someone in the corner, in a white night gown and holding what looked like a mug. I genuinely thought it was my mother and asked, “mom, what are you doing in the corner?”

The figure did not move. I asked it again and when I had no response, I just went straight back to bed. You’d think such a thing would scare a little kid, but I felt a sense of peace about it all.

Then years later, I must have been about 19 years old, I saw a psychic (I know, I know, cold readers are a thing). I remembered that night, but thought it was just sleepy imaginative kid brain, until this psychic woman repeated the events of the night back to me: you woke up in the middle of the night, someone dressed in white was in your room in the corner, you thought it was your mother and tried to speak to it, then peacefully went back to sleep. DAFAQ?!

She then said, it was your grandmother, the one who you are named after (yup) and she was there to let you know she’s looking after you.” — Icolyclast

Message from beyond

“When I was 16, an uncle (dad’s brother) passed unexpectedly. Weeks later, I had a dream about him and he told me to quit smoking cigarettes. (It was way more involved but it’s been 20+ years so I don’t remember the rest.)

A month or so later, I mentioned the dream to my parents and my dad started crying, got up and walked away. Apparently he’d dreamed of talking to his brother too, and he’d told my dad that he (uncle) needed to talk to me.” — itsnotboringenough

The Ghosts of Bacon

“I worked for an online retailer warehouse for a few months. There were two depressing windows that obviously were the bare minimum required for zoning that I probably walked by a thousand times a day. Outside youd see a concrete retaining wall, and some trucks.

Obviously after a while I’d barely see out of my periphery, wall trucks, trucks wall. Until one day I saw trucks and then in the second window, pigs.

It was only a second but I definitely saw a bunch of massive pigs in fenced in areas, with a rolling hills beyond. Of course, when I looked back, no pigs.

For the next few weeks I stared out the windows when I went past, always seeing nothing but that wall. Ot was only when I got lazy and stopped paying attention that it happened again. Pigs, hill, then look back and gone.

Apparently the land used to be a farm, never found out if it was a pig farm. I like to think it’s a flash of the past and not the ghosts of bacon.” — SmuckersBunny

Little friend

“I used to do pest control. Went to a customers business for the first time. As I walked in the office I noticed some pictures that were Supposed to be hanging on the wall were on the ground and then saw some papers which looked like they had been thrown and scattered off a desk. I picked everything up so I could apply treatment to the floor Boards and surrounding rooms. I then went to treat The only restroom in the office, I simply knocked on the door as a courtesy as I always do before entering any restroom, there was no reply for nobody was in there so I went and applied treatment to the restroom and I closed the door behind me. As I walked away from the door I KNOW I HEARD somebody grab the door handle, twist it open and open the door. I turned around and looked to see nobody behind me but a door swinging open. The hair on my neck instantly stood up and I put two in two together.

I grabbed my shit and ran down stairs. The receptionist saw me and started laughing. She asked me if I had met “Their little friend upstairs”” — CLOS_361

Ghost dream

“In 2018, My grandpa was in the hospital due to being in a very bad diabetic state, no one wanted to say it but he was close to the end of his life. My sister and a few cousins flew out see him, and he was getting worse. I wanted to go , but I couldn’t due to money, and it was killing me because Him, and I were extremely close. He ends up passing away a couple weeks later , and when my grandma called , she said he kept asking for me and my mom before he passed , and that crushed me. I wanted to say my finally goodbyes. I loved that man so much, Then one night I had a extremely vivid dream , that I was at the beautiful ranch in mexico, and I walked thru the gates , and saw this long house with many cars outside, I went in and opened the door , and I was greeted by my aunt. I have her a hug , and turned to look who was all there , and sitting right in the corner was my grandpa smiling, He stood up , and I ran to him and have him the biggest hug. I woke up right after , and cried tears of joy/sadness . It felt so real.” — LordoftheMexicans

Phantom phone call

“My best friends dad, who was a second father to me, came to me in a dream and told me to tell my best friend that he loved her and that he was sorry. I woke up to my cell phone ringing to find it was my best friend absolutely hysterical telling me that he finally passed away from sclerosis. I sobbed all day. He was a drunk our whole lives but it still hurt.” — Representative_Rest2

Permanent resident

“My husband and I were travelling through New South Wales, Australia and stayed at a lovely motel. In the morning we went down to breakfast and most of the other people had already left so we were almost alone. Suddenly a glass flew across an empty table and landed on the floor. I was facing that direction and fully saw it as if it was pushed across the table. I looked behind me at the only other couple and they were wide eyed and confused. Apparently the motel has a permanent resident that likes attention!” — freegranny4444

Kitchen encounter

“I saw my deceased ex husband in my kitchen.

I was watching tv in my living room (in the middle of the day) and kept hearing this sound, like someone was jiggling their change around. And it was loud, as if it were in the room with me. I paused my t.v. yet the sound persisted.

So I start to look around the room and when I got to the kitchen, I saw him standing there. He was looking around, as if taking stock of my apartment. Oh, and he was jiggling change in one hand, while flipping a quarter in between his fingers with the other hand. Something he did a lot when he was alive.

He turned his head and saw me frozen, staring at him. The expression on his face was knew I would never forget. His eyes got HUGE and he kind of tilted his head forward, with the expression like, “You can SEE me??!!” I don’t how long we stared at each for, but I turned away when I started to hear my cat ripping up the fucking carpet again in the other room. When I turned back to my ex, he was gone.

It’s worth noting that he had only been dead for a couple months too. Some Romanian women I worked with told me that the dead stick around for three months before crossing over. I don’t know about all that, but I know without a shadow of a doubt, what I saw that day.” — whitneyrosenberg

Bell-bottom ghost

“When I was about 9 years old, 1995, in the middle of a bright summer day, I went to the refrigerator to get a popsicle. Suddenly a roughly teenage-looking guy, with long brown hair, wearing a beige turtleneck and red plaid bell-bottoms, turned around the corner into the hallway to my left, then vanished from toe to head as I looked at him. Told no one about it for years, until after my mother mentioned meeting the (now grown) kids who lived in the house before us, who asked her if she’d seen “the bell-bottom ghost”.” — Dahhhkness

What took you so long?

“My grandfather love my grandmother a lot. He would constantly tell her she was beautiful and would always do embarrassing things to make her laugh. Unfortunately she died a few months after being diagnosed with cancer. This affected him a lot but as time went on he came to terms with it. My grandfather lived on for another 18 years. In his final years he developed really bad alzheimers that led him to forget that his wife had passed away and would often call for her or ask us where she went. We’d explain to him that she had passed away but it always made him distressed and upset so we decided to tell him “she’ll be back soon” everytime he asked where she was.

A month or so before my grand father passed away, I was at his house with my mother and we were all sitting in the living room. My grandfather who was seated on his chair all of a sudden starts frantically asking us where my grandmother was. We calmly explained to him that she’ll be back soon and she was just out doing some chores. Unlike most times, he was being persistent on wanting to see her. We explained to him again that she’ll be back soon but he kept getting more persistent. He started to frantically call for her. He screamed her name as loud as he could over and over again until out of nowhere every single door and window in the room flung open all at once. Now we could say that it was just wind but all the doors and windows in the house had secure locks and would stay locked at all times since my grandfather would wander off or forget to lock his doors. All the doors and windows burst open and at that same second may grandfather, who was facing the front door says “what took you so long? I’ve been waiting for you” with a smile. My mother and I didn’t see the person my grandfather talked to but I’m sure that he saw his wife.” — Tiny_pickled_joe

Pizza delivery hell

“The summer after I graduated high school I got a job delivering pizza to help save money for college. I had a lot of run ins with some pretty weird characters but nothing like what happened this one night.

It was a Friday night. We deliver pizzas until 3am Friday’s and Saturday’s. It was 2:45am and we were preparing to close when our manager said we got a call for a delivery at place almost 20mins away. Being the desperate for money teenager I was, I offered to do the delivery.

This was before smart phones had gps so I used a Garmin. I plugged in the address and off I went. The Garmin took me deep into the backwoods of rural Texas.

I finally arrive to my destination. The house looked like something in a horror movie. Big wooden two story house with no lights on. The first thing I notice about the house was that the front door was wide open. I sat in my car for a few minutes debating on turning back and claiming no one was home. Something just didn’t feel right.

I needed the tip money so I sucked it up and approached the house. When I got to the open front door I didn’t enter. Instead I knocked. No one answered. I knocked again as loud as I could. No response. I finally got the courage to say something, “pizza delivery! Anyone home?” There was a few seconds of silence until I heard a weird voice, “upstairs!”

I walked in the house and could barely make out my surroundings because it was so dark. I make it to the bottom of the stairs and look up into the dark abyss. Again I said, “pizza delivery.” The voice spoke again, “come up stairs. I can’t get out of bed.” Something was very off about this voice. It didn’t sound normal. The best I can describe it is if a dog somehow learned to talk but still had trouble pronouncing human words. The hairs stood up on my neck. There was no fucking way I was going up there. The tip wasn’t worth it.

I placed the pizza at the bottom of the stairs and shouted, “I’m leaving it here at the bottom of the stairs. Have a good night.” As I turned away the voice said, “No! Come up stairs! I can’t get out of bed!” I replied, “ I’m sorry I’m not even allowed to enter someone’s home on the job. You’ll have to come get it.”

I heard some loud banging from up stairs with the voice shouting at full volume, “COME UP STAIRS! I CANT COME OUT OF BED!” The voice shouted this over and over again like it was a recording on a loop. The banging got louder and louder as the voice got louder.

I noped the fuck out of there at full speed. To this day I have no idea what the fuck happened in that house.” — AskMeAboutMyTie

A haunting

“I met a girl a long time ago. Like, close to 20 years ago. We hung out off and on, nothing significant really, just as friends, and told stories about our lives and other stupid shit.

After awhile, she told me a story about a house she used to live in, in a neighboring city.

She told me about how she’d experience the same thing—the same “haunting”—every few nights.

Her bedroom was upstairs, and the kitchen, dining room, a bathroom, and another bedroom were in the basement. Easiest way to access them was through the garage—that’s how everyone came inside anyway. No one used the actual front door upstairs.

Anyway. In the middle of the night, she’d hear someone enter through the garage and go into the kitchen (they were basically attached). The faucet would turn on and a bowl or something would crash in the sink. The water would stop.

The footsteps would continue through the dining room and to the staircase. It was a mini-spiral staircase that led to the living room. Her bedroom was attached to that.

Then the footsteps would stop halfway up.

It was only about ten steps before the top but she said they’d always stop at the same point.

When she told me this, I panicked. I asked her the address. It was the same house I’d lived in as a kid 4 years before she did.

And I experienced the same thing. Only I’d never told a single person about it. Not my parents, my brothers, my friends—no one. Yet she described it perfectly, step by step, room by room.

That house was always weird, even before my own experience, but never have I had a shared haunting moment like that.” — TommyRockbottom


“4 years ago my fiancé died. He and his parents were American but we were living in another country so, in less than a week we had to clean the house. We took with us some things in the plane but everything else was shipped.

When I get to the US I realised I can’t find some earrings he gave to me in our first anniversary. I called my mum back home to check if I had left them somewhere but had no luck. I was absolutely devastated.

Few months go by and one of his aunts had a dream with him and apparently he had said “tell fingerhut89 I have them”. So, the aunt had no idea what was this about but she told me and at the time I didn’t really get it.

Few more months and we finally receive the cargo with all our stuff.

I start unpacking and found this little box where he used to put things like coins, keys and…my earrings.

I miss him so much. I used to leave my earrings everywhere and he was always telling me “can you please put them in one place? You are going to lose them”.” — Fingerhut89

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