11 Creepy (But Believable) Fan Theories About The Duggar Family

Fan theories collected from r/Duggarsnark on Reddit.

Duggars in the Attic

“In one of the 19 Kids and Counting episodes, Joe graduated from ALERT academy and Jinger was acting like their version of an army wife. She was wringing her hands and kept looking for “her man” (her words, not mine 🤢) in the crowd while everyone else seemed relatively normal. I think she also kept saying how handsome he looked in his goofy military for Jesus getup. I also remember her gushing about how great he looked when he was their chauffeur for Jessa’s engagement. I dunno man, these kids either seem way too distant or way too close.” — jumped-up_pantrygirl

“I remember that episode vividly too! When he went away to ALERT she was so upset! Then there was the episode where Jessa said she wanted a future husband like John David. No outside interaction, sexual repression, and familial role strain can do all sorts of crazy things. Again, I’m not saying Duggars in the Attic but I do think emotional incest is very possible in that situation.” — ACrateOfAle

“It was SO bizarre how easily they kept relating their future husbands to their brothers-probably a byproduct of not knowing any one else to compare them to but still so weird. Josh would also gush about how exactly alike Anna and Michelle are and while there’s nothing wrong with appreciating qualities they both share, frequently mentioning it as a reason for attraction is extremely questionable.” — — jumped-up_pantrygirl

How Josh Duggar came to molest his sisters

“I think Josh was molested or abused by someone older than him as a kid. May not have been Jim Bob or Michelle, but he learned his behavior somewhere.” — Born_Slippee

“I think this one actually makes total sense. He learned the behavior somewhere. I’ve also wondered if he stumbled upon some porn or other sexually explicit material, and, not having received age-appropriate sex ed from his parents, decided to try to “act out” what he’d seen on his sisters. The Duggar kids were SO sheltered back then that I wouldn’t be surprised if the parents neglected to teach their kids about their own anatomy, puberty, body safety, consent, porn, etc.” — _tater_tot_casserole

We don’t know the half of Josh Duggar sexually abusing children

“I think that Josh continued to molest his siblings, though different ones, longer than is admitted to. I also think some of the victims were boys- not because he is gay, but because they were available.” — DonnaNobleSmith

Jim Bob Duggar is blackmailing other families in his fundamentalist cult

“I’m convinced that JimBob has some form of blackmail on others in the cult – whether it’s on their shady businesses or abuse they’ve committed.

I developed this theory going back and watching the old specials and episodes during quarantine…

In the 14 kids and Pregnant special, the 15 kids special, and the moving special (whatevs they’re actually titled 🤷🏼‍♀️) they’ve got all sorts of people who educate their kids on homeschool field trips, come and help them move house, the general contractor that’s straight up teaching them to build the damn house because they’re determined to do it themselves until they just can’t anymore… the entire time I watched it, I thought “This is too good to be true. These people are way too nice.” And then I remembered growing up in church circles and that nobody is actually that nice.

We’re able to trace Josh’s molestation timeline a bit through that period of time with his buzz cut. We know that people outside of the family were aware of the abuse. I’m sure they actually didn’t care that much about little girls getting abused, but it didn’t seem to shake their position in the cult at all. This struck me as odd because JimBlob and Michelle don’t seem to have any formal leadership position in the cult and weren’t yet famous. The other families seemed to have no issue with their little girls hanging out with the defiled (🤮) Duggar girls or being around Josh. In my Christian circles mothers always seemed a more vilified when their kids had moral failings. My mom would have guarded my “innocence” from even the chance I’d have learned what abuse was. So these fundies aren’t worried at all that the kids will talk even?

I think the Keller family raises interesting questions. They literally gained nothing and did no social climbing by marrying Anna to sex pest Josh Duggar. And they did so knowing about his past abuse, several years before the truth came out. They never leveraged the knowledge? Instead they were essentially cut out of their daughter’s life. So what’s going on there? How did that fly?

So then over time, we have to wonder how JimBlob is funding their lifestyle, starting businesses, flipping houses, marrying off his children, receiving all these favors from people, paying for so many HUGE weddings, pilots licenses, trips to ALERT at $3-5k per session etc…

In an environment rife with abuse, seeing them participate in mainstream media and bring extra attention seems like it should -in theory – shift their position in the cult a bit from inner circle to the periphery. But it didn’t.

Not only that, Josh Duggar is gloriously destroyed and revealed for what he truly is. And yet the cult doesn’t so much as publicly distance itself from them. They continue marrying off their children – with even better matches in the cult. The weddings seem to get fancier every time. And even with the eldest Duggar girls wearing pants, dying their hair, Jill clearly using birth control, the Derrick situation, etc – none of it has shaken their position.

So all of that said?

What the holy hell does JimBlob have on all these other men and how is he using it to manipulate situations so that they hold on to their position the way they have?” — executivekitty

The Duggar children all have arranged marriages with other members of their fundamentalist cult

“All the marriages are arranged to some extent. Not fully arranged, I think the kids all have a say in the matter, but their families play a way more active role in match making than they let on.

Josh & Anna – according to Josh he met her in a line at some ATI event and it was love at first sight. Sure, Jan. I can believe he first met her in a line at an event, but then what? How did he know who she was, know where to find her family?

Jill & Derick – this is the most obvious, they admit Jim Bob set them up.

Jessa & Ben – yes, Ben saw Jessa on TV and thought she was hot, but then his parents for some reason decided to drive however many hours to visit the Duggars church, and Jim Bob for whatever reason decided to let this kid court his daughter. Obviously the families coordinated.

Jinger & Jeremy – I do think this is the least arranged match. I think someone set up Ben and Jeremy as friends (they’re both hyper Calvinists trying to get into ministry), and then Jessa set up Jinger and Jeremy. But I think Boob was and is more or less happy with Jeremy. Jeremy is more independent but he also never questions or speaks out against the Duggars and Jim Bob is probably OK with having a son-in-law here and there he doesn’t have to support. The marriage never would’ve happened if Boob wasn’t OK with it.

Joy & Austin – arranged by their families. I think Joy did for real have a crush on Austin, but he chose her because she was available and had the qualities he wanted in a wife. Their families obviously would encourage them to get married because they’ve been friends for a long time and are in the same cult.

Joe & Kendra – again, I’m sure they actually liked each other, but the Duggars go to Pastor Caldwell’s church. Joe needed a wife and Kendra was ripe for the plucking.

John & Abbie – easy, their families had known each other for years, they’re both in the same cult, and John and Abbie were both getting older by fundie standards and there was plenty of worry that neither of them would marry. Boom, match made in creepy fundie heaven.

Josiah & Lauren – wtf is this even? I’ve never heard them really talk about how they got together besides Josiah noticing her at a wedding or something, but you cannot tell me that their families (who have also known each other for a long time) didn’t orchestrate this. I’m like 80% sure someone’s dad got a message from Sky Daddy that Josiah and Lauren were destined for each other, and whaddaya know, the other one’s dad prayed on it and got the same message! Hallelujah!!” — emleelee92

Michelle’s “real” mom

“I’ve mentioned this before, but I think Michelle is the child of one of her older siblings who was adopted and raised by her grandparents. Maybe she knows, maybe she doesn’t. But I think there is a substantial age difference between Michelle and her siblings.

It would be an interesting twist if her birth mother was her gay sister.” — Bay-Area-Tanners

“I definitely believe this. She looks a lot like the eldest sister which is obvi a thing with siblings but the rest of the clan is not quite as similar in appearance. I wonder if Michelle found out as a teen and the identity crisis was part of what contributed to her fall into fundiness.” — ashbarr0ws

“Michelle was born in 1966. Her siblings are:

Pamela (1944) Frieda (1948) Evelyn (birth year unknown) Kathie (1952) Garrett Jr (1954) Carolyn (1961)” — Bay-Area-Tanners

Josh Duggar and Jeremy Vuolo are cheaters

“Not super wild I guess, but I believe Jeremy actively cheats on Jinger quite often. I also believe Josh still cheats and is still addicted to pornography.” — lunasheldon

“I feel like they’ve definitely alluded to this. I think Jeremy is also addicted to porn. I’ve also noticed being addicted to pornography is the trendy “struggle” of choice for young pastors. A lot of them don’t hide it and I think they use it make them relatable. He’s definitely talked about his “struggles” and “temptations” though. He gives Jinger access to his insta and computer to help keep him accountable. Barf.” — Alchemy_Girl

Jana Duggar is in a relationship

“Jana, Laura, and Lawson are a throuple of friends in the same way that Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill were. Laura is Mark, oblivious of the subtext and thus the perfect chaperone.” — ReignbowBaltierra

Jim Bob makes Jana Duggar stay single to be a Mommy/Maid to his children

“I personally think Jim Boob has taken on Jana as a spiritual wife. And not in an unspoken way, I think they’ve literally sat her down and told her that’s her role in the family. They all secretly acknowledge it and think it’s okay bc God anointed them with a big family and lots of children to take care of. Am I straight up speculating that there’s incest in that family? Yes, but I don’t need to because we already know there has been in the past.” — Alchemy_Girl

“I agree. And I think it happened when she was very young. There’s weird old family photos where her dress matches Michelle’s outfit instead of her sisters. I think it’s also why Josh didn’t prey on her.” — Muckl3t

Josh Duggar’s car lot is a front

“There is something going on at that car lot besides selling cars. Also I have seen posted on here ( too lazy to look up) documents that state Anna is the owner of some real estate and business. My tin foil hat theory is that Pest has not been by the book on some things, maybe tired to hide some assets through Anna and also since they are married, she can’t testify against him on crimes he has committed.” — starlaluna

Michelle Duggar is ill and Jim Bob is a predator

“Michelle has a serious mental illness and Jim Bob has capitalized on it. He’s used her mental illness in order to get her to produce 19 slaves — I mean, children — whom he also controls, and has used to amass fame & wealth. Michelle’s mental illness contributes to her inability to bond with her children, and has resulted in much of the child-rearing & household upkeep being delegated to them. She’s brought out mostly for filming, during which she displays her very childlike, seemingly intellectually-vacant demeanor.” — long-walks

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