50 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries That Will Ruin Your Day

50 Creepy Unsolved Mysteries That Will Ruin Your Day


That one where a guy is driving down the road and is overtaken by a car that loses control, flips and goes into some deep undergrowth. The guy calls the cops who turn up and find the wrecked car with a dead guy at the wheel. The problem is, they discovered that the car had been there for at least 3 years and the body was just skeletal remains.

No other car was found.


Lars Mittank. Guy goes on a ski vacation, bumps his head hard enough to warrant a doctor’s visit, gets diagnosed with a ruptured eardrum, which he takes care of for a couple of days with an antibotic. He’s due to fly home, but while in the airport, he’s spotted by the security cameras full on sprinting out of the airport with his luggage. He goes missing after that…

I’m pretty sure it was mental issues that came from bashing his head, and he got full on paranoid and ran away from his “enemies”.

Other theories are that he was involved in drugs/drug smuggling, so he ran when he had the chance. Another theory is that he was the target of black market organ harvesting (young guy with good organs and a tourist, yup.), as he sees the airport doctor before boarding his plane home and the doctor advised him not to fly.


The guy who went missing while skiing in New York this year. Said he was going to take one more run at the end of the day, and disappeared. His car was still in the parking lot with his ID in it. Six days later he turns up in California still wearing his ski clothes and not sure how he got there.


Gareth Williams.

Young man that worked for GCHQ and was attached to work at MI6. Didn’t clock in at work for a few days, so the police went to check in on him.

They find his body in a bag, in the bathtub. The bag was padlocked shut and the key was in the bag, under the body. Police concluded that it was nearly impossible for him to lock himself in the bag.

The Police are pretty sure he was murdered, but the case has gone pretty cold.


The Beale Ciphers. Basically, a rich cowboy created ciphers which have the location of his buried riches, worth millions today. One cipher was cracked, but the other two remain a mystery. There is debate on whether the ciphers are real, but the first cipher seems to not be made of random characters which would indicate the story being truthful. Many cryptographers have spent years trying to break them.


The man-eating catfish of Nepal. Several people pulled under and disappeared in a stretch of the Kali River in Nepal. Crocs and sharks were ruled out (though perhaps prematurely?) The best guess is that catfish had started eating the corpses pushed in the river from funeral pyres and had grown huge — they found a 6 footer in there — but nothing ever proven.


“Sept. 7, 2014, [Troy] Turner, 45, left his kids and their mother, 31-year-old Catherine Hoggle, at Catherine’s mother’s home in Gaithersburg, Maryland, before going to work around 2:30 p.m.” He did not leave her unsupervised with their children because she has Schizophrenia and could not be trusted to be safe with them. “According to police investigating the case, Catherine left her mother’s home that day in 2014 around 4 p.m., saying she was taking Jacob out to get pizza. Three hours later — without either Jacob or pizza — she returned to say she had dropped him off at a playmate’s house for a sleepover. She then took Sarah and the couple’s older son back to her own home.”

Troy came home and went to bed without checking on the children as usual because he was tired. He then “awoke the next morning to discover Jacob, Sarah and their mother all gone. When Catherine eventually returned, she claimed she’d dropped the two kids at a new child care center.” After hours of being cagey about where the new daycare is, Troy headed towards the police station with Catherine to get help. “Catherine asked him to stop at a fast-food restaurant — and after texting her mother that the missing kids were fine, she disappeared herself, not to re-emerge for several days when she was found wandering the streets and taken into custody.”

The children have not been found, and although Catherine claims they are fine, the children have been declared dead by investigators. The family still searches for them, but both Troy and his MIL believe they are probably dead. For a long time, they hoped Catherine had given them to someone for safekeeping…but too much time has passed for that theory to be realistic.

Catherine has been declared unfit for trial due to her Paranoid Scizophrenia, but family members who know Catherine believe she is playing the system and knows more than she’s letting on. Catherine has attempted to escape the hospital psych ward, where she’s being kept, several times…and flat-out refuses to tell anyone what happened to the children.


My favorite is probably John Lang’s case. Basically a local activist posts regularly about the Fresno Police Department and about how they were plotting against him. People thought he was crazy until he set up a camera that recorded lots of weird shit. Including a bunch of cops parking across the street from his house staring at him in the middle of the night and a van pulling up with a large camera that people theorized took thermal pictures through walls to see if anyone was inside. He posted that that weekend, the police was going to murder him and corrected predicted his death. The police released a report saying that he was stabbed repeatedly in the back and then recanted saying it was supposedly a suicide of a crazy man.


The Disappearance of Gary Mathias, aka the Yuba County Five. Not just weird, but very sad.

Five men between the ages of 24-32 were very close friends. They all either had mental issues or intellectual disabilities, and all still lived with their families. They went to see a basketball game 50 miles/80km away. After the game, they drove to a convenience store to grab some snacks and drinks, and then were never seen alive again. Their car was found on a mountain, around the snow line, 70 miles/110km away from the basketball game, nowhere near the route back home. The car was abandoned, but it still drove fine and had gas.

On the same night they went missing, a man was driving up the same road and got stuck. When he tried pushing his car out, he had a heart attack. He saw another car pull up behind him with a group of people around it, including a woman with a baby. When he called for help, they stopped talking and turned their lights off. Later on, he saw people walking around with flashlights; when he called for help, they again turned their lights off.

This all happened in February. In June, the first of the bodies were found. One man, Weiher, was found in a ranger’s trailer 20 miles/31km from the car. He had lost almost 100 pounds, and the growth of his beard suggested he’d been alive in the trailer for up to 13 weeks before he starved to death. The trailer had matches, things for burning. It had heavy clothing to wear. It had enough food for all five men to survive on for a year. It had heating that was never turned on.

Bones of three of the other men were eventually found around the trail leading from the car to the trailer. They are believed to have died of hypothermia. Though Gary Mathias’s shoes were in the trailer with Weiher, suggesting he was there at some point (and Weiher had been tucked into bed, so someone else was with him) his remains were never found.

Nobody knows why they were even on that road to begin with, let alone why they would abandon their car instead of just driving back down the road, or why, once they got to the trailer, they didn’t use any of the supplies to stay alive.


The Green Children of Woolpit. It’s from the 12th century. Two green-skinned children appeared at the bottom of a wolf trap near a town. They spoke no known language and would eat nothing but peas still in the pod. They were a boy and a girl. Eventually the boy died, but the girl flourished and learned English. She claimed that they had come from somewhere underground called Saint Martin where the sun never shown.


Mortis.com It was a mysterious website that simply showed a login page, prompting members to type a username and password. Nobody knew what the site was for, and hackers and decoders on 4chan attempted to crack the password/username to no avail. They did, however, find out the website hosted a HUGE amount of data, and traced its origins to a man named Tom Ling, who hosted other bizzare sites, such as “cthulhu.net” which simply said “Dead but dreaming…” For reasons unknown, the FBI took Mortis.com down, and the question still remains what the website hosted, and why it was so important that the feds got involved.


I’m late but this one freaks me out.

In 1979 five guys in Hawaii went fishing in a small Boston Whailer boat. A freak storm happened and they were never found.

Case closed, right?

About 10 years later….2,000 miles away….on a deserted island they found the boat.

Next to it was a pile of rocks with a makeshift cross.

This was covering a skeleton and, weirdly enough, a carefully crafted series of paper, each with a small, perfect square of tinfoil in the middle of each.

Dental records showed it was one of the fishermen…but no other bodies were found.

And where it gets REALLY weird is that that same island had been surveyed by the government the year before…no boat and no body was there at the time.

Which means the boat…and someone who buried a body…. would have to have ended up there within about a year.

So where were they for TEN YEARS until they reached that island? Where are the other men? Who buried the body? What did the papers with foil mean?


The disappearance of Brian Shaffer drives me bonkers! He was videotaped entering a bar but no video footage of him leaving. Nobody has a clue what happened to him.


Corrie Mckeague was seen entering a dead end and was never seen exiting on CCTV.

It’s thought he exited in a waste bin and his body is now at landfill that was searched for 6 months, but he was never found.

There’s so many things that don’t add up with his disappearance.


The mystery of the Voynich Manuscript is interesting: basically, it’s an old folio/codex written during the renaissance that, while clearly written in some language or code, is not only completely unique to that one book but also still has not been cracked to this day.

It’s also got a lot of pretty bizarre illustrations that actually make the decoding more confusing, as they seem to have little to no bearing on the text. Plus, there are random bits of text that seem to be doodle-like notes, unconnected with the rest of the work.

What’s also confusing is that while it is not a known language, the manuscript is far too long for it to make sense as a code. After all, codes are usually used to hide information. Why you would want to hide 37,000 words worth of information in code, but at the same time provide illustrations (albeit not helpful ones) for your secret code is just baffling.

Most historians, cryptographers, and linguists agree that at least the first part of the book appears to contain recipes for herbal medicines, which may mean the book is a medical textbook/guide, and thus is coded to help keep the secrets of the doctors who made it, but that only provides an explanation for the first part of the book, ignoring the rest, and does nothing to explain the weird illustrations that seemingly have nothing to do with medicine or science, and would be more fitting in a religious text–except for the illustrations of plants used in medicines. But wait, because even those are wrong! Most of the plant illustrations are fusions of multiple different plants, taking the roots from one plant, drawing the stem of a totally different one onto it, and finishing it off with yet a third plant’s flower.

Really, really weird.


The wife of Scientology leader David Miscavige has not been seen in 11 years. The church insists that she’s just too busy to make public appearances, but former member Leah Remini has filed a missing person report for her. Some say she’s straight up dead.


Here’s an interesting one: The 1969 murder of Jane Britton.

A 23-year-old Harvard anthropology student was found murdered in her apartment with some mysterious evidence (an ancient hammer-like tool that was the potential murder weapon, some red powder sprinkled around that links to a weird burial ritual, etc) – there’s at least 3 or 4 potential suspects included a professor, boyfriend, and neighbor – but 50 years later it’s unsolved. Also some other killings of women nearby in location & age that might be linked.


Somertan Man, also known as the Tamam Shud case, is really bizarre. Basic gist is a dead guy on an Australian beach is found with a torn piece of paper saying “Tamam Shud”, Persian for “ending” or “the end”. He has yet to be identified but everything surrounding him after the case started is bizarre and intriguing


When 4-year-old Paulette Farah was reported missing from her room, as usual, detectives took a snapshot of the room as evidence.

Nine days later, Paulette’s body was found…in her bed. She had apparently been there the whole time and was only located because of the smell. She is said to have rolled down to the end of her bed and suffocated between the bed frame, comforter, and mattress.

But how did detectives miss her body? How did her family? Not even police dogs picked up on the body when they were brought in the day she went missing.


“On the trail of the Golden Owl” – a book published in 1993 as clues to a treasure hunt. The golden owl is real and a bronze replica and buried somewhere in France. Whoever can work out the puzzle will be able to decipher where it buried and collect the golden statuette.


The disappearance of my best friend September of 2012. He was last seen at his cousin’s house in the woods the night before he went missing. He had no car, no cell phone, no one knew he was out there, as he had just been released from the hospital. He had no form of contact, and ALL of his belongings were left at the house including his prescriptions for the epilepsy condition that he suffered from. He left his weed and pipe, and his cigarettes, all of which he NEVER left the house without. Had he decided to go for a midnight stroll through the woods then he most certainly would have taken those three things.

An extensive search and rescue effort was conducted for one week after his disappearance, including bloodhounds, 30+ volunteer search and rescue, people on horseback, atv, and even a helicopter. Not a trace was ever found. Not even a scent was found by the dogs. The police turned a missing persons case into a possible murder, and they began investigating. They sprayed Luminol all over the house and property, and no blood was found. To this day there are zero leads.

I miss him with all my heart. He was the best friend I’ve ever had beside my daughter.

I love you Sean Kosky.


The death of Gloria Ramirez, or “ The Toxic Woman”. Ramirez was rushed into the emergency room with shallow breathing, a racing heart, and very low blood pressure. The nurses and other healthcare workers noticed she had an oily sheen on her skin and her breath and blood smelled strange. The people taking care of her in the ER soon began to pass out, suffering from convulsions and paralysis as well as other symptoms. By the end of the ordeal, 23 people had gotten sick. Gloria Ramirez was pronounced dead later that night.


[NSFW] The identity of the boy and girl in this famous, creepy ass Polaroid photo from the 80s . (Note: this is a disturbing photo that depicts two distressed looking kids with their arms possibly bound behind them and duct tape over their mouths, lying in the back of a utility van.)

Based on what I’ve read, it’s been ruled out that the kids in the photo are kidnap victims Tara Calico and Michael Henley, as was initially believed, but who are they? The photo is pretty well known, and if these were just random people who were just joking around, surely someone would have come forward by now to say “that was me, and it wasn’t what it looked like”. So if they were actual kidnap victims who are they?


Rebecca Zahau. Her boyfriend’s son died falling off a balcony. Soon after, she’s found hanging naked from a balcony at her boyfriends home.

It’s ruled a suicide. BUT, she was a conservative woman who likely would not have gotten naked to commit suicide. The suicide “note” was NOT her handwriting. And her boyfriend searched “Asian bondage porn” the night before she died. She was tied up, naked, and she was Burmese.

The mystery is “unsolved” but most people with brains conclude she was killed as revenge for her boyfriend’s son’s death by her boyfriend’s brother.


The abduction of Zigmund Adamski seriously scary dude went missing for I think 2 days and was found dropped on top of a pile of coal with a unidentifiable gel like substance and his clothes on completely wrong like whoever redressed him didn’t know how to put on clothes. Still unexplained to this day.


The Villisca Axe Murders. It happened in Villisca, Iowa on June 9th, 1912. All 8 members of the family was murdered with an axe and to this day no one knows who did it. It still remains an unsolved crime in the heart of the Midwest.


There’s a lot of crazy, big-news stuff here, but my friends and I are still trying to figure out why one of our best friends murdered two people with no apparent motive near the end of June this year,

Around 7:00pm this friend walked out of his house into his backyard completely nude with his AR15 where a couple was living in a trailer on the property. The trailer was being rented and AFAIK wasn’t there illegally, however the couple living inside were not the renters. The couple asked our friend “what is happening.” Our friend said nothing as he fired a few shots into them killing them both.

He then ran across the street, still nude, to where his dad lived in another house. He said “I think I killed someone” and tried to give the gun to his dad. But he changed his mind and tried to wrestle the gun back. Two more shots went off in the struggle into the ceiling of his Dad’s garage.

His dad got the gun from him and he ran back to his house where he hid in the basement. His dad gave the gun to a neighbor and called the cops and went to go find him. Cops show up, neighbor points them to the crime scene, and they surround the house. Our friend surrenders himself into custody, still nude.

The weird part is we were trying to plan a game night for that night but he told us he was out of town and wouldn’t be getting back until the night after the murders happened. After he was arrested he was sent to the hospital for psych evaluation and drug screening. No apparent drugs in his system. He was the classic example of “Oh he wouldn’t hurt a fly!”


The Monarch Butterfly migrates to Mexico and back every year (starting from as far north as Canada). During the year there are a full 4 generations of butterflies that live and die during the journey. Upon returning back from Mexico, the butterfly manages to find the same trees its relative started out at despite never having been there.

I read somewhere once that the butterflies fly around one of the Great Lakes rather than fly over it. Geological records show that there was once a mountain there and scientists theorize that they are flying around the lake because they are following the same path as their ancestors.


What’s happening to the young men that go missing in/ around Boston Mass. Like, why do they leave their groups? Abruptly end phone calls? Then are found in the water after it’s already been searched? I believe it’s a serial killer but BPD denies that.


Ball Lightning

Sometimes a ball of energy or atmospheric electricity will just appear for apparently no reason, floats around, can go through solid objects/walls and then dissipate or explode leaving a sulfurous smell. Depending on the size, it can be fatal.

Nobody, not even scientists can explain it. They have theories like that it may have a connection to thunderstorms and they have made similar experiments in a laboratory but don’t understand how it happens naturally.

It’s been an unsolved mystery since at least the 1600’s.


Connie Converse. She was a musician who disappeared in 1974 in search of a new life, never to be seen or heard from again, after becoming burnt out and depressed with her current life.


A conspiracy theorist who dabbled in the paranormal and extraterrestrial, Spiers became engulfed in the otherworldly prop to his death. He visited Poland to speak at a conference and began displaying strange, drug-like symptoms. While at a friends house, his mom in England received the text briefly stating that he had gotten into some bad stuff, and if he died she needed to investigate it. Later that day, Spiers passed out on the sofa of the house and vomited two liters of a strange black goo. Paramedics found him unresponsive and announced him dead at the scene. Polish authorities, officially, and rather stealthily pronounced his death the result of “natural causes” without even performing an autopsy. The FCO of Britain is currently struggling to launch an official inquest into what actually caused his death.

TL;DR: A conspiracy theorist mysteriously vomits black goo and dies hours after telling his mom that he is in danger and asserting she investigates his death.


Who created Piltdown Man? In the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, researchers became obsessed with finding the “missing link” between humans and apes. In 1912, archaeologist Charles Dawson finds a skull that seems to have an exact mix of human and ape features, right there in England. Its legitimacy was questioned from the start, but many English scientists wanted it so badly for it to be real that they ignored that evidence for a long time. It wasn’t fully exposed as a fake until 41 years later. But who created the fake? Charles Dawson is the obvious suspect, but many believe that other people were in on it, or that someone else did it on their own. Arthur Conan Doyle (author of Sherlock) is my favorite of the suspects, though I rather doubt that he did it, ha ha. Still, I want it to be true!

The 52-hertz whale is a modern one one that I’m personally interested in, though it’s not the weirdest unsolved mystery. This is a baleen whale who has never been seen, buts its sounds have been recorded for years. It calls at a much higher frequency than other baleen whales. No one knows if it’s a malformed whale, or some kind of hybrid. He may not be able to communicate with other whales, so he’s often described as the loneliest whale.


The WOW! Signal.

A radio signal that came from deep space in 1977 that we still have learned anything about.


-The Jamison family (2 adults, 1 young daughter) were interested in purchasing a plot of land in Oklahoma

-They drive out in their pickup truck to check it out

-Truck is later found abandoned

-$32,000 cash found in truck, along with the Jamisons’ IDs, wallets, mobile phones, and a GPS.

-The family dog was also left in the truck, and was extremely malnourished.

-A camera is discovered, the final picture was of their daughter, 6-year old Madyson, who looks somewhat distressed.

-Security footage is uncovered, with the family appearing “trance-like” and not speaking to one-another.

-The Jamisons’ skeletal remains are found years later, dumped less than 3 miles from where the pickup truck was originally discovered.

-Remains show no signs of struggle.


The disappearance of Lauren Spierer.

Young, white, blonde girl who disappeared one night in Bloomington, IN back in summer 2011. Police couldn’t figure out what happened to her because she literally just appeared to vanish. No one could find her when the state’s national guard reserves combed the surrounding counties (they were getting really freaked out tho because they found a few other corpses that they weren’t looking for). I was the same age as her at the time and living in town, liked to go out to places in the same area as where she vanished.


In 1994 in Oakville, Washington one night it “rained” white blobs of gel that possibly contained blood cells and apparently made people in the town sick.


I’m really late to the party but I like to shed light on this case any time I can. In April of 2016, 8 family members of the Rhoden family in Pike County were shot to death in three different homes within an hour of each other. The youngest being a sixteen year old boy and the two of the victims had their infant child and toddler sleeping between the parents when the parents were murdered. There have been zero suspects and arrests in this case and it was only on the news for a week. The news outlets won’t even respond when you question them about why they aren’t following this case. Everything about this case, to me, screams cover up. The cops have successfully swept this under the rug. I just think it’s incredibly fishy.


The Montauk Project

WWII base turned Cold War experiment center where one man has come out to say he and 5 other boys across Long Island NY were kidnapped and brought to Camp Hero on the eastern tip of Long Island in Montauk.

The kids were subjected to the Montauk Project, which was an attempt to teach and study mind control. One victim wrote a book about the experience and it was published as fiction. The FBI says it never happened as for Camp Hero, it is part of a state park. Signs suggest people stay on trails or they run the risk of stepping on land mines and some people say they feel a dull rumble and hum in the earth at the park.

Apparently, the man’s story is the inspiration for Stranger Things.


Virtually everything we know of the laws of physics falls into either General Relativity or Quantum Mechanics. Both theories appear to be internally consistent. If they’re both right, they should be compatible with one another.

It appears they’re not. It seems that something’s wrong. Scientists don’t know what that something is.


Anachronistic objects always pique my interest because of it’s implications assuming they aren’t hoaxes. For example, the megalithic structure found at the bottom of Lake Michigan. Strange found objects like the miniature coffins found in Scotland during the early 19th century are also pretty god damn weird.


The Disappearance of Ben McDaniel.

He was a veteran Scuba Diver who lived here in Florida. There are freshwater Cenotes (Springs) in Florida that have enormous cave systems attached to them. Ben was an all around good guy, everyone liked him, very normal, etc. One day he decided to solo explore the cave system connected to Vortex Spring, which is unusual because divers almost never dive without a buddy, certainly not in caves and certainly not in the middle of the night. No one saw him for days and they eventually found his pickup parked outside the Vortex Spring dive center. They found some staging bottles half empty at the entrance to the cave that he would have put there for his long decompression time, obviously Ben planned a long penetration. The thing is, this cave system, while long, is completely mapped and closed off. It doesn’t like “feed out” to another system, or the ocean or anything, it just dead ends at several points. Veteran police and search and rescue cave divers spent months, years going through the caves looking for his body. It was never found. With Cave Diving, 99.9% of the time some one goes missing their body is found within a few days.

It gets weirder though… Apparently Ben and his “normal” family were in some financial troubles. Even weirder, the owners of Vortex Spring used to be known as a bit strange and had some financial troubles of their own, they ended up selling the property and the spring to new owners not long after. They had already been part of a murder investigation deal years before.

No one really knows what happened. Did they kill him and hide his body? Did he plan it to look like he died and escaped to Mexico to avoid financial hardship? There have been countless discussions here on Reddit and even a user who dedicated years to trying to solve the mystery to no avail.

I myself have dived at Vortex Spring and gone slightly into the cave system when the only other soul in the spring was my SO who was at the top of the water column while I was down in the cave entrance. These things never creep me out, I love that kind of shit but suddenly this feeling of impending doom and something coming for me almost paralyzed me. I swam out almost screaming into my regulator so fast that if I was much deeper I could have suffered barotrauma or decompression sickness. Luckily I slowed my ascent once I was out of the cave entrance in about 30 feet of water. I’ll never forget that feeling I felt. The best part?

…When that happened I had no idea about Ben McDaniel or what had happened there.


The Eriksson Twins

I always found this one super interesting!

One day a sister goes to visit her twin in Ireland from the US.

The next morning they leave and travel to the UK, and both run into oncoming traffic, they end up being hit by a lorry truck and a car.

Both survive.

One of the sisters is released from hospital before the other, gets taken in by a Good Samaritan who she then stabs to death.

There is no reason why either were prompted to do this.

And there’s a great casefile episode on it too!


One of the weirdest ones imo is the Sodder children. Perhaps not the craziest story out there, but it’s the one I found myself going back and forth over the most. There are just so many different things going on with this case. Like what’s with the mysterious phone call that night? Did the salesman who visited them before they disappeared have anything to do with it? Was the fire really caused by whatever it was that hit the roof? Were the children maybe kidnapped by someone who had been watching them or was it a plot by people who disliked the family’s political views? If so what happened to them afterwards? And what happened to the private investigator who went looking for them?

It would be fairly easy to dismiss it and say that they died in the fire and that their remains went unfound because of the rather cursory examination of the remnants of the house, but with all of the other weird events surrounding the family in the time leading up to their disappearance I feel like it’s reasonable to have some doubts.


How the first single celled organism came to be. It is still a complete mystery. We do not know how the first form of life got here. We know generally how life evolved when it got here but not how it originally got here.


What happened to the Springfield Three, known locally as the Three Missing Women? Suzanne “Suzie” Streeter and Stacy McCall, and Streeter’s mother, Sherrill Levitt went missing on June 7th, 1992. All of their belongings were left at home and no clues have panned out as to what happened to them. There were billboards asking for information in town for years after the disappearance which is why the case is so widely known about in the area.


Ricky McCormick was an illiterate man who was found dead in a field in St. Charles County, Missouri on June 30, 1999; how he got there is another mystery, as he did not know how to drive and public transportation did not go to that area. At the time of the discovery of his body his death was not considered a homicide, but twelve years later the FBI reclassified the case as a homicide and issued an appeal asking for help decrypting the notes found in his pocket.

While his parents claim he did not know how to write anything but his own name and could not have written in code (though they did say he would write “nonsense he called writing”), other members of his family said he had been writing encrypted notes since he was a young child. Who killed him, and what do the notes say?


As of lately, the Pentagon UFO deal. The testimonial from the pilots is crazy, craft flew in and out of the water at lightening speeds then stopped and just hovered above the water. Either some country has leaped us over hundreds of years in technology or we’re being visited by someone.


The disappearance of flight flight MH370. I know my total ignorance of aviation knowledge is on full display here, but it just baffles me how in this day and age of sonar and radar and satellites and all the rest of it, how we could lose a commercial passenger airliner. Seriously wtf.


A forest ranger witnessed a murder take place, heard the gun shot and the guy digging a grave. He was scared stiff and waited for the guy to leave. Called his fellow rangers and they dug up a skeleton that’s been there for several years at least.