27 Facebook ‘Friend Suggestions’ That Show How Creepy This App Can Be

Everyone’s wondered how someone ended up on their ‘people you may know’ list, but these are the all time creepiest ones from our friends on reddit.

Ron Mader


“I got in an accident with someone, and two hours later they were a suggested friend.” — Butthead10102


“I have a friend who is a stripper. Started seeing her clients in her recommended friends.” — kingerthethird


“I am Italian, living in Italy.

In 2007 I visited Vietnam with my then wife; our guide for the northern part of the country was a nice young lady who worked at Hanoi university and was incredibly fluent in Italian, having studied in my country some time before. We had no common acquaintances in Italy or anywhere else, and I have never been in the Italian city where she studied.

I did not have a FB acount back then, and opened it a couple of years later. After a couple of month, i get a friend suggestion for the lady, whom I actually had almost forgot. I asked her friendship, which she accepted, and noticed we had no other friend in common; in addition, I was her only Italian friend on FB.

I was impressed and a little frightened. It was one of the reasons I closed my FB account few months later, and never opened a new one.” — macchettelodicoafa


“Counselor here. I have no idea how it happened, but I got a suggested friend of a client I saw 4-5 years ago the other day. I don’t make any work calls with my personal phone (which has Facebook on it) so I have no idea how.” — apathyontheeast


“I have never had a facebook account, but my SO has one. When we had been dating a few months it suggested my SO and my little brother as friends. They hadn’t met at that point, didn’t go to the same school and have no link besides me that I am aware of.” — Jellorage


“My landlord. I only had his phone number saved in my phone, no mutual friends. I hadn’t even downloaded the facebook app as I only use the browser version on my phone, and it still suggested him.” — AwYisBreadCrumbs


“My ex. We were never friends on facebook while dating, we broke up over a year ago, we have few mutual friends, but she’s always my top friend suggestion.

Because Facebook can tell we’re posting pictures of the same baby.” — Smiling_Mister_J


“Almost every girl that I’ve dated from Tinder is on my FB friend suggestions even though I don’t have the app and log in to FB like once a year.” — tickettoride98


“I was having a text conversation with my girlfriend about wanting to buy a new suitcase with expanding shelves. I never googled it, I never spoke it, I just sent one text.

The next day, my Facebook is full of ads for this style of suitcase.” — nate800


“My friend who lived a few houses down had a baby girl they named Ella, and I was talking to my husband about how we needed to go visit them and see Baby Ella for the first time.

The next friend suggestion was someone named Ella Newborn.” — neonglitterbandit


“The person who sexually assaulted me.” — gashtart


“Mine suggested the guy who abducted me several years ago.” — 5p33di3


“I have never used Facebook, personally.

about 7 years ago, our company lawyer suggested making Facebook and Twitter accounts, for the company. Cant remember why… to hold the name or something.

So, boss tells me to do it. ok.

I set it up with all company info. not one personal thing used.

towards the end of the setup, it says, “you may know these people.” and one of them was a chic I used to bang on the down-low.

noped the fuck out and never logged in with that account ever again.” — SapienChavez


“When I was using Tinder, I would always get friend suggestions of girls I matched with. Almost immediately sometimes.” — koreamax


“30 minutes after a cop busted me for having weed he was in my friend suggestions, I actually got mad about that.” — Red-Star-44


“In the car with my coworker, talking about a former coworker….we only mentioned her nickname, not her name. When I looked at my phone she was my first friend suggestion.” — FindingMoi


“My boyfriend bought a computer chair, but it was a tiny bit small for his height. He said there was a big and tall version but he decided against it and went for the regular one because the size difference was so minor and not worth the $100 price difference. When I looked at my phone I got an ad for the EXACT big and tall chair, exact color preference (there were like 8 color options and it advertised it to me in blue. which is what he got but we never discussed), exact everything. Creeped me out man.” — FindingMoi


“One time, my husband and I were talking about how we would like a yellow kitchenaid mixer. I didn’t google it, it wasn’t on any Pinterest boards or Amazon wishlists, and it was the first ad I see when I opened the app. And what do you know, it was the yellow one that was pictured. So creepy and not cool.” — Two_kids_two_pugs


“When I was in my early 20s I used Tumblr to find girls to sext with (and it actually worked). One girl and I became really good long distance friends who would just do cam shows for each other once in a while. Eventually she got a BF, so we obviously stopped sexting and eventually stopped talking. I am now 25 and she sometimes shows up on my recommended friends list.

Never synced FB with contacts.

We never added each other on FB.

This was also two phones ago.

I have not talked to her since I was 20 or 21.” — codycantdie


“When I was like 10 (25 now), I used to talk to this girl and her brother on this random forum site for kids. Lost touch after a couple of years – they never even knew my real name. Never looked them up and it was several email addresses ago. Both of them randomly appeared in my suggested friends on Facebook last year.” — Catcusprickles


“My rapist. After I blocked him, I had to go through and block every single member of his family, because FB kept suggesting them one by one. Every now and then I get another one who slipped through the cracks somehow.” — Leafonthewind82


“A guy I hooked up with years ago. We never even exchanged numbers. Just messaged through okcupid. I never knew his last name. A month or so after, there he was in my recommend list. I was more than a little weirded out.” — Ichtragebrille


“A girl I went to Middle School with. Hadn’t seen or even thought of her in probably 15 years. One day we ran into each other at a grocery store near my home town. We make small talk for a bit. I get home and she is my #1 suggested friend. We only had a couple friends in common. I assume it was either location based or she searched for me. That was the moment I realized Facebook knew all.” — ___FLASHOUT___


“I got a suggestion to add a woman who lived in a bordering state and had no mutual friends. I ignored it thinking it was a bot or a a camgirl. The next day she shows up where I work as the new sales agent.” — toxicbooster


“When there was the “video of your 2016″ thing that facebook does near new year every year, my year (so the pictures in the video) started in October 2016. Facebook probably picked up I broke up at the end of September and made a video without all the pictures/posts shared with ex, thus the year starting in october.” — Chotzark


“A real estate agent I had called a few times about seeing a property. We had no shared friends and I had not added her to my contact list.

Even posting this makes me nervous.” — UberToonces


“Deleted my Facebook years ago, made a fake one with a completely different email address to get a free game. It gave me all of my old friend suggestions.” — Altair1371 Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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