10 Creepy Haunted Objects You Can Visit At Lorraine Warren’s Occult Museum

Editor’s note: Unfortunately after Lorraine Warren’s passing in 2019 the occult museum closed indefinitely.

Ed and Lorraine Warren were famous demonologists and paranormal investigators.

They founded one of the oldest paranormal societies in the United States, the New England Society for Psychic Research and investigated the home at 112 Ocean Avenue which became infamous as the Amityville Horror. Later, they helped the Perron and Hodgson families which became the basis for The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2. They also helped a nursing student and her roommate when their Raggedy Ann doll revealed itself to be demon-possessed. Now known as ‘Annabelle’, the doll resides with many other oddities at the Warren’s Occult Museum in Monroe, Connecticut.

The museum is the oldest occult museum in the country, and is open to the public during events. Here are some of the items the Warren’s have collected over the years:

The Annabelle doll

The most famous item in the Warren’s Occult Museum is the Annabelle doll who rests inside a glass case ominously marked “Warning: Positively Do Not Touch”. She was previously owned by a nursing student, Louise, in 1970 but after some creepy incidents she took the doll to a medium who told her it was possessed by the spirit of “Annabelle Higgins”. Annabelle is known to have caused at least one death, a young man who challenged the doll.

The conjuring mirror


Referred to as a “dangerous” object, the conjuring mirror is used in rituals to summon spirits. Because of the inability to control whether the spirits summoned are good or evil, communication through devices like this is not recommended.

A “shadow doll”


This doll is said to be able to visit you in your dreams, and has the ability to stop your heart.

A satanic idol

This was found in the Connecticut woods.

Vampire’s coffin

The Warrens are said to have found this object used by a modern day vampire.


These masks were used as a “topa” for diabolical projection.

Child tombstones

These were used for satanic alters.

An organ

It’s not that creepy until you know that it plays by itself.

A brick from Borley Rector

This is considered the most haunted house in England.

Human skulls

Collected from satanic practices.

You can visit the Warren’s Occult Museum by attending events posted here. Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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