James From ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Could Inherit ‘Tens Of Millions’ From George Michael

James Kennedy Instagram
James Kennedy Instagram

George Michael passed away from heart failure on Christmas Day, leaving an estimated $100 million fortune that is now expected to be split among his godchildren. They include:

[*] Roman and Harley Moon Kemp — children of his bandmate Shirlie Holliman

[*] Bluebell Madonna — goddaughter of his former partner of 13 years Kenny Goss (Geri Halliwell is the mother)

[*] James Kennedy and his brother

George Michael and James’ father, Andros Georgiou, were close friends whose families emigrated from a suburb of London to Cyprus together and later famously had a falling out. In fact, as recently as 2012. Andros had publically spoken out about how he feared George Michael would fall victim to his “wild ways” and die before the two could reconcile.

Andros can hardly believe they are now worlds apart.

He says: “When I married Jackie, I told her, ‘He comes first. My kids are his
kids and he’ll be in the delivery room with us’ and he was.

“When my son James was born in January 1992, Yog and I gave him his first

George Michael is the godfather of both James and one of his brothers.

James posted a tribute to his godfather on Instagram which read “Rest In Peace George I’m heartbroken we never got to speak again after so many years, I can’t believe this has happened, please watch over me in heaven Godfather. Enjoy paradise I love you. ❤️”

He also posted a photo of his dad and George together:

It’s also expected that George’s sisters Melanie and Yioda and boyfriend Fadi Fawaz will be named as heirs. Thought Catalog Logo Mark


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