13 Things Women Only Do When They’re Not Interested In You


1. She doesn’t kiss you when there is an opportunity to kiss. For instance, you move in for a kiss and she turns her head so you end up kissing her cheek.

2. She declines your offer to walk her home, walk her to her car, etc. She wants to avoid the awkward moment of being alone together and the potential that you’ll make a move and she’ll have to turn you down.

3. She ever says that you’re “like a brother.”

4. She calls you “bro” or “dude.” There’s a rare girl who will do this with a guy she’s interested in but most girls will only do this to someone they are not at all sexually interested in, that person is not a “bro”.

5. Try to set you up with a friend. Maybe some women are dumb enough to do this in high school but past the teenage years no woman is going to set you up, or talk about setting you up, if she secretly wants you for herself.

6. When you ask her to hang out her response is, “Sure, who else is coming?” She never initiates solo hangout time with you.

7. She doesn’t let you pay for her, or if she does she makes sure to get you back at some point.

8. She talks to you about other guys. A lot. She asks for advice about what to do with the guy she likes or about where to meet guys in general. But the guy she likes is always someone else.

9. If you are in a situation where she has to comment on your appearance she will say “cute” rather than “hot” or something less emotional like “good looking” over the innuendo-charged “sexy.” She will probably also couch this as an objective claim, like “anyone would think you are good-looking” versus a personal compliment like “I think you’re very sexy.”

10. If you’re at either of your apartments hanging out, she will sit on a different piece of furniture than you. If someone is hoping “hang out” turns into “make out” they are sitting next to you, period.

11. She isn’t freshly made-up when you see her. She’s comfortable seeing you if her hair is ratty and she’s only wearing baggy sweatpants.

12. She never touches you. At least not any more than you would touch one of your guy friends.

13. Your intuition tells you she isn’t into you. No asking for charity, no trying to make excuses or rationalizations — what does your gut tell you? Thought Catalog Logo Mark

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